Cannes Winners for British actors Philip Glenister & Shaun Paul McGrath

An International line up of actors Win two Awards at CanneSeries 2023. Amongst the British actors are Oliver Buckner, Eric Colvin, Helder Fernanders. The international line up stars Uri Gov, Yaakov-Zada Daniel star of (Fauda ) French actress Carolina Jurczak, Oleg Levin, and Award winning Actor and writer Reshef Levi. This is his Levi’s second Cannes Award as a writer and actor. Written by Reshef Levi, Yannets Levi, & Tomer Shani

Directed by Tomer Shani;  Carthago television series sees a successful comedian Elijah Levi played by Uri Gov, deported to a detainee camp in 1942 Palestine. As various factions vie for control amidst crumbling British control, the comedian strives to save his life at all costs.

There are far too few media productions about the chaos in 1940s Palestine; but here comes Carthago, a high budgeted drama that fills this gap splendidly. Featuring a sprawling tale of freedom and love, Carthago is impressive by almost all accounts. It looks great, has a resonant and emotive story at its heart and is powered by commendable performances by all involved.


Uri Gov as Elijah Levi is a revelation while Oliver Buckner as the British spy Thomas Edinburgh is played beautifully. Equally impressive are Philip Glenister (life on Mars star) As Commander Lord James Davidson and Irish actor Shaun Paul McGrath as Archibald McDonald, one of the two fearsome camp wardens who have nefarious designs of their own. The cast elevates the already fantastic script and across the 11 episode first season, a complex story of shifting alliances and unexpected twists goes far beyond what we expect. A host of international actors make this a storyline to see. Yaahov Zada- Daniel from (Fauda fame) plays Torso and teams well aside Reshef Levi (Jacob Dan) to help solve the constant internal conflicts within the camp, as Sasha played by Oleg Levin takes over the groups cause.

Here's a preview exclusively shared with us, enjoy it!

From a technical standpoint, Carthago is a knockout. From the yellowish visuals that capture the dry and arid atmosphere of the region to highly authentic set design, it seems the makers went all out to ensure the production looked and felt authentic. Likewise, the cinematography by Daniella Nowitz is stunning.  The sound mixing transports the audience right into the centre of the intrigue, scheming and plotting for freedom.

Efficiently combining history with fiction, Carthago is television at its very finest. Winning two awards at the coveted Cannes Series Festival for the Best Cast Performance & High School Award for Best Series. The series knocks it out of the park. We give Carthago 9.5 stars!

We look forward to a much anticipated return of a new series which should achieve our full 10 stars.

2023 My Music Block TV Awards

Here in ShowBiz blog, we regularly feature upcoming artists to support their journey to become stars and shine bright in their showbiz careers. One such event that we never miss to talk about is the My Music Block TV Awards. If you have missed our previous coverage of the awards over the years, check out the links on the right of the blog - especially those articles with My Music block TV awards as labels.

Let's jump into this year's event and talk about what's expected at the show! The 6th annual MMBTV awards main event will be in Oakland, CA and is touted to be better than ever! All artists irrespective of where they are and which genre they do - submissions are already open for these exciting awards and it will take place on August 27th, 2023. 

For artists looking for a stage to be seen and recognized - It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for underrated talent and unsung heroes to receive the recognition they truly deserve. MMBTV Awards honor the most extraordinary artists across all genres and fine arts, showcasing performers who have been "pounding the pavement." 

Registrations are via

Singer Lovari Accuses Jerry Springer of "Acting Like A Dick" Towards Him

 Talk show legend Jerry Springer has been known to have infuriating behavior erupt from guests on his show throughout the years. However, he is now being accused of having a snarky attitude of his own. For three seasons, Springer has cultivated an additional tv show with "Judge Jerry". Earlier this week, an episode from the latest season was uploaded onto the show's official YouTube channel. In it, singer and actor Lovari sues for his "horrendous appearance on an online cooking show". Shortly after, an interview with Lovari was featured on Instagram page @Reality Dude_, where he is asked about his experience on the show. "I'm gonna keep it real with you. Jerry Springer was kind of a dick to me." He continues, "I think he had some type of alpha male issues going on."

The singer recently released a music video featuring Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs and Marge Sr

The "Judge Jerry" episode can be seen here:
The Reality Dude interview can be watched here: