Submissions open for 2022 My Block TV Awards!

This week at ShowBiz, we are covering an exclusive news for all the showbiz fans out there who are looking forward to the 2022 My Block TV Awards! 

Yes, as you could have guessed from the title already, the submissions are open for this year's prestigious awards. Thanks to places opening up after a tumultuous period of time, a small dinner in the San Francisco bay area was celebrated by a few performances by Dreamer, Darioso and Oyamasela.

ShowBiz blog's favorite artist Eyez was also at the event adding to the excitement and music celebrities list.  Check out exclusive pictures shared with ShowBiz blog of these artists!




Want to learn more about My Block TV Awards and see how you can be a part of submissions as well as getting tickets to be there? Check out their official page and mmbawards instagram page
Here are the artists performing the tracks themselves live at the dinner just a few days ago!