Web hosting

Technologies have become very common in all parts of the world. The simple reason why technologies are becoming popular is due to the fact that it simplifies the work and makes our life easy. The Internet is widely used technology that has given a sophisticated lifestyle. There are many advantages of Internet like socializing, communication, marketing, etc. You can host your own web page, which will help you accomplish your ideas.

There are many web hosting companies who help in hosting your web pages. You need to specify the bandwidth that you require for your web page. There are many web hosting servers available online who help you in hosting your page. If you’re looking for cheap web hosting, Web Hosting India providers offer cheap and quality hosting service. They offer many services like domain registration, web hosting, reseller hosting and much more. Web hosting in india has become very popular and they are well known for their cheap and quality service. Reseller hosting India allows you to share the bandwidth and enables you to explore wider options in web hosting. India has become a competitive market for web hosting since they offer quality service at an affordable price. 

TV on the Internet

Television is the major source of entertainment in the world. Information is quickly transmitted through TV and radio networks. We could find these two networks in any part of the world since they are widely used. Nowadays Internet is used to transfer information and there are many entertaining aspects in internet for people. For people who are obsessed with TV shows they can now watch their favorite TV shows online. The Live TV online helps people to watch TV no matter where they are. The Live TV streams the user preferred show very quickly and easily. Entertainment has evolved with the advancements in technologies. http://www.tvonline-via-satellite.com/

Live on the Internet

Entertainment is important in everyone’s life since we are living in a stressful world. I like watching TV for entertainment and gain information on latest news. Sometimes I miss my favorite shows and I feel very sad I missed watching the show. But now thanks to online TV I could watch my favorite shows anytime through internet. There are many channels available online. Live internet tv helps me view live telecasts no matter where I am. I could watch Live Sports or concerts when I am mobile. The new era of entertainment has begun which helps in easy viewing and sharing of videos instantly.

Justin Bieber - Teen Icon

There are many genres of music. Each genre is different from other. My hobby is listening to songs. I like Rock, Pop, Electronic, Rap and R&B. Nowadays there are wide range of musician and singers. My personal favorite artist is Justin Bieber. 
Justin Bieber started singing in a very small age. He became very famous among teenagers. His songs were funky and cool. He started performing many concerts as well. His fandom started increasing rapidly. There are many girls crazy on bieber. JB started winning many awards for his performances. 
Selena Gomez is a very popular singer and actress. She also started singing in a very small age like JB. She won several awards for her television series. There are many similarities between the two artists. According me they are the cool teen icons. 
JB’s latest track As long as you love me was a sensational hit. The song seemed very emotional to me and I loved it. 

JB Rocks !!!

I love pop music and it gives me immense joy when I listen to them. I love hearing to Justin Bieber songs. He is a great artist and he brings lot of variety in his songs. He became a great icon in a very small age. His songs are very popular among teens.  Hearing to JB songs gives great pleasure.
He started singing with great legends like Usher and Ludacris. Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith is one of my favorite tracks and it brings out a positive vibe. He won the artist of the year in 2010. Justin Bieber belieber refers to his fanatic fans. JB started singing many concerts and it attracted many belieber. JB’s believe tour was a great hit. The top hits of the album were One time, Never say never, Baby and As long as you love me. There are many JB merchandise available too.

Instagram has celebrities!!!

It’s a general tendency of people to take pictures while they hang out with friends. Nowadays we tend to share pictures with our friends via social networking sites. There are many mobile applications available in market which helps in easy sharing. Instagram is the top rated mobile application for sharing photos. It helps in editing the photos and there are many predefined custom filters which help in easy editing. It enables us to share photos easily and quickly with friends. There are many Celebrities with Instagram. It’s a handy application when it comes to celebrities. Instagram helps them to share their whereabouts instantly to their fans.
Celebrities use Instagram since it is the easiest way of staying connected with fans. The social network helps celebrities to interact with fans. Jim Carrey is known for his comic sense and he has shared his unique sense of humor via Instagram. Celebrities keep their fans posted upon their updates via social networks.

Leonardo DiCaprio - my favorite Show Biz actor

Easily, my favorite actor in Hollywood is Leonardo DiCaprio. I was fascinated by his acting skills and the movies which he chose were unique. Every movie gave him an edge over his acting skills. He entered into Hollywood in the year 1991. The Best movies of him, according to my perception were Titanic, The Beach, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, Shutter Island and Inception.

Titanic (1997) was an awesome movie which gave him a great platform to show case his talents. The movie was directed by James Cameron and the movie was a sensational hit. Leonardo DiCaprio was praised by legends for his extra ordinary performance. He became very popular for his romance and acting after Titanic.
Blood Diamond (2006) brought out his the problems faced in Africa. It was an awesome movie. And the movie helped DiCaprio in bringing out his action skills. The sacrifice of his character at the end of the movie was very touching. Shutter Island (2010) was a thriller movie which was another sensational movie. The movie revolves around the character “Teddy” which was depicted by DiCaprio himself. The movie was based on Dennis Lehane’s novel. DiCaprio was praised by reviewers for acting in Shutter Island.

Leonardo DiCaprio acted in Christopher Nolan science fiction Inception (2010). Dream was the concept used by Nolan in Inception. Inception is my personal favorite movie. The way every character was depicted in the movie and the acting skills of DiCaprio was simply mind-blowing. Check out more of the actor at http://www.squidoo.com/best-leonardo-dicaprio-movies; his movies are not only a sensation to watch but every movie gives some message to the audience and his acting skills just keep improving.

Let's talk about Chick Flicks

The very title of this post would give a lot of thoughts in your mind. Yes, it gave me so many thoughts and writing all of them into one post would take a lot of time - yes, a whole lot of time! Let's start with a question. What do the following movies have in common? Gone with the Wind(1939) [Have you even heard of it first?], Legally Blonde (my personaly favorite!!) and The Devil Wears Prada [you probably know this better than me!], . Well, you guessed it right - they are all chick flicks! Not just because they feature women in lead roles who crush people like anything, because these movies showcase how much empowered women are and if you watch these three movies in the order that I have listed above, you would see the whole point that I'm trying to make!

Not just power of women is showcased, also the way women emote that altogether different that how men show emotions (by just using brawls and no brain) adding to the fact that they took the actresses who were featured in such chick flick movies to a whole new career point where women look upto them even for personal thoughts. Know what are the other Best Chick Flicks in Show Biz, start watching them and be empowered all you women out there!

Movies that have thrills and frills

I love adventures in real life and the best thing is that movies help me plan my adventure trips quite well. Movies that inspire us to take up some sport for a reason or movies that showcase us places from around the world and make us want to go to that place.

However, last weekend me and my adventure freak friend wanted to do something different from the regular run-of-the-mill adventures like paragliding or bungee jumping. This is when I relied on show biz to help us out. My friend didn't trust my Show Biz researches and he went on with something else and I was there searching for some adrenaline pumping movies that showcase some form of different stuff. Then I arrived at some Rock Climbing videos. I then went on to read that blog which showcased almost all the movies/TV episodes out there that feature some of the best climbing videos ever filmed! I personally liked the Pilgrimage movie since the location was as exotic as it could be. I showed these videos to my friend who couldn't believe that movies actually helped us plan for our next adrenaline action. We don't know how our plan will turn out but these best rock climbing videos surely gave us some spirits to take it up!

Catch Celebrities sharing photos!

This is no longer the autograph age. This is the photograph age! Over many events which I witnessed, I hardly find people who run behind celebrities to get their autograph and the special signature. They run behind celebrities to click a picture of themselves with the showbiz personality whom they are crazy about. Sometimes, if they just found a celebrity whom they don't follow that much, they take the chance to do the picture - because it is a free pass. 

Also, thanks to the Internet, people throng social websites like Google+ and Facebook to catch the photos shared by the Celebrities' fan pages dedicated to doing just one thing - sharing photos taken by Celebrities. But there is something new that caught my smartphone eye this week. Instagram, the photo sharing mobile application and dozens of Instagram Celebrities! Not only celebrities, celeb photographers who click nice pictures of showbiz folks also are available in this avenue and they have a regular fan following already. But some celebrities haven't yet caught upto speed of this application, like they have posted only a very few pictures. Olympics has just ended but the number of photos of this event with Celebrities are still on the rise. There are also NBA Players on Instagram who regularly post pictures of themselves as written on this amazing article I encountered before writing this post on our very own Show Biz Blog! Way to find more glimpses of celebrities - has just been revealed!

Me + You: Justin Bieber fans!

Me + You. That's how his number 1 hit single started and boy, there was no looking back for the kid. Now, if you are still wondering who "Justin Bieber" is, then please go back to sleep because after 2010 & 2011 buzz on twitter, there ain't no show biz chat without the term JB or Bieber in it. Not just for that one song, he's got one full length documentary feature film dedicated to him and named as "Never say never" - yes, another song from his amazing vocals. Although, there have been mixed reactions to his vocals, one must appreciate him and his sheer determination to make it big in the show biz world.

I must admit, the first time I heard Justin Bieber, I wasn't fascinated that much but on repeated shouts and fan screams at his every concerts and my friends going crazy (girls!) just for the meet and greet JB thing, I thought again. I always wanted to write about him and how it feels to be a Bieben Fan, and there are so many amazing write ups on Fan pages out there. There is one thing that I found now and that's his official store where most of my friends purchased JB clothing and posters from. So, if you are Me + You JB fan then you just had some exclusive news.

The Dark Knight Rises poster!

With the release of Christopher Nolan's final installment in the Batman series, he hits it out of the park with the Dark Knight Rises. Already receiving accolades from critics across the globe, now fans are finding out first hand what a fantastic film this is.

Not only is the movie meeting or exceeding lofty expectations but the Dark Knight Rises posters are also a big improvement from those available for the previous two films.

When the final chapter is written on these movie collectibles, I think you will have been wise to buy a Dark Knight Rises poster early on. They are likely to increase in value especially the limited edition Original movie posters and the limited release Mondo posters.

Most popular Comic Capers in Show Biz

So, do you know who are the most popular comic capers in the history of Show Biz? Forget the new ones where the artists try to do some comic acts. We can agree that some of them succeed in ticking our funny bones but if you take time trip back to that age when even one's screen presence created laughter among audience alike. The best example of this is Charlie Chaplin. And for all those who remember the real Pink Panther movie, do you remember the entire series of Pink Panther and "A shot in the Dark"? Peter Sellers, yes history notes that the man argued with the producers that rehearsals were not right and they had to bring  the cult director Blake Edwards for this movie as well.

Some of the Best Comedy Movies can be arrived at information from the Internet but the best ones like "Some like it Hot" (Oscar nominated!) which starred the legendary Marlyn Monroe are always remembered by Show Biz fans. The trailers were made without much ado because publicity was something not done that much those days as done to the new millennium movies. So, if you feel like sitting back and catching up with these comic caper movie trailers, then the Internet is right here for you and for Show Biz.

Romance yet create laughter

What two words are common between "When Harry met Sally", "The Wedding Planner" and "Valentine's Day". That' was an easy question isn't it? - "Romantic Comedy". Yup, if you still did not get it, all these movies portray a man and a woman coming together either by chance or fate or destiny and create chaos and confusion out of nothing and then go on to make one hell out of a ending to perfectly written stories.

Well, for that matter, what's a movie without even a pinch of comedy in it? Even the most dreaded Predator movie had its try at the Predator laughing at the end, well not exactly comic, OK those one liner jokes that they say in the movie, those definitely made us smile at least. And for that matter, the three movies that I have listed above there are the ones which I'd say are the Best Romantic Comedies till date. I'd write more on comedies soon but that will feature different movies altogether. Now, some showbiz info on what makes romantic comedies work.

First things, it's the chemistry between the lead pair. Some moments will have instantaneous laughter to be portrayed and the very next instant, they'll be required to cry! There is also a descriptive list of the top ten romcoms out there, if you are interested! There are so many out there and so much time with us and all we have to do is to spare some for letting ourselves lose and laugh!

The Jesse Stone movies

Before I get this write up started, I'd like to honestly ask my readers and let them honestly respond themselves to this question. "Which were the finest detective plot based movies that they have ever watched?".

Well, If you'd even pose that same question to me, I'd say a very small list that will include the likes of Sherlock Holmes, The Detective.. But the most surprising addition to my list would be a movie that is not very well known in the commercial scene, and that movie is of the Jesse Stone series. Well, if you don't know who Jesse Stone series, then you've missed out on some real Detective stuff out there. I didn't know the facts of the origination of Jesse Stone Movie series until this week when I came across a website dedicated to all the awesomeness of the series.

Tom Selleck and cast form the Jesse Stone and crew of these movies. Each movie will make us want more, just like the way they did for me. The best thing about the Jesse Stone series is that they are, in fact, not in a series. One can watch any movie anytime and yet understand the whole concept of Jesse Stone, except for his introductory movie of course!

Some funniest commercials ever

There were days when we were so engrossed into that dark Alien or Predator or Arnold flick that made our minds so serious. But suddenly, the TV channel breaks and starts the commercials. Then out of the blue, a funny commercial is shown and has us all in splits. Gee, I remember my childhood hands down! Commercials were started to showcase how a product or service can do good or be advantageous over the other. For example, do you remember that Fiat commercial where in one guy stops all of a sudden so that a cyclist doesn't get to touch his car.

Volkswagen has this awesome commercial where it inspires from one of Showbiz's greatest movies of all time. Star Wars' legendary character the Darth Vader suited up kid trying to control his dad' car. I was reminded of these when I caught up with a movie this weekend on Cable and watched some boring commercials. There are plenty of these Funny commercials on the Internet that you can still catch up with, even if they were first telecasted 20 years ago, a time when young folks were not born. Also, if you'd straight up go for the 10 best commercials, then there is a ready made list available right when you need it.

Rainn Wilson on Twitter !

Ok, for all those who claim they are fans of Show Biz, who is Rainn Wilson? If you don't know then you might probably want to keep yourself updated because is very popular - the star of the TV series The office. He is one among the very few who has been nominated for primetime Emmys.

Last week, I logged into my Twitter account after quite a few months. Indeed, I was surprised to see so many topics, discussions and people over there who want to follow me and who I want to follow back along with all those celebrities whom I follow already. I was surprised to find that Rainn Wilson has over 2 million followers on Twitter. A gentle recap - follower means someone who is interested to seek and read the tweets of that person. Then I wondered how does he manage 2 million followers and respond to those who ask questions and respond with comment on his tweets. There was this nifty video that he appears in and talks about Twitter Marketing Tool and how it is used for the best advantages and never against himself.

Where does that Celebrity actually live?

Celebrities are everywhere. From London to Paris to New York, they are pictured everywhere during promotions or even in gossip articles. But how many of us really prove that we are highly addictive fans of the super stars and indeed know every detail of them including where they currently live or used to live or moved from where to where? I would say very less of us (yes that includes me as well).

As for me, I became a huge fan of Orlando Bloom after he was cast in the Pirates of the Caribbean series but I didn't take any effort to know where he is from after the first installment. When I got to know that he is from London, I realized that my assumption of the States was quite wrong. Then on, the Where Does website gives me all information about Celebrities' current homes and I quite surely know Where Does Orlando Bloom Live now. I recommended that to most of my not so Show Biz fan friends off late but then I had totally dumbstruck when one of them told me why don't I write this on my blog, geez it took me back; and so here I am giving you all the most important news about Show Biz and the next time when you want to know Where Does that celebrity actually live, you know where to go.

Of Show Biz Biographies and more

Yesterday, I wanted to relax for a while and hence I chose to read about Biographies of Showbiz personalities and post some facts about them here. First up, it was the Biography of Leonardo DiCaprio. It was interesting and surprising to know that he auditioned at the young age of 14 for roles in commercials and educational films! Also, for a perfect finish for a yet to end Biography, the news that DiCaprio owns a island in Belize was very intriguing but it is a a good thing that he does care for the environment and wants to make it an eco-friendly resort.

Adding more surprises to me, there were categories of Music, Science, Sport, writing(yes the kinds of Robert Frost), I continued on the same website and was quite surprised to know that I not only read biographies about Showbiz/Hollywood personalities but also Biographies of famous people around the globe, famous historic Nobel prize winners and politicians as well! Serena Williams, Che Guevara, Don Imus(How many of us really know who he is?!) and Emily Dickson are on the cover page of the ever increasing Biography Archive - a very comprehensive website that made my day.

Best bet for Hollywood news

Here at Show Biz Blog, it is my hobby and self made interest to get the latest information from around the globe by reading websites and blogs and forums and putting together my blog posts on the latest buzz. So, the other day when I was looking around stuff across the Internet, I stumbled into a website named Hollywood Politics. Interested by the name, I went ahead and utilized all of my time which is actually to read most websites - to just read Hollywood Politics - and also making use of extra time from my regular reading.

From Actors to Media personalities to cross-functional persons in hollywood and in other areas of work - such as the article on Arnold Schwarzenegger which are all briefly written yet very crisp and just tells us what we'd want to know about the star! I myself being a self confessed showcacse information addict, didn't realize that there are so many more people whom I should know of. In that way, Hollywood Politics is an excellent place to all those showcase fans out there who'd like to know who is who - in an easy way.

Horror time - Read about Zombie movies

This weekend, me and my friend decided to sit back on my couch and watch a movie with a different genre and after no further ado we decided to go for a "Zombie" movie. Our next thought was that we wanted a cult classic Zombie movie and not just any other Zombie laded movie. We then turned on the Internet in search of the best one. There were dozens of websites and bloglists which listed all the zombie filled movies ever made but none spoke about the movies in brief or long! We then dug deep and our zombie digging landed at the Zombie Logic - a Zombie Movie Reviews blog.

I couldn't stop admiring the blog. First things - the blog is fantastic and the zombie reviews are just fun to read than depressing because the author adds a comical twist to the sequences before giving out the final judgement if the movie is greatly scary or really crazy. We got to read all the incredibly brief, yet philosophical, comical take and fair reviews of Zombie movies and guess which movie we decided to watch? - The Sentinel. It was all fun and Zombie affair studded day, thanks to Zombie Logic!

Popcorn machines for the perfect home entertainment

Popcorn is made by popping corn kernels and there are many different ways of producing popcorn, A particularly convenient and delicious methods is to make popcorn using any of the many popcorn machines available online. People love to eat popcorn while watching movies; almost a necessity. Children like to have popcorn when they watch a movie, whether it is with their friends or parents and no matter the type of movie or how long it is. Popcorn is a very healthy food and fun also. Popcorn machines are available in small or large sizes and for home use from many different online sellers. All you have to do is select the right type of machine to suit space and budget requirements.
A home Popcorn machine
For our home we need a small size type of popcorn machine such as the one above, but I am sure it will still pop a lot of popcorn kernels. For larger family gatherings, theaters or other businessmen, large popping machines can be used as well with the various attachments that can accompany the machine to add flavor to the popcorn. A popcorn machine controls the temperature perfectly, distributes the flavoring evenly and makes the corn pop out with perfect size and soft puffy texture. Delicious for sure, for young and old, and of course, best when eaten while watching a movie. This way everyone can enjoy popcorn with any kind of movie and with any of the many new flavors prepared by the popcorn popper right at your side. Popcorn can be enjoyed and popped with different flavors and techniques, including popcorn that is popped, glazed, tumbled, and even peppered. Carmel popcorn is prepared by adding caramel to the kernels of corn and preparation with a popcorn maker. There are even more flavors: add cheese to a popcorn maker, spices, or just sweeten it up. Very popular now and a favorite among children is popcorn flavored like bubble gum, or hot chili. Popcorn butter is also served hot in many business centers but also at home with an in-home popcorn machine. The nostalgia of it, popping away at your side as you wait for the movie to start; well there is nothing better for popcorn lovers and movie lovers alike!

Beat-Kidz Entertainment - music for the 21st century

I being high profile follower of entertainment portals got to know that the webmaster on the BeatKidz-Entertainment website today announced the site is live and online. The website’s tag line is “Music Entertainment for the 21st Century” and it is more than just a slogan as the site is one of the most technologically advanced entertainment platforms online which provides access to music videos, MP3 downloads and other audio/video products.

The state-of-the-art website is easy to navigate and allows consumers to test drive most of the products before they make a purchasing decision. BeatKidz-Entertainment has managed to enhance their user’s experience with the unique design of the site and by making it easy to search for any of the thousands of top music videos and MP3 songs online. Now that's the best add-on to one's entertainment needs!

Eat the sweet - beat the fat !

FAR from piling on the pounds, a chocolate habit can help keep you slim, new research suggests.

Just in time for Easter, scientists have announced the discovery every chocolate lover has been waiting for.

A study found that, despite boosting calorie intake, regular chocolate consumption is related to lower body mass index (BMI).

The effect is modest but greater than can be explained by chance, said the US researchers who took account of influencing factors such as overall fat consumption and exercise.

BMI relates height and weight and is the standard measurement used to assess levels of obesity.

The news emerged after scientists screened a group of 972 men and women with an average age of 57 for a study of statins – cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Among other diet and lifestyle questions, participants were asked: “How many times a week do you consume chocolate?”

Chocolate is known to contain plant chemicals called polyphenols that combat heart disease and may influence metabolism.

The researchers suspected they might, to some extent, off-set the unwelcome effects of high saturated fat levels in chocolate bars and sweets.

The results showed that chocolate was not only “calorie neutral” but actually appeared to make people slimmer.

Participants who ate chocolate on more days of the week than average were statistically likely to have a lower BMI than those who did not.

“This was despite the fact that people who ate more chocolate did not consume fewer calories overall or take more exercise.

Less with Wireless

We are living in a sophisticated infrastructure where we are able to get everything easily. Since the evolution of highly advanced infrastructure, we have to adapt to the latest technologies. The latest technologies have eradicated many old technologies like Wireless Technologies are preferred when compared with wired.

It's a general fact that the wireless is very easy when compared to wired technologies. Wired Technologies generally tend to involve lot of time while installation and it is not very user friendly when compared to the wireless technologies. The wireless technologies are very easy to use and the connections are not that complex. Any user can easily adapt to wireless technologies. There are many devices which uses wireless technology. And for communication purposes also we use wireless technologies like wireless intercom. A wireless intercom helps in easy communication within certain specified distance.

Most basic intercom systems come with a handy handset or a headset. It is widely used for communications within an office or home. The wireless intercom is very famous because it saves lot of money in addition to providing on the no hassle of running wires throughout the place.

The best innnovative product of wireless communications are the intercoms - which are mostly two way and hence, they eliminate the need for one to finish talking and then letting the other persons talk. Organizational and Celeb securities use it for communicating between their forces whenever there's a need. This also includes the outside intercom which is mainly used for communicating over quite a few distances.

For those celebrity folks who are in dire need of security can install one of those latest wireless door intercoms which can be used to talk to the visitors waiting outside your door without the need to open up the door. Cut the wire - go less with wireless!

Entertaining doorbells

Doorbells are of many types and wireless doorbells are the latest craze among consumers around the globe in various countries. These wireless doorbells are easy to use and there are wide variety available in the market with great look combined with superior quality and various sound.
Some of the types of sound in doorbells are classictown hall bell, knocking at an old wooden door, low frequency tune for the hearing impaired, asian tunes, etc. These types of melodies and chimes can be assigned to individual bell pushes for different locations. In some doorbells there are indicators for low battery level and indicate when any visitor comes. There are many advanced wireless doorbells which have volume control and also a separate coding system which helps in reducing any disturbances from other nearby wireless equipments.
Many types of wireless door chime are now available in the market which are very melodious and pleasing to hear. It is very difficult to choose from the wide ranges of wireless door chime as most of them are very appealing. But we have to consider the cost and the utility of wireless doorbells before selecting one. Nowadays wireless doorbells are available for hearing impaired also. Even there are bells for aged person to suit their hearing needs.
A wireless doorbell depends on the location it is used to be effective. Like-wise wireless doorbells with maximum ranges depend on conditions with minimum interference from other electronic equipments. Wireless range is usually affected by some objects such as walls, trees, etc. There are long range wireless doorbell which can operate even in a place where there is lot of wireless interference. This is suitable for big business establishments with big buildings.
And now a weatherproof wireless doorbell extender is also available. This is installed to increase the frequency of the existing wireless doorbell without the assistance of a separate receiver.

Be fit & Stylish with your own gymnasium

There are lots of gymnastics equipment in the market and recent sports persons have a wide range and varieties to choose. Basically gymnastics are taught to children at a very young age when their body structure is more flexible. The very first lesson at the time of initiation is done in balance beams. Balance beams are the primary gymnastic equipment which are learnt by a sportsman.

Balance beams are the first equipment used by young gymnastics. There are many types of balance beams such as low balance beam, high balance beam and adjustable balance beams. Low balance beams are used for small children which are of less height so that the children do not get hurt even when they fall from it. This is very safe especially when used by landing mats exclusively available for gymnastics.

High balance beams are used at later stages in gymnastic lessons when the person is more trained in the sport. Because if they land hard they may get themselves hurt. High balance beams are to be used strictly under the supervision and guidance of a trained personnel to avoid injury. Adjustable balance beams are those which are flexible and can be adjusted according to one's needs. During a practice session it can be adjusted in a low height and during competition they can be raised to the desired height. There are foldable balance beams also which can be folded while transporting and storing them. All these various types of balance beams are fixed to balance beam braces which are of various heights. These beam braces are also of fixed and adjustable types.

Another piece of gymnastic equipment which are very much in use are horizontal bars. There are two types in a horizontal bar, one is of fixed height and stationary in nature and the other is of adjustable type. The height can be adjusted to suit one's requirement in adjustable type.

Stylish Medical Scrubs

Nursing and medical scrubs refers to medical uniforms and nursing uniforms both for men and women which are available in the market in wide ranges. There are lot of companies in the market whom are engaged in manufacture of medical scrubs. The most popular brand available in the market is Peaches dresses.

Peaches Dresses are very unique and they are the leaders in nursing and medical scrubs fashions. Their dresses are different from the traditional colors of medical and nursing uniforms. Instead, Peaches dresses are available in bright color with attractive prints which adds life to the uniforms and scrubs. Moreover they add new varieties in their products every month with cheerful prints. This enables the consumers to get their favorite choice of dresses at one place which satisfies their desires and needs.

Peaches scrubs are preferred by many hospitals and nursing homes which are of high quality with many varieties and colors and they are known for their durability as well. Peaches scrubs are of many types such as solid tops, print tops, tee shirts, pants, lab coats, skirts, etc.
For example in lab coat they have many types like long sleeve, professional, etc. in many colors. Uniforms and scrubs both for men and women which are different from traditional dull colors adds life to their work. And the patients also feel rejuvenated and their recovery is also faster as they feel at home in the hospital environment when they see the hospital staff in appealing and attractive uniforms in cheerful prints. Peaches dresses have created history in uniforms and scrubs by their bold and beautiful varieties and ranges of medical scrubs.
More and more people around the world are resorting to Peaches dresses which are more lively and trend setters in medical scrubs. Even though there are lot of brands available in the market Peaches dresses are considered as the leaders in medical scrubs.

Some neat & fashionable wallets

In the present era we carry debit and credit cards for shopping's and forget to keep it safe. We should always use a wallet to carry all the important cards and currencies for any need. Many people think that wallets aren't important but they will help us to maintain all the important belongings safely. Wallets are of various types and made of different materials. Leather wallets are famous among both men and women since there are wide ranges of collection available in the market. The wallets are designed according to the cultures and usages in various countries.
The types of mens wallet which are available in the market are coin pocket, front pocket, bi-fold, tri-fold and with card case also. These wallets are made of leather, nylon, foam, rubber, etc. and they are of many sizes and colors. Men usually prefer leather wallets which are very soft and comfortable to daily use. A wallet when kept in a pocket should not appear as a bulge in one's clothing and spoil their dress. Moreover a wallet should contain utility compartments where we can keep our credit cards, ID cards, coins, currency notes, etc. safely.

Wallets are also made of stainless steel and they are known as stainless steel wallet. They are made from a combination of woven stainless steel and ballistic nylon. There are many types of stainless steel wallet and some of them contain special credit card slots and ID window and other features which are not available in ordinary wallets. They even prevent any untoward rays from escaping from magnetic card.

One of the brands which are famous for wallet is tumi wallet. Tumi brand is of very superior quality and they withstand the wear and tear and they are known for their durability. All tumi wallets are presented in a black tumi gift box.

Some Neat Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear refers to those equipments and products which are used by professionals like military uniforms, boots, leather gloves, special suits for trekking, etc. which are life savers and very essential in their dare devil activities.

Multicam gear refers to a particular brand which manufactures many varieties of tactical gear like clothing, boots, gun bags, vests, gloves, leg gears, slings, etc. Multicam is a registered trade mark used by that company to sell its products which are world renowned for their highest quality and safety. Many countries are now using multicam gear in their warfare to enhance their military operations.

Uniforms which are used by law enforcers and military forces are multicam uniforms manufactured by multicam gear. They are of high quality and durability and suitable for all the countries of the world. The various types of uniforms manufactured by them are trousers, jackets, vests, helmet cover, gun bags, gun fighter caps, etc. These uniforms are made of special clothing material which camouflages the person from the enemy by blending with the specific terrain and environment. It is made of highly reinforced rugged material which withstands the rough usuage during military operations. Multicam uniforms is fixed with corrosion free zips, special pockets , loops and hooks to insert the arms and weapons used by military people.

Airman Battle Uniform popularly known as ABU use boots which is a slightly modified version of early Vietnam military forces and they are called as sage ABU Boots. The sage ABU Boots are worn by the Air force personnel and are of rough sage green. They are very soft with safety steel toe and water proof insulated material with or without side zippers. Sage ABU Boots are widely used by the military forces around the world and there are many varieties available in the market. Some sage ABU Boots are having non-metallic toe which are lightweight and flexible and very comfortable to use.

Need for Employee Manual

Employee manual refers to a document where the policies of the office or company is clearly defined such as office timing, code of conduct of employees, etc. in a booklet form. An employee manual should be clear in stating the positive terms and conditions of the Company's policies. This manual can be effective only when it is beneficial both to the employer and the employee. An Employee manual should keep the employees well informed about the important aspects of the business and their role in the company. By and large they should be kept happy without any unnecessary harassment from the employer. This enhances an employee's output to a great extent and the prescribed target is reached. An employee manual while keeping the welfare of the employees should in no way deviate from the goals of the company.

A large number of employees from Texas State are employed by many companies and business establishments in Texas.

Texas Employee Handbook refers to a document which contains the federal requirements and the rules and leave policies for employees of Texas based Companies. Texas has a large number of companies which employs many people from that state. Hence a separate Texas Employee Handbook is maintained to cater exclusively for that particular state.

Employee handbook sample means a guide which a company uses to create an employee handbook. This handbook provides a detailed policy of employment, procedures and practices, benefits, standards of conduct and other company facilities. A company customizes an employee handbook according to its requirements by encoding what it needs from an employee handbook sample.

Employee handbook sample is available in the web sites and there are many agencies who advertise these books by giving various offers.

A company has to choose an employee handbook sample which is suitable to its business needs and then protect itself from any litigation in future. It should also incorporate important issues like staff compensation, medical insurance and other welfare measures for its staff.

Be a Celeb - Have low Carb food

In the present era we are addicted to junk foods and while we feel hungry we just want to have any food which we desire without thinking of its after effects on our health. It's high time we keep track what kind of food we eat. Heart attacks are very common these days and reports say that it is because of high fatty and cholesterol foods which we consume. We have to control our food habits and try having high protein and low-carb foods which will help us in maintaining our body healthy and fit.

There are low carb desserts available in markets which help in having the same delight which we have while consuming a normal desert. Food which contains low carbs is generally sugar free and they help people who wish to consume low carb diet and maintain their health as per their Doctor's advice. Nowadays lot of lowcarb foods are available in the markets which are of affordable prices. And they are available in all types of food like cakes, biscuits, pastries, pastas, snacks, etc. Whenever we feel hungry we can choose the type of lowcarb food which we desire and consume without compromising our taste buds.
Lowcarb food is helpful to people who suffer from diabetes. Low carb not only maintains the body physic but also gives us energy to work, play and live a healthy life.
There are lot of fitness centres which advertise to reduce your body weight by way of low carb foods and exercises under their supervision with qualified persons.
Low carb food has become very popular of late and many retail outlets specialize in catering to low carb sweets and other food items. We have a lot of variety of low carb food to choose from so that we do not get bored by consuming the same food often.

Utility of Ink Catridges

Ink Cartridges are used in laser printers and it is widely used in all offices around the world. Although they are little bit costly the impression created by ink cartridges are very superior when compared to ordinary printers which use ribbons. In case of color ink cartridges the results are very impressive, natural and smudge free.
There are lots of ink cartridges available in the market. Each brand has a distinct quality of its own and life. The number of impressions produced by each brand varies according to their capacity and price. We have to ascertain the quantity of prints required by us in a particular period and then decide which type of ink cartridge will suit our printer. Then we have to verify the usage and life of the ink cartridge we are going to purchase. And which brand offers that ink cartridge under competitive price we have to ascertain and then order the same.
Although there are lots of brands available in the market some of the popular brands which are widely used by consumers are Epson printer ink cartridges and Canon printer ink cartridges.
Epson printer ink cartridges are of superior quality and the wide variety and range of their inkjet cartridges are mind boggling. They produce picture of excellent quality especially in color and Consumers who do not mind about the price prefer Epson ink cartridges to other brands.

Canon printer ink cartridges are also of high quality and they are used in Canon printers of various types used in different fields. They produce exceptionally very fine prints.

One can find cheap HP ink cartridges also available in the market which can be used in HP printers and they are also compatible to other brands of printers. Although they are less expensive the final result in picture quality is inferior when compared to superior quality Epson printer ink cartridges and Canon printer ink cartridges.

Green fundraising helps to preserve nature

Nature has remained for a long time in its own phenomena but nowadays in order to develop high class infrastructure we have forgotten to maintain the nature's ecosystem. We changed the nature and created many artificial surroundings, which are just replicas of natural surroundings. When we go for a natural sightseeing, the experience which we get is totally different when compared to that of an artificial environment. We will feel entangled with the nature very easily while it takes a lot of time to adjust to a man made environment.

All nature lovers are trying to bring out the nature back by starting to cultivate all natural habitats. A nature fundraiser helps to bring the natural resources back. There are many ways to bring the natural ecosystem and for that we are in need of funds, so these nature fundraisers help to bring green ecosystem. There are lot of programs like cultural, sports, quiz and other extracurricular activities which help as fundraisers for schools. It not only educates the children about green ecosystem but also helps in preserving the environment. The green fundraising Refers to planting of samplings to arrest deforestation. All nongovernmental organizations and welfare associations should educate the people on the importance of trees and plants which play a vital role in protecting our green eco system.

The Age of Supply Chain

Supply chain consulting is done by many consultancies and we have to identify the proper companies which deals in software's of various types at competitive price and gives offers and provides prompt service and backup plans. The software personnel should impart training to the supply chain staff which improves their efficiency in handling the system.
Supply Chain Management Software is designed to manage our Chain of Shops easily. Software should be easy to use and give more control in managing the chain of shops. The data of individual shops are maintained by the Software and gives a consolidated and centralized data. This helps in analyzing the Sales Inventory and Purchase of the products. From Head Office we can ascertain the Sales and the inventory position at each one of the branches at any time. It helps in reducing the cost and expenses and increasing our profit.
The supply chain management identifies non-moving stocks from the chain and diverts them to where they are demanded and sometimes these stocks may be returned to the Suppliers to avoid loss to the Management.

The supply chain strategy is worked out by the data collected by the Supply Chain Management software which reduces the operating cost and utilizes the management storage space to the optimum level. Management of inventory is possible without over stocking and wastages.

The supply chain consulting is provided by many Software companies. There are lots of websites too which advertise their various types of Software's and their utilization. We can identify the suitable Software which meets our requirements and the systems provider should attend to the faults in time and rectify without affecting the business of the supply chain. This will give confidence to the customers during system failure and the supply chain will not lose its customers during this period.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems

We the people are living in a very fast world and we need lot of time consuming equipments to help us in our daily life. From the time we enter into our industrial world, we use many types of electrical equipments to keep us round the clock for productivity purpose. Due to pollution and usage of the machine, we have got to keep the machine clean using ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
The other way round, when we go to large and small scale industries, the machines used need to be cleaned using Ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner cleans the machine like no human can do. The companies using the Ultrasonic cleaners are able to find a lot of difference between the cleaning by hand and ultra cleaning equipment. The cost of labour between machinery and manpower is also very much beneficial. In most cases the foreign material which the human cannot reach, will be removed by using Ultrasonic cleaner.

We can avoid using hard chemicals to clean our machines when we start to use the ultrasonic cleaner. This enhances the life of the machines in the long run and results in optimum production for the company and higher profits.
The Ultrasonic equipment is manufactured in various shapes and sizes. We have to select the one which is as per our requirement and make use of it to the maximum to fulfill our cleaning purpose. Ultrasonic cleaners are now chosen by many industrialists and it is a positive approach for our surroundings. This helps to preserve our planet for our future generation also. So it is very wise to choose Ultrasonic cleaners for our step to right path. It is economical in the long run when used commercially by industries. Certain industrial equipments and components can be cleaned properly only by Ultrasonic cleaner.

Weekend visit to a Church

So, today I went to my friend's place and his family took me to a age old church that was nearby his place. I was amazed at the modernity that they had there. Considering that this blog post is also a little off topic, but none the less, I'm here to post things that made my weekend. So this is the second thing that made my weekend after reading quite a good children's fantasy book that kept me hooked on, until my friend called me over to his place!

We were having a look at this place and the buildings nearby it. All the buildings nearby the Church were also well built but pretty old and required some re-housing or some touching up or whatever that is called! I'm an entertainment guy remember. But the fact that I wanted to write all about was the amazing piece of church management software that they were using!

I couldn't just stop from being amazed at how the management was done efficiently and even the smallest things were taken into note and accounted for, so that nothing goes wrong when it comes to auditing the finances of this big institution of religion! They showed me a nice demo and I was glad I made this visit. My weekend is now complete. Have a good week ahead folks!

The Robbie Velez Series - A good read

So, I was looking to kill sometime this weekend and was looking at books to read that would fly with every page. This post is a non entertainment topic but it deserved a blogpost on my blog! Reason? - The book which I ended up reading was just fantastic!. The Robbie Velez series' best selling book on the Internet - Robbie Velez and the Key to Rocket City battles it out with fantasy and it sure lived up to my expectations.

The moment I finished reading this book, I realized that I had spent some quality time reading a good one and highly recommend to those who are searching for neat and a well written children's book. Should I even mention that the explanations of sequences was perfect?!. My weekend was just made this moment when I published this blog post!

Good Office Chairs are a need of the day

People working around the world use office chairs which are used for different nature of jobs they are allotted. Office chairs are of different types like executive chair, computer chair, conference chair, etc. Most of the offices purchase cheap office chairs which costs less thereby comprising the comfort and safety of their employees. In many offices the staffs are busy with their work and preoccupied in finishing the target given to them. Hence they forget the discomfort caused by the cheap office chairs which results in various health problems.
Nowadays we get lot of cheap office chairs in the market which lures many corporate to purchase them. There are many ergonomic and scientific chairs also in the market which are comfortable and costly. But the cheap office chair has caused lot of ortho problems to persons who are using them in their daily routine. Most of them are suffering from severe back ache and spondylitis which needs regular medical treatment.
Imported office chairs are also available in the market, which are cheaper than the domestic ones manufactured in the country. They do not use wood and they prefer synthetic items which are more flexible with superior look and finish. There are lots of websites where we can select cheap office chairs and place order according to our needs. The manufacturers are providing warranty for their products which is an added advantage to us. In case of any defect or breakage the vendor replaces the defective product free of cost. Hence we have to select prudently from the cheap office chairs which are available in wide ranges and prices in the market. An imported cheap office chair usually attracts a job seeker to that company even though the remuneration offered may be less. Lot of multinational companies are attracting many job seekers to their fold by displaying plush offices with cheap office chairs.

The need for Cell Phone boosters

Nowadays we are very busy and have lot of work to do. Our busy schedule makes us grow mad and we need some entertainment to keep us little relaxed. We do not have the patience to go out in the Crowd and relax ourselves. Moreover, we have little time to go and visit our relatives and friends. The only and one biggest means of communication is the Cell Phone. Through Cell phone we are able to communicate to people worldwide, just by sitting in one place. For that we should have enough signals to avoid break in a conversation over cell phone. We can also do business over our Cell phone. In order to avoid the signal and cord problem we need Cell phone signal booster.
A cell phone booster is a very useful device which enhances the quality of signal and the audio received over cell phone. In some remote areas your cell phone may not work properly due to lack of proper signal or whenever you are inside a commercial building where there are lot of signal disruptions we need a signal booster which is suitable to our needs. Sometimes while travelling by car also we face lot of signal problems and your calls may be dropped and for this problem we need a mobile cell phone signal boosters. Cell phone boosters are available in wide ranges in the market like residential or commercial according to our usage and need. Power supply is needed for every cell phone signal booster. It gives extra power to your cell phone so that you can use it uninterrupted wherever you are.
Firstly you have to decide which type of cell phone booster you require and then you can browse the net and lot of websites are displaying their products with their technical specifications and range. And then you can place an order and they will install the same with their technicians.

Jamaican Celebrity Music, News & Gossips Entertainment!

Well, I was browsing thru the Internet for some Jamaican entertainment news website and found that the leading source for urban culture and entertainment! Celebrity news and gossip, photos, music videos, new music, style and fashion, inspirations, sports and more is at The Hype Life Magazine!

Through in-depth reporting and a distinct street sensibility, The Hype Life Magazine aggressively explores the most dynamic range of music, celebrity news, extraordinary hipsters, beauty and lifestyle emanating from the fringes of the mainstream to the heart of the underground.

A need for the best appliance

We are living in a busy world, where we need many appliances to meet our daily domestic chores. We need appliances to store our daily needs and wash our clothes and vessels. From the time we wake up, till we go to bed we keep using many things in our daily life. Moreover, we have to complete our chores within stipulated time; hence we are dependent on various home appliances.

We need refrigerators to store our daily needs like milk, vegetables, eggs, fruits and eatables. During summer we have to keep water in fridge to quench our thirst. We can keep non vegetarian items in frozen condition to avoid shopping often for our immediate need.

To wash our utensils, we have appliances like dishwashers, which help us to avoid allergy to washing soaps and Liquids. Microwave oven is very useful in preparing food items quickly and also for heating prepared foods at the time of consumption.
Whirlpool is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world and they cater to various needs of the consumers. Whirlpool refrigerator parts are manufactured in international standards. Another giant in manufacturing home appliances is GE appliances. They manufacture Refrigerators, water purifiers, washers, etc which are of international quality. GE appliance parts are renowned for their durability and quality. Most of the consumers around the world prefer international brands for their long life and trouble free operation like GE appliances and Whirlpool appliance parts.

In case of any repair of our home appliances such as refrigerators, washers, ice-makers, ovens, etc., we can search for spares and place order in websites, where we can get variety of spares according to our needs with competitive prices and 30 day return policy also. Home appliances are generally very important and they should always be in working condition. So these kinds of web solutions are very helpful during emergency situations.

Celebrity Tweets

Celebrity Tweets

We all know what Twitter is; a micro blogging social networking website. Quite a bit of us use it to stay in touch and to keep our friends and family members posted on what is happening in their lives. It is also used by many people to keep track of their favorite companies, groups, celebrities etc. But one very common use of twitter is by celebrities for letting their fans know what is going on. These celebrity tweets are a big part of the twitter network and provide reach into target audiences through Celebrity Endorsements on Twitter.

It is true that we are social creatures with the need to interact with friends and family on a regular basis. New technology provides us with ways and means to do this every day. First it was email, then came along MySpace and Facebook and now it is twitter that is carrying the majority of social networking fans and fanatics.

Twitter is different from Facebook in a number of ways. Facebook allows for interactions on a larger scale than does twitter and it has a number of ways for people to spend time online. It is packed with games, ads, groups and so much to do where Twitter is not so full of applications. This by no means indicates that twitter is boring because it is quite far from boring to be frank. Twitter’s main thing is the status update and while it is available on Facebook it is not the focal point of that social networking website.

With twitter, celebrities and other people have the opportunity to just say whatever is on their mind at the time. A lot of times the comments can be downright funny, stupid or really weird. This is especially true of the larger celebrities and as such many people use twitter to get their funny bone tickled by reading some Celebrity Tweets.

Right now you can find a number of websites that have the most hilarious tweets from celebrities for 2011 or the dumbest tweets etc. People flock to these websites in droves because they want to see what they are saying by searching Twitter for Celebrity Tweets. Twitter really leaves you out in the open and sometimes we have to wonder if these celebrities think before they post their thoughts online.

Though celebrities have Facebook pages those fans can visit from time to time twitter allows them an easier way to constantly know what is going on with their favorite celebrity by browsing Celebrity Tweets. But that is not the only reason people are hoarding celebrity tweets. Businesses are now using them to advertise and the celebrities are really benefiting with one tweet having the potential for bringing in $25,000!!!

Why would anyone pay a celebrity so much money for a couple words? - Because of how the Twitter platform functions. When the celebrity sends a tweet it is not only their followers that see it. People who have tagged that as their point of interest will also see the tweet and so you don’t even have to be following a person to see the Celebrity Tweets. This means that twitter has a wider scope of reach where advertising is connected and since it is instant your ad is viewed immediately all over the world. If you are interested in buying Celebrity Tweets then i highly reccomend TalentEndorsements.com

Twitter Advertising


Social Media Advertising offers many options, but after much research it seams clear that Twitter Advertising is more effective than Facebook advertising social marketing company can generate targeted visitors to many accounts and your internet site at the very same time. The 2nd advantage of a sm campaign is that you will advantage from absolutely free referrals. Your material will be shared with individuals in the very same area of interest 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. And that is what may make your Twitter Advertising campaigns so rewarding. How soon can social network consultants realize successIf you are hiring a social media advisor to make your marketing campaign, the pages and processes can be set up in a several days. All you have to have to do is to talk your demands with the agency. They will determine the most rewarding keywords for your profile pages, and set up your social networking accounts for you. Subsequent, your updates will be automated.

The very good news is that as soon as your pages are set up by the social marketing consultant, they will call for pretty number of alterations, and the targeted site visitors can start out flooding your pages promptly. This is when you can begin to engage in effective Twitter Advertising. Soon after your profile pages are set up by sm specialist, customizes processes can be set up to update your status and send links to your material immediately. That suggests you do not have to be involved in tough and time consuming campaigns, and you will get continual, many substantial rank backlinks from different higher targeted visitors websites. That signifies you will not only get automatic traffic to your web page, but can grow your web page rank and research engine ranking as perfectly. That is why employing a specialist social media advisor to engage in effective Twitter Advertising that will increase your return on investment and produce very long lasting effects, not having any hard work from your side.

If you are making an attempt to promote something to the earth out there, the Twitter Advertising can assist yo get the message out to all types of online consumers. The ideal way to be capable to get out there and sell and offer so a lot a lot more that what you expect is by social media marketing and advertising. For a escalating provider like yours, it is really important to continually update the kind of selling process that you are utilizing before you start another Twitter Advertising campaign. If you are nevertheless asking your self no matter whether you really should be a part of these form of sector, then you must know that you have to have to be a component of it due to the fact you want your home business to increase and you want it to make perception. Exactly where does everybody hang out these days? It is vital to know that for the reason that this sort of information and facts is suitable to you and to the business that you are working. If you do not know wherever people today are these days, you may possibly as effectively pack your factors up and move out to mars or Pluto.

The massive variety of people that are into social networking web sites with Twitter, more so than Facebook, so if you own your personal company, then you will need to begin to advertise on social media sites to attract new online cusotmers. Twitter Advertising yields far greater return on investment compared to advertising on other Social networking internet sites such as Facebook or YouTube. To get started today with Twitter Advertising and begin increasing your Social Media Advertising results.

Celebrity Endorsement Sites That Actually Work!!

Twitter is getting ready to roll out it’s attempt to dip a few toes into social endorsements, but failing to even get knee deep in celebrity endorsements with it's new ad platform. This sounds like it should be fantastic news for us marketers on Twitter. Finally a self-serve platform that allows us to tap in to the rapidly growing Twittersphere. So why are we not excited?

The reality is that Twitter’s new ad platform is likely to fail, and those tweet ads that do succeed will almost certainly be in the business of brand exposure rather than any kind of traffic arbitrage ROI. That sounds alright for some. But for most of us, this is 2-3 years past-due and is a huge disappointment when their attempt to leverage celebrity endorsements. It looks as if third party celebrity retweet networks such as celebrityretweets.com or new forms of celebrity endorsements such as paying celebrities to follow brands on famousfollowers.com will remain the new choice for celebrities to make money on Twitter that actual give marketers tangible ROI.

Below are some problems with the new Twitter ad platform:

The entire Twitter ad platform is to be based on keyword search terms.
“As we previously described, the new system serves up ads based on keywords in Twitter search queries.”
Sounds pretty sensible. If a user is searching for coffee (for whatever reason), maybe Starbucks can get away with promoting their new beverage. But what kind of percentage of Twitter users actively use search? How does this effect the celebrity retweet?

My own tweeting and retweet habits involve perusing through the updates of my friends, coming up with the odd smart arse status, and every once in a while checking the trending topics tab on the right. I rarely, if ever, bother to use Twitter search. And yet this is how the ads are to be displayed. You’re looking at only a tiny percentage of Twitter’s relative traffic actually being exposed to ads. It’s hardly a new dawn for social endorsements or celebrity endorsements.

The second, and perhaps more worrying, topic covered in the announcement raises up the dirty issue of a performance based quality score.

“A Promoted Tweet isn’t guaranteed to stay afloat for a long time — if the tweet isn’t tracking well in terms of replies, clicks, and a number of other metrics Twitter is calling “resonance”, it will be pulled, and the advertiser won’t pay for it.”

I just don’t quite understand the logic behind this when trying to build engaging branded social endorsements. If an advertiser is paying by CPM, the performance shouldn’t matter. The last thing we want to be worrying about is some magic algorithm to determine how many clicks, replies and retweets we need to be receiving to keep our advertising campaign alive.

If an advertiser is paying by the click…fine. A quality score is necessary. But on a CPM basis, why Twitter would want to complicate a simple equation is beyond me. Particularly considering the advertisers likely to be using the celebrity endorsement services which are in the “spreading brand awareness” target directive.

The Twitter ad platform has failed to leverage the hundreds of millions of social media users actively on Twitter to drive measurable connections between top-tier celebrities with top-tier consumer brands. The only leading alternative is to use celebrity endorsement networks or other types of celebrity endorsements if you want return on investment on your social marketing Initiatives.

More Catwoman news

You might have previously read about the upcoming Batman movie "Dark Knight Rises" where the legendary Batman aid Catwoman is reprised. Well, we have more news from that. This time a fun take on the suit supposed to be worn by Catwoman in the movie.

I was browsing thru the Internet for the latest gags on movies and stumbled on this particular website where they talk about the latex suit of Catwoman and how little girls are now wanting a barbie doll suited up with latex instead of some fairy princess clothing. But... the real take is on the actress playing the role of Catwoman. The article was hilarious as it really points out the facts after taking a gig at them. It starts with kids and then to batman fantasies and puts up the facts in front after some hilarious moments. Give it a read, you'll have a great time for sure.