Dr. Elmi Zulkarnain Osman the motivational speaker

Dr. Elmi Zulkarnain Osman is one of the most highly sought-after overly humorous motivational speakers from Singapore.

Whether speaking to a few coworkers or an auditorium of hundreds, Dr. Elmi has been gaining a lot of attention as a motivational speaker in his home country and South East Asia.

After 15 years in the public service and graduating with a Doctorate in Education from TUI, he decided to become an entrepreneur. Currently the CEO of his own training consultancy, Dr. Elmi has been well sought after as a trainer that inspires his course participants through his humorous approach.

On the side, he has been giving free motivational talks to grassroots organisations, youth organisations and volunteer groups. His talks titled "Power To Decide" were so well received that he was invited to talk to senior executives of many top companies in Singapore and South East Asia.

When he was interviewed, he simply described his his motivational talk as a sharing about the concept of IMPACT”. He just wanted to tell the world his story. I wanted to show people aspirations are achievable, great things are possible and anyone can share a positive message and create a life of meaning. All the best to Dr. Elmi!