Actress and Model Candis Dorsey: Beauty, Talent, and Intelligence

Actress and model Candis Dorsey is breaking through in the entertainment talent industry, but before we get to her latest projects, lets first learn about her background. Candis was born and raised at the center of Pittsburgh in a neighborhood called Sugar Top. Candis comes from has a large family, she is 1 of 8 siblings with an abundance of cousins and was raised by her wonderful grandmother Johnnie Mae who had instilled old fashion values while being a confident, smart, and modern women. Candis’s grandmother was a big influence in her life, she took the time to mold Candis into the women she always wanted to be. Candis started her modeling career at the age of 15 where she signed with MODELS Inc. Later, Candis was given a model opportunity outside of Pittsburgh, but due to the incline, her grandmother had to decline and Candis was unable to go. Her grandmother encouraged Candis to pursue a career in Administration which turned out to benefit Candis by giving her amazing knowledge over marketing, branding and networking skills which led her to a wonderful route of great opportunities and experiences over the years.

In 2019, at 33 age with a successful business background including owning a real estate investment company, It was time for Candis to reveal to the world one of the most valuable brands, herself. Candis has dived into the industry again, investing her full force, passion, talent and knowledge. Since May 2019 she has created an extensive modeling and runway portfolio for herself and she has landed an acting role in a feature film called Occurrence at Mills Creek directed by Assistant Director Joe Fishel. Candis is currently working in another project, she is an actress playing lead in a short film called (Evil Seeds) directed by Mr. Todd Wolfson. You may have seen her at Las Vegas Paint Wars, where she had been body painted her vision of an Egyptian goddess by Artist  Megan Chambers Design.

November 16th Candis Dorsey will be participating in a Fashion and Beauty Expo and Cover Model Search Runway contest at Alloy 26 in Pittsburgh hosted by Ms. Jamyce Patterson, Owner of Style and Glam Magazine which Candis has been a featured model in as well. January you will catch Candis Dorsey in Atlanta doing Runway. Candis Dorsey has many other things in works, You can keep up with Candis on her Official website of Candis Dorsey