Hip-pop a new blend

Entertainment allows many people to enjoy themselves which acts as a stress buster. There are many types of entertainment and it is much acquainted and highly paid profession because of its reach. Music and movies are highly followed types of entertainment and today in showbiz I came across Hip-Pop music genre which is a blend of pop and hip-hop which has created lot of interest in audiences. The hip hop music represents the mind and soul of a person. Every person has a unique identity and likewise in hip hop each artist represent their attitude through music. Every person has locked something's which he would like to do but they are unable to do it but a hip hop artist stays unplugged. This style of hip hop artists creates lot of fan following and interest towards their music. There are many successful artists in hip hop genre but they were able to achieve it by creating their showcasing their style.

The hip-pop has started to show it presence felt and we see a drastic change in hip-hop artists reaching out to this new form of music. Many artists have started to blend with this new art of music. Showbiz industry has seen the likes of highly rated hip hop artists like Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and many more to flow where able to standout only by their performance. The next generation music has started its course and it has started to override itself over hip-hop and the next generation will remember only “hip-pop”.

Quality instrumental loops make it to Showbiz

There are many types and ways of entertainment and now with the evolution of technology anything and everything is possible. When it comes to movies there are some essential things which sums up a perfect act. The essenial elements comprises of story, artists and music. Music plays a pivotal role in balancing and setting the pace of a story. Music is one of the most popular and widely recognised form of entertainment across the globe.

In the music industry there has been a steady growth and it has helped many artists to make billions. There are many new artists and the level of music is pushed to new levels. Many youngsters dream to become composers, singers and musicians but only few achieve their dream. But with right guidance and quality of knowledge in music its easier to achieve greatness. During the starting phase of a career in music instrumental music helps them to work on their composition. The instrumental tracks are the base for starters. Music is an ocean and without talent no one can become legend. Few posses great skills and others are endured by hard work. Vinyl Loops are easy to work for DJs and Big Citi Loops is the one place to get all the royal instrumental music.


There are many instrumental music available online for free but Big Citi are rated the best since their instrumental tracks are genuine and professional. They work hard to provide the right platform for young musicians and singers who are passionate about what they do. When dedication and hard work teams up there is no force on earth which can stop success.

Transition in the field of Entertainment

Entertainment plays a key role in letting an audience forget them and step into a new world. In today’s world we live a mechanical life which is full of hard work and weekends we have to relax our mind and body to start fresh the next week. Entertainment industry is among the highly paid businesses across the globe since it entertains millions of audience. There are many types and ways of entertainment in today’s world but if the artists fail to deliver then audience lose interest. So when it comes to entertainment cast, story and directors play a pivotal role. There are many TV series nowadays and some fail to lack the right balance in entertaining the audience. Recently I came across www.keepinitweird.tv which was created by Cassandra Dixson a school student along with his mother Betty Dixson.

It seems they were not amused by the funny shows in TV and they decided to start their own series. They formed a band in Austin area with young students of age 10 to 15 years who loved acting and passion to learn. Cassandra, Jordan Elsass and Zia Kinzy wrote sketches and Coutney Salinas head writer made sure the sketches were entertaining which took 8 weeks to process. Now they have released several web series which is based on youth sketch comedy. The team works on one goal which is “poking fun at the grown up”. The texas comedy is fun to watch where small kids try to impersonate grown up with funky costumes and makeups. Watching these kids perform comedy at this young level seems fascinating and challenging years to come as we see a big transition phase awaiting us.      

How to become a star in Showbiz ?

In showbiz we came across the unbiased nature and global reach of entertainment. The industry spins lot of revenue since entertainment allows viewers to forget their sorrow and start fresh. The actors are highly paid but it’s purely based on hard work and skill set. There were many challenging roles which we have come across in the showbiz industry which the actors pulled off with sheer talent and dedication. 

Nowadays anything and everything is possible for the fact that we must have the dedication and pride towards what we want to be. Some people strive to become actors since they are passionate about this industry. Recently I came across a leadership team who guide and mold you to become a star. Get yourselves involved with network marketing and digital entertainment and social media and backed by major stars of the industry too. It’s a life time opportunity to make your talent and passion count. Get yourself in with this network which will allow you to stay connected with the elite stars. Checkout http://firstwithnewtrends.com/hangout.php?id=Mingo for more info on ways to become a star. 

Actor Matthew Gonzales tattoos and eyeball on his forehead

Hollywood is a dream for many of us but only few make the cut and standout. There are many dreamers who are extremely talented but they remain unnoticed since creating a unique image is what will make you successful in Hollywood. There are many events carried out by celebs to standout from the rest like publishing their scandals or publicity stunts. This helps in bringing up their profile from the bottom and covers lot of media attention. Recently I came across a picture of Actor Matthew Gonzales who had an eyeball tattoo on his forehead. 

It was one of the shocking publicity stunts ever witnessed in Hollywood. The actor had done several TV series was keen on making a reputation in Hollywood. By his recent actions there was a huge buzz in the media of his tattoo. According to his IMDB page, Matthew Gonzales's notable acting credits are 'The Strain' a horror TV Series scheduled to be released this summer on FX and 'The Angel Inn Movie'. Hollywood is the best place to be there when it comes entertain the world but it ain’t an easy cake walk like it seems from the outside.   

Hollywood a place for dreamers

Hollywood is a dream place to work since it is one amongst the highly paid industries. There are many actors who contribute to Hollywood each and every year which brings in diversity. With respect to story and script actors are chosen which gives opportunities to many people across the industry. Each actor has his own identity and skills which adds life to characters in a script. In Showbiz we came across Hollywood Pro which offers professional advice and services which is very helpful for new actors. There are many aspiring actors and artists who are unable to make a cut into Hollywood but Hollywood Pro is trying to bridge this gap. 

There are many professional directors, artists and actors who you can connect with and interact to become one in the industry. The business runs purely on networking since for a new comer to Hollywood would require proper guidance. There are many other aspects in becoming an aspiring actor, director or artist i.e. experience which will help you surpass any obstacles with ease. With processional guidance you can have the privilege of understanding how the business runs and how you can equip yourself. With right amount of training and practice anything is possible. Hollywood runs on the shoulders of dreamers and there is no reason for you to stop dreaming. Checkout www.yourhollywoodpro.com for more info. 

Learn English App

Nowadays people want something entertaining in whatever they do. There are many ways of entertainment and with the advancements of latest technologies we are able to see drastic changes in the industry. Social media and smart phones making a cut into the present lifestyle have opened lots of opportunities. In showbiz today we came across a mobile application which allows us to learn and stay entertained simultaneously. The app allows you to learn English easily since it has been translated in 23 languages. 

The learning experience has reached a new level with the inclusion of over 6000 images which illustrates symbolic representation of the words. The pronunciation recording and phonetic transcription of the words helps in easy understanding of the vocabularies. There are games included in this app which allows you to stay entertained while you learn. There are many categories to choose from which allows you to enhance your learning experience. The app doesn't require internet connection to run it. Now it’s easy to learn English vocabulary with your smart phones on the go. This is one amazing app which will helps in easy understanding of vocabularies which will enhance in easy communication.