Best entertainment in Dubai from!

This summer holiday season, we at ShowBiz blog were wondering where would be the most ideal places to visit considering that travel and life in general has opened up!

Its a no brainer that Dubai is one of the most tourist hopping place these days due to its fantastic development and entertainment friendly culture. Then we were wondering whom do the people of Dubai go to when it comes to getting entertainment in Dubai?!

We didn't had to look any further, as it was quite easy to figure out that the best and leading entertainment in Dubai and in the middle east is Bella Entertainment! Naturally, we wanted to write about them to let our beloved readers in the middle east, as well as folks traveling to the middle east, know which agency to talk to arrange for some great events.

Bella Entertainment agency is the number one Dubai entertainment company with a presence of over 13 years in the entertainment market in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in all the UAE. We were simply awestruck to find out the list of events that they can setup and run! 

Starting from shows for Corporate entertainment in Dubai, clubs, hotel, and private events, birthdays, and parties, they even have an "in house" dance and performing team that can provide any kind of dance performance, led poi dance shows, hire belly dancers, acrobatic acts, walking tables, hire magicians, hostess & bartenders for events, children entertainment, singers, arabic singers, music live bands, djs, fire dancers, belly dancer, hire magicians, kids entertainment, wedding planning, helium balloon show, audio and sound system rentals, lights shows, cake surprise, led poi dance and the list goes on! So, when it comes to event where you would like to Hire Belly Dancers in Dubai or even a "Specialty Acts" if you have something on your mind that's not on the usual list - Bella Entertainment got everything covered!

Their page has some amazing pictures and clips of so many of these events for big brands and customers alike - be sure to check it out!

Showbiz spotlight: Jack Frost makes history at 2022 MyMusicBlock TV Awards with 4 awards!

This is a spotlight we simply can't miss! You all know that we at ShowBiz extensively cover the My Music Block TV Awards event and have been regularly updating you all about the nominees so far. If you haven't been updated - check out our articles on the tag ShowBiz - My music block TV awards, and come back to continue reading this article.

We are extremely delighted to publish this article now - the My music block TV awards for 2022 were held on August 6 and in this article we are going to talk about the winners and boy are we excited about this!

Let's start with the biggest winner of all of them - artist Jack frost won a record 4 awards in one night - he has effectively made history by winning so many!

The awards he won are: Hottest summer anthem, Best Rap Flow, and Best Rap song of 2022

Jack Frost also performed twice winning for Captivating music Video for Brighter Days. 

Watch Jack Frost interview before his 4 groundbreaking wins!

Talking more about the splendid evening, Rapper Ese Dreemer took home best new artist award and performed as well.

Here are some more awards and their winners:

BEST QUARANTINE SONG went to Beezy Brain Focuz

FINEST SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONALITY went to ​Samantha Leavell which was presented by Merquillo Loke of You Feel me TV

SOCIALLY CONNECTED went to Diamond the Solid One

BEST PODCAST was awarded to Samantha Leavell

FINEST SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE, of course, also Samantha Leavell



FEEL GOOD POP TUNE went to the uber cool ALEAMOR LOVE YA

BEST REALITY STAR OF 2022 was Lindsey Georgoulis

BAY LIGHTS award went to Diamond the Solid One


TEACHING THROUGH A PANDEMIC was none other than Kim Jones

EDUCATORS BEST was to the most deserving Cheryl Manuel

Here are some more photos from the event

Kim Jones on the red carpet!

Aleamor interviewing Project Black List

Our favorite singer Eye'z performing live!

Priya Patrick-Cole and Darrel Thigpen hosting

Aleamor interviewing Merquillo Loke of You Feel me TV

All these lovely photographs were by Antonio Garro - we highly recommend to check out his Insta page! - @toniogarro

The evening was hosted by Darrel Thigpen and Priya Patrick-Cole, Sponsored by HeartLand Entertainment.  

Catch all the action and follow the next events - all on their official website

ShowBiz showcase: Empowered talents from

You all know that every alternate day, we talk about artists and performers who are rising up the world of ShowBiz. Every week - we feature a ShowBiz organization or person who is working hard to upskill and promote artists. Every month - we take it to the highest level and talk about an people and organizations who are going above and beyond to help talents do their best in the ShowBiz industry. 

With that in mind, this month we are showcasing a talent agency which is going above and beyond to help talents be promoted and featured in the world of ShowBiz!

We are talking about King Watts Talent Agency or shortly "KWTA", a SAG-AFTRA franchised agency representing union and non-union talents in the industry. Before we go into the details of the fantastic work they do to support artists, let's talk about what a talent agency does in the first place.

An artist approaches a talent agency when they want to be represented the best to media companies which are looking for artists. A talent agency is then the representative of an artist. They have the power to solicit for gigs and contracts for the artist and fully act on behalf of the artist in terms of negotations, follow ups and finally, getting payments. In this way, the artist get to focus on what they like to do the most - performing and leave the contacting creative directors, working out the commercials and financials to the agency. 

KWTA is an amazing agency operating in the south of US after working for years regularly with entertainment professionals from coast to coast. They do agency work in all the sectors, you name it, they got it - Film, TV, Commercial, Print, Industrial, Voice Overs, Theater and also Literary! KWTA as an agency aims to achieve the maximum impact for artists in the least amount of time! Their official twitter is @kingwattstalent.

KWTA - whose official website is , as an agency is highly determined to support the artists they promote to bring out the best in them and get them the best of the best opportunities out there. Next, we'd like to talk about the CEO, the visionary behind the agency and the one who's working so hard to provide the best services to the artists.

Meet Bernadette (Bunny) Burroughs, who is a Gulf Coast native and has extensive experience of over 20 years in the entertainment industry. Bunny tweets at Showbizbunny and is already quite famous in the twitterverse of talent agents! 

She vouches for collaboration more than anything else and is an big advocate of hard work and has this splendid saying "Success comes when talented, dedicated, and teachable individuals embrace what each other has to offer and agree to build a masterpiece." Well, we fully agree and are extremely delighted we decided to showcase Bunny and her agency this month!

Via Guatemala Coffee Lights Up The Lynn, Massachusetts Skyline Line with A Star-Studded Event

C.E.O. Silvia Via and her team hosted a star-studded pool party /event Happy Hour mixer at the Roof Top Deck of the Luxury Caudwell Apartments in Lynn, Massachusetts. The event featured Massachusetts's Top Business and Corporate Professionals, Executives, Industry Influencers, movers, and shakers.

D.J. G.O.B. (The Professor) was the DJ of the event, and he played the best of Hip Hop and R&B Reggae Music, Reggaet├│n, and Soca

The night was focused on tasting V.I.A. Guatemala Coffee ESPRESSO MARTINIS; with each ticket of cost VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE, gave a gift bag that contained the recipe on how to make the ESPRESSO MARTINIS at home, a thank you card, and a Mayan Worry doll made by Mayan Women from villages in Guatemala.

The event also featured Massachusetts's best bartenders and mixers who served V.G.C. ESPRESSO MARTINIS, a hit with all the guests. The crowd loved the three artistic styles of the V.G.C.ESPRESSO MARTINIS that Ms. Silvia Via and her team personally crafted.

The night ended with The C.E.O. of Via Guatemala, Coffee Silvia Via, thanking the crowd for supporting the brand and Lynn-based Luxury Caudwell Apartments for hosting the event. More tasting events will be scheduled at a later date.

If you're looking to partner up with VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE to host your own private event, please email

To order your coffee visit Silvia via    

ShowBiz spotlight: Ariel Lavi's short films win big at film festivals in LA

 This week on ShowBiz blog, we are turning our spotlight to a world of ShowBiz that is less talked about in the social media space but is a very important part of the industry because this space is the one that tells the important stories of the world in the most intriguing way ever. We are talking about films that are short but have the highest impact.

We are specially spotlighting Ariel Lavi - an International Film Producer, Screenwriter and Actors. His latest 2 films "Dangerous Silence" that was made in Nigeria and "Metanoia" that was produced in Mexico have been very well received in film festivals around the world and the list of festivals where these films are nominated are quite long! 

Nominations galore! 

Here we go: Dangerous Silence was Nominated for Best Short Film at Lift-Off Filmmaker Film Festival on behalf of Pinewood Studios in London and nominated for Best short film at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival. Metanoia was nominated for the London and Toronto film festivals as Dangerous Silence.


Dreamachine International film festival chose  Dangerous Silence for the best supporting actor award for Otega Igho. The film focuses on Africa about abuse and is about overcoming fear after the abuse and thereby sends a strong message to all of us!

The results are awaited from the finals of final of Festigious film festival in Los Angeles!

Also, the One Reeler Short Film Competition in Los Angeles has chosen Dangerous Silence for the Special Mention Award.

We admire the attempt of Ariel Lavi in his quest to bring out critical messages to humanity via films and wish to see him do more and more than he has always been! We will continue to spotlight this splendid showbiz artist and highlight his achievements in the media industry.