Horror time - Read about Zombie movies

This weekend, me and my friend decided to sit back on my couch and watch a movie with a different genre and after no further ado we decided to go for a "Zombie" movie. Our next thought was that we wanted a cult classic Zombie movie and not just any other Zombie laded movie. We then turned on the Internet in search of the best one. There were dozens of websites and bloglists which listed all the zombie filled movies ever made but none spoke about the movies in brief or long! We then dug deep and our zombie digging landed at the Zombie Logic - a Zombie Movie Reviews blog.

I couldn't stop admiring the blog. First things - the blog is fantastic and the zombie reviews are just fun to read than depressing because the author adds a comical twist to the sequences before giving out the final judgement if the movie is greatly scary or really crazy. We got to read all the incredibly brief, yet philosophical, comical take and fair reviews of Zombie movies and guess which movie we decided to watch? - The Sentinel. It was all fun and Zombie affair studded day, thanks to Zombie Logic!


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