Celebrities do Charity with their big hearts

Big Celebrities with Big Salaries and Big Hearts

Mark Sinclair, better know by his stage name Vin Diesel, has become a household name across the world. His debut appearance was in Steven Spielberg's 1998 Oscar-winning film Saving Private Ryan. Diesel's breakthrough role was as the anti-hero Riddick in the science-fiction film Pitch Black. Diesel attained action hero stardom with two box office hits: the street racing action film The Fast and the Furious, and the action thriller XXX. His salary from both films combined was $12 million.

In 2004, Diesel reprised his role as Riddick in The Chronicles of Riddick. In 2005, he played a lighthearted role in the comedy film The Pacifier, which became a box office success. Numerous films followed, but in 2011, Diesel returned for Fast Five, the fifth film in the series, and reprised the role again in the box office smash hit Fast & Furious 6. He reprised his role as Riddick again in the third installment simply titled Riddick, which was released in September 2013.

Diesel takes time out of his busy schedule to give something back to the community. He created the One Race Global Film Foundation, which teaches young producers and directors how to be their own film makers. It is also reported that Diesel donated over $2.5 million over the past few years.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is well known as the wrestling powerhouse, but Johnson's big screen debut was a short appearance as The Scorpion King in the opening sequence of The Mummy Returns. The movie's great success led to Johnson's first leading role, in the sequel The Scorpion King. He was listed in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-paid actor in his first starring role, receiving $5.5 million. 

In 2011, Johnson appeared in the fifth film of The Fast and the Furious series, Fast Five.  Johnson landed the role after series star Vin Diesel read comments and feedback from fans, one of whom wanted to see Diesel and Johnson in a movie.  Fast Five grossed $86 million, the largest opening of the Fast & Furious series and largest opening for a Johnson film. That led to Fast & Furious 6, which had amazing success.  Fast & Furious 7 is now in production and is expected to post big numbers.

Johnson stays just as busy off the screen as he does on. He created the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation. The Foundation creates a platform of hope and possibility for children across the US by providing programs designed to enrich and empower the lives and self-esteem of under-served, at-risk youth and children hospitalized for medical disabilities, disorders and illnesses. Johnson is also very active in 10 other charity organizations.

Jason Statham has become one of the biggest action stars on the big screen. Statham, who was once a black market salesman, got casted as the role of "Bacon" in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The movie was well received by both critics and audiences, and helped catapult Statham into the public eye. Statham was offered more film roles, and in 2002 he was cast as the lead role of driver Frank Martin in the action movie The Transporter, in which he was responsible for his own stunts. His salary was $750,000 for the first film. The film spawned two sequels, Transporter 2 and Transporter 3.

In 2006 he played the lead role as Chev Chelios in the action film Crank which spawned the sequel Crank: High Voltage. In 2011, Statham starred in the remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson film, The Mechanic, and returned to British film in the police drama, Blitz. He also starred in the action film Killer Elite.  Statham had a cameo in Fast & Furious 6 and he portrayed the main antagonist of Fast and Furious 7, Ian Shaw, the brother of the antagonist in Fast & Furious 6, Owen Shaw. Statham's average salary per picture is $7,000,000

Statham is very active in the Together for Short Lives Charity. Together for Short Lives is the leading UK charity for all children with life-threatening illnesses and those who support, love and care for them. They support families, professionals and services, including all children’s hospices to ensure that every child gets the best possible care whenever and wherever they need it.

Michael Baczor is a triple threat and just couldn't be denied to be put on this exclusive list. Baczor, an actor, musician, and model, is sure to become a household name in the next few years. Baczor recently signed on as the lead role for a major motion picture, receiving $550,000. Although it's not near Dwayne Johnson's record breaking $5.5 million, it's not too bad of a start getting casted as the main role for one of the most highly anticipated video game to movie transitions in the past 10 years.

Baczor, also known as HER0 in the music world, is a one man band, literally doing and creating everything himself. Yes, he does it all, vocals, guitars, bass, pianos, and synths. With a Rock/Alternative/Hip-Hop sound, an image than appeals to such a broad genre, and the talent to back it all up with, this guy is guaranteed to be in high demand. Baczor is certainly someone you're going to want to keep an eye on. From working with Linkin Park in the music scene to Jason Statham on the big screen, Baczor has a bright and promising future ahead of him. 

Even though Baczor's schedule is packed with writing, producing, acting, and music, he stays very active giving back to those in need. Baczor created the Our Little Heroes Charity. The Charity delivers toys and gifts directly to the children in hospitals. The toys and gifts are delivered by the children's favorite Superheros and Disney Characters. Baczor has also been a longtime supporter and donator of The Children's Miracle Network.

Diesel, Johnson, Statham, and Baczor prove that the bigger they are, the harder they care. So during this time of the Holiday Season, please keep in mind to give something back to those that are less fortunate. You can follow these celebrities at the links below.

Vin Diesel

Dwayne Johnson

Jason Statham

Michael Baczor

Screens.TV speaks your language!

How many times have you seen an awkwardly dubbed European language or Asian language movie and was surprised by how easy dialogues were translated into complex sentences and sometimes even conveyed an awkward meaning if not wrong! I guess the answer would be a plenty? Yes, that was my answer to that question when I started learning on the Internet on how content is dubbed to suit local audiences.

These days....Where every entertainment channel is moving towards "globalization" - where content is created once in one language and professional dubbers are invited to dub them to reach global audiences, the demand for quality in dubbing is ever increasing. Personally, I've really wondered where do these channels do their dubbing.

Here's a nice infographic that depicts trivia about the ups of good dubbing and downs of bad dubbing:

The answer to my questions and wondering was done by Screens.tv website and the company has the apt tagline "we speak your language". With over 25 years in dubbing and adding new languages always to their professional dubbing and voice over team, they are always in business! When I looked at their clientèle, I was amazed by the number of satellite channels that are in every major language spoken in our globe! Not only dubbing and voice overs - they also provide Subtitling, Translation, Media Processing, Content Distribution and Creative services to those media companies or people who need them. All these in one place is a big achievement I'd say. The entertainment and media industry must be thankful to Screens.tv for all these services which help in globalizing and localizing content to suit the needs of the people around us for they truly speak our language!

Elegant fashion online

Showbiz is all about glamour, fame and fashion. The celebrities in the showbiz world are widely followed so what ever they do influences their followers. Fashion is closely attributed to the image of any celebrity. The media follows celebrities fashion trends which creates trends arounds the world. The creative mind behind every celebrity fashion success are the designers who use their creativity to make a master piece. There are many designers in the fashion industry and each one have their own style. The styling in the fashion industry varies with respect season, trends, culture and colours.

Recently I came across FashionStreetApparel.com which is a online fashion apparel website. They have create an extensive collection for women which focusses on the current fashion trends. The fabric and quality of the apparels are really good which signifies their expertise in fabrics. The designing of the apparels are stunning and designs are unique. Their online shopping website is very interactive which has created more significance to showcase their products. There is a wide range of categories and collections of apparels. The Fashion Street Apparel are up to date with the fashion world. Their design of apparels and website are helping to connect to their products.

Safety is always a priority

No matter wherever one is in the ShowBiz business or the entertainment industry, at the end of the day, people are people and people have responsibilities to keep up with and expectations to be fulfilled. One such responsibility and expectation is safety. 

The safety reason I'm focusing on today when an area is hit with a heavy storm or a tornado. Let's begin with basics. A tornado doesn't strike overnight. With adequate planning, people can be aware that a tornado is around the corner and move into what we call as safe rooms or storm shelters. A custom made tornado shelter will be the need of the hour when the strike is intense. The reality fact is these Storm Shelters are readily available and can be installed at a place as soon as the planning for safety begins. You and your family could be safely and easily distant yourselves from the most dangerous Tornados and Oklahoma Storms as they are called. FEMA standards are to be checked and as far I've checked about these Safe Rooms, they match and are exceeding expectations! 

Because when your family needs safety more than anything else, its safety that they deserve.

“ Street“ Now in Select Theaters.

“ Street “ - now in Select Theaters.
 Starring Beau Casper Smart and Mark Ryan in
A “Rocky meets Bloodsport” MMA Film

Beau "Casper" Smart and Mark Ryan star in the new fueled MMA movie, Street.    
The film opened in select theaters on October 30, 2015 to rave reviews.

Mark Ryan is captivating on screen as Uri and Beau Casper Smart gives an amazing performance in his first feature film role. Mark is an established and talented actor known for the Transformers movies and the television series, Black Sails.

Beau is known for Step Up 3D, Honey 2 and Dance Flick as well as television guest role appearances.  He just announced he landed a role on Jennifer Lopez new TV show, Shades of Blue.

Street is a riveting movie that should not be missed by any MMA fan as it has some of the most realistic fight scenes in any feature film.

The movie also features MMA icon Frank Trigg, and current fighters Matt MitrioneBellator Light-Heavyweight-Champion Emanuel Newton, former Bellator welterweight title challenger Jay Hieron and one of the most exciting fighters to ever come out of The Ultimate FighterUriah Hall. Professional wrestler and former WWE champion John Hennigan stars as well.

Having a number of well-known, experienced MMA fighters takes the fight scenes to a realistic and powerfully intense level.  Arnold Chon, one of the top fight choreographers in Hollywood as well as a trainer of real MMA fighters, is the man behind the action.
Arnold Chon has worked with Martial Arts legends including Jackie ChanJet LiWesley SnipesJean Claude Van DammeMichael Jai White and Chuck Norris. Even more prevalent to the film, Chon has trained MMA fighters to a championship level in his spare time, both in Bellator and the UFC. Because of his real world experience with MMA fighters, he is regarded as the most knowledgeable coordinator in on-screen MMA fights.

    “I think this film will be applauded by MMA enthusiasts while at the same time appealing to those who enjoy a good love story blended with action, and of course those who are inspired by come-from-behind underdog movies like Rocky, Warrior, Southpaw and other films of that genre,” added Executive Producer Lyle Howry from Skinfly Entertainment.
Street will be screening on the east coast and more west coast theaters in the coming weeks.

Movie listings available on Fandango. 

For More Information visit: http://streetthemovie.net/

Hollywood Screenwriter Turned Author Mylo Carbia Surprises Critics With Mainstream #1 Bestseller

Controversial horror novel debuts as #1 Bestseller in New Releases and #1 Bestseller in American Horror weeks before it's official release date of October 13, 2015.
Every now and then a novel will break out of its genre. Remember the masses who never read erotica until Fifty Shades of Grey? Well once again, that phenomena is here with The Raping of Ava DeSantis by Hollywood screenwriter, Mylo Carbia.

Set in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, The Raping of Ava DeSantis tells the story of a working class college student who is brutally attacked by three wealthy fraternity brothers, then confronted with the decision of a lifetime: accept money to stay quiet or seek justice with the police. What she does in response is the basis of this revenge horror story that will have readers talking for years to come.

The fictional story is based on a screenplay Hollywood screenwriter Mylo Carbia originally optioned with a major studio, but was never green-lit due to the gruesome nature of several scenes: particularly the raping of an eighteen-year-old college student by three wealthy fraternity brothers which Carbia purposefully skips in the novel. Instead, the book version follows the aftermath of the event, including the hush money paid to the victim and the revenge she seeks against their loved ones decades later.

Called "The Best Novel Of The Year" by Great-Novels.com and "Horror's next New York Times Bestseller" by All Indie Magazine, The Raping of Ava DeSantis is currently on sale exclusively on Amazon and will be available in both print and eBook formats in Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo and 30,000 other bookstores worldwide on October 13, 2015.

Buy it today:

Spaced Out Magazine Releases its best Issue to date!

 Spaced Out Magazine’s latest issue gives a look into some of the best content to date. Including Fashion, Culture, Music, Entertainment, and Business in one is no easy task but Spaced Out executes it perfectly by combining all into one. 

This issue features indie acts such as: Relli Rok Omega, Bigg Cap, J Metro, F3LECIA, & more. Having a new layout and design for this issue gives retailers, what they have been asking for in the magazine market, and this will be SOM’s first issue more than regional stores, but nationwide.

Be sure to visit www.spacedoutmagazine.com

Scriptapalooza Fellowship

Scriptapalooza is proud to announce the Scriptapalooza Fellowship

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship program was developed to honor dedicated writers and to help accommodate their creative process and skills. Creativity has many interruptions; most of them legitimate reasons, such as dealing with life. Isolating yourself from all of your demands is not an easy task.  “This new fellowship will give its recipient the opportunity to focus solely on his/her writing by removing the writer from his/her daily commitments and providing a supportive environment,” says Mark Andrushko, founder of Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition, which has been promoting and discovering writers since 1998.

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship recipient will be awarded a five-day screenwriting retreat in Costa Rica with Award-Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger. The retreat takes place June 10-14, 2016 in Samara, Costa Rica, in a private hotel reserved exclusively for the fellowship recipient and twelve other talented writers. The winning fellowship recipient will enjoy a full curriculum of writing classes, discussions, workshops and feedback sessions taught by Jacob Krueger and senior members of the JK Studio Staff. Each retreat will offer a unique program created specifically for the needs of the writers attending. 

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship recipient will receive six months of mentoring from one of our vastly talented industry mentors. The list includes Janet Jeffries of Lawrence Bender Productions, Amanda Marshall of Cold Iron Pictures, Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films, Rob Margolies of Different Duck Films, Katrina Nahikian of Bullet Heart, and Breven Warren of Angaelica.

Five additional writers will receive an online writing course, $1000, and a three-month mentorship from one of the above industry professionals. Everyone who applies will receive four to five pages of feedback.

Fellowship applications will only be available from Sept. 1, 2015 to Oct 31, 2015.  For more information, visit http://www.scriptapalooza.com/fellowship/

Helping as many writers as possible has always been the foundation and heart of Scriptapalooza, and this mission will be furthered with the Fellowship. 


Adrian Annis is one of those great actors whose face you instantly recognize – probably because in the last 12 years he’s acted in almost a hundred productions, including full length movies, TV, commercials and even music videos. He’s the kind of guy producers love to have on the set because he is the ultimate professional. He’s on time, knows his lines and comes in ready to work. Adrian’s reliability and legendary preparedness for his roles comes out of his basic principle of “Why bother to do something if you’re not going to do it right?” It’s simple and it works, and all professionals, no matter what field they’re in, adhere to it, whether they know it or not. 

Acting, like sports, excited him at an early age. He began to ‘perform’ when he was a boy, but it was generally on the sports field playing football and tennis. He got to be an excellent player in both those sports until the Thespian spirit’s calling became too hard to resist and he decided to concentrate on acting full time. Being an athlete, however, helped him to stay in shape for some of his more rigorous roles and the discipline and camaraderie inherent in team sports effortlessly overlapped into his acting career, which keeps Adrian in demand not only for his talent but for his ability to work comfortably, cheerfully and co-operatively with large casts.
Once he made up his mind to be an actor, he went all out and never hesitated. He auditioned for everything and treated every part he got as the best role in the universe. And obviously, he succeeded, because twelve years later, which is right now, Adrian has played scores of characters and worked with internationally known actors and directors and is one of those people who make you wonder how they can do so much in such a short amount of time.

He’s been in so many movies and TV shows that they can’t all fit here. But a few of the television shows Adrian’s been in are: “Eastenders,” “Ashes To Ashes” and “The Bill.” Movies are a particular love of Adrian’s and he has been fortunate enough to work on some really solid productions. He played one of the main Deatheaters in the last two Harry Potter films and many independent movies, such as “My Guardian Angel,” “Dumar,” “The Crack” and dozens of others. 

Adrian is originally from London but now lives in Cambridgeshire.

Scriptapalooza is proud to announce the Scriptapalooza Fellowship

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship program was developed to honor dedicated writers and to help accommodate their creative process and skills.  “This new fellowship will give its recipient the opportunity to focus solely on his/her writing by removing the writer from his/her daily commitments and providing a supportive environment,” says Mark Andrushko, founder of Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition.

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship recipient will be awarded a five-day screenwriting retreat in Costa Rica. The retreat takes place June 10-14, 2016 in Samara, Costa Rica, in a private hotel reserved exclusively for the fellowship recipient and twelve other talented writers.

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship recipient will receive six months of mentoring from one of our vastly talented industry mentors. The list includes Janet Jeffries of Lawrence Bender Productions, Amanda Marshall of Cold Iron Pictures, Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films, Rob Margolies of Different Duck Films, Katrina Nahikian of Bullet Heart, and Breven Warren of Angaelica.

Five additional writers will receive an online writing course, $1000, and a three-month mentorship from one of the above industry professionals. Everyone who applies will receive four to five pages of feedback.

Fellowship applications will only be available from Sept. 1, 2015 to Oct 31, 2015.  For more information, visit http://www.scriptapalooza.com/fellowship/.

A true story of Nile

Showbiz industry not only provides a wide range of entertainment to the viewers but also involves many ways to shape their lifestyle. There are many movies and series which inspire and guide us towards the right path. Recently a survey indicated an increase in suicides rates which is a threatening sign to life. I came across a Facebook based blog “A Year of Knowing Nile” which is written by Ian Zachary Whittigham. 
 “Knowing Nile” is a true story of Nile who was a friend of Ian Zachary Whittingham and he has brought out the recurrence of Nile’s lifestyle during his last year in Brick Lane, London. The blog brings out the frank and funny side of Nile which comprises a string of events. He was outstanding young man who fought against mental ailment for quite a long time before his unfortunate suicide. Ian’s blog is a dedication to his dear friend “Nile” and a preventive step to help the people in despair from committing suicides. The blog “A Year of Knowing Nile” is the most viewed and top rated UK blog of the year. 

The enchanting and talented Amy Field

Amy Field is an extremely talented actress and singer.  She is hard working and driven.  She has been singing since a very young age and has always loved performing.  She was so excited when she first joined her school choir at age six, and she has held onto that excitement throughout her career.  Her energy and talent are both astonishing.

Amy has a lot of experience performing.  She sang with the Australian Youth Choir, an international touring choir, at many different venues.  She toured in both the USA and the UK.  She sang at Carnegie Hall, Disneyland, Independence Hall, at the David Cup and many other places and events.  She has trained with some of the best.  She studied singer under Margi Di Ferranti and Pat Wilson.  She also was trained in acting by Adrian Barnes at the Springboards Performing Arts School.  Amy took classes at Darlo Drama and Acting World before attending the Stella Adler Studio of Acting Conservatory Program in 2014.  Her training has really paid off, as she has had many starring roles. 

Australian actress Amy Field, on right, pictured here with singer Pink

Amy has played the lead character of Evelyn in Independence, which has been her favorite role so far.  She also starred in Anastasia, Six Degrees of Separation, Anything Goes, and Return to the Forbidden Planet.  These are but a few of the amazing things Amy has done.  Her next big project is the SWAG Theatre Company, an Australian theatre company that she has started.  They will be performing the play A Single Act on October 8-11 at the Tank in New York City.  Amy produced and plays the lead role in A Single Act.  The play is about domestic abuse, and Amy hopes that through this play she will be able to help spread awareness about this horrible issue and support the cause.  Amy is an inspiring actress and singer, and she will continue to do great things as she continues working hard in the industry.

King Tatie: A King & Her Krown Tour

King Tatie is a 16 year old rapper/singer who started out in England where she lived with her Zimbabwean parents. Her legal name is Tatiana Chipondaminga, and she is extremely talented in the performing arts, especially rapping, singing and songwriting. In fact, when she participated in The World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, she came away with a handful of medals and baskets full of praises.

Soon after her Los Angeles win, she released her first single, “This Is How We Do It,” which catapulted her on to a promotional tour. That brought her to Africa, where she was recognized as a major talent. Two exceptional shows that made King Tatie stand out and gained her a lot of respect as a young female MC whilst in Zimbabwe, were her performances at the Miss Harare Junior Pageant and at the Ice Prince concert. King Tatie’s performance at the Miss Harare Junior Pageant - which was held at the Pandhari Hotel - caused a positive uproar amongst the crowd of over 2,000 people watching, so much so, that her performance was all of the talk on Zimbabwe’s 3 major radio stations – ZiFM Stereo, StarFM, and PowerFM. Using the positive feedback and appraisal from her performance at the pageant, King Tatie used that as further motivation to make sure her next show would be even better, thus she brought the ultimate heat to her next performance at the Borrowdale Racecourse, where she was sought out by the director and promoter of the show to be an opening act for rapper Ice Prince, winner of Best International Act at the BET Awards 2013, and MTV and MOBO Awards nominee. King Tatie performed her promotional single, “This Is How We Do It”, as well as performing an exclusive track from her upcoming Extended Play (A King and Her Krown EP) titled “Coast to Coast” for her eager audience. She truly rocked the crowd all the way from the front crowd to the nosebleed seats of the outdoor arena. You could also see the adoration for her supporters, as she smiled and talked to the crowd in between songs, and at one point, actually came off the stage to intimately interact with her fellow fans, who later on bombarded the songstress with requests of photos, autographs, song plays on the 3 radio stations, and features from other rappers who were in attendance at the concert.
King Tatie for Show Biz Blog

Success follows success is the old saying and it seems to be true in the career of King Tatie. Her promotional tour was received so warmly, and resulted in King Tatie gaining a huge fan base in Africa. This young woman has her eyes, mind and whole being set on being a successful artist in the music business. Everywhere she goes, people want to meet her and they especially want to hear her beautiful words and meaningful lyrics that she writes. She’s been inspired by the best and most well known musicians in the industry: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and Rihanna. We’re sure that one day soon when she’s walking out the backstage door with Beyonce and Rihanna, people will be coming up to her asking for an autograph and telling her how much she has inspired them. But for now, it seems like King Tatie is on the right track towards what promises to be a bright future and career ahead of her.

Brazil’s Rafaela Salvadori - An actress of many skills

Rafaela Salvadori is a fantastic actress with a plethora of other skills.  The talent is absolutely fascinating, for it’s pure, it can be elegant, it can be very raw, funny and deep. It’s filled with sexuality, sensuality with a great humor about it all. You look at her and you find a warm, provocative, natural, very pretty and sweet woman. She sings, dances, speaks five languages, enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, and has multiple degrees.  She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and she is shining high.  She has had a lot of experience over the years and is continuing to work hard.  Originally from a small town in Brazil, Rafaela began dancing, which quickly developed into a love of performing for an audience and on camera.  She didn’t come from an artistic family but she is a fighter and she is living the dream.
Rafaela has an impressive resume to say the least.  She has taken many acting classes and workshops.  She studied ballet for eight years and is also skilled at Jazz, Modern, and Egyptian dance.  Rafaela also has several degrees including a degree in Foreign Affairs and Environmental Issues from Brazil, a Masters in International Business from Paris, and a fashion degree from New York’s Parsons School for Design.  In addition, she has taken a full-time Conservatory Program at the Atlantic Acting School in New York to further her skills in acting.  Her driven nature and natural talent have taken her far.  She has already starred in multiple leading roles.

Rafaela has been in two films featured at the Marche Du Film Cannes International Film Festival in 2015.  These two films were Moo Moo and The Three Witches and Simply Sandra, with Red Horizon Entertainment.  She has also been in films such as I Don’t Want to Know, Welkome Home by the acclaimed Russian Director Angelina Nikonova, The Machine, Drifters, and Men Are Dogs.  But it doesn’t end there!  She also has upcoming works that will begin filming in the near future.  She will be acting in a feature film with Feed Our Souls Production Company and with Red Horizon Entertainment. #RafaelaSalvadori is a woman with many talents and a very strong will.  She will continue to astound and amaze the film industry as she pursues her career in acting with confidence, grace and style.  

Marketing techniques in Showbiz

The showbiz is all about entertaining the world with spectacular works but we tend to forget the key source. It’s none other than marketing agencies who organize events which links media and showbiz artists. Marketing is the key aspect of any organization and when it comes to reaching large number of audiences’ event management play a pivotal role. Marketing agencies have different ways to promote a product or service but when it comes to Showbiz world they have to plan well in advance with respect to the markets. There are many forms of marketing techniques but it may vary with respect to the production since Showbiz is a huge industry.
When it comes to showbiz the most effective publicity is done with the help of media. But while reaching out to media event marketing agencies ensure that they provide you the platform for easy branding and showcasing your works. There are many forms of events and managing them varies as per client’s requirements. I came across http://cmnagency.com/ which is one of the reputed marketing agencies and they have deep roots across several industries by providing them successful marketing solutions. It's an experiential marketing agency which is having a strong hold on their marketing techniques which can surprise the world. Checkout their website for more information on their works and milestones they have achieved. They have a experienced team of talented and skilled professional who ensure to deliver their best when it comes to marketing. 

What's buzzing in the showbiz world ?

Showbiz industry is amongst the top ranked professions around the globe. The factor which influences many artists to perform at this big stage is sheer hard work and dedication. Showbiz has seen a large number of young artists and legends who have stayed in this for long by their consistent performances. But when it comes to the link between the celebrities and fans media play a key role. Media keeps track of the celebrities lives up to date which paves way for large number of fan following. The celebrity list consists of top artists, actors, producers, directors and so on in the showbiz world.  
Celebrity buzz is created by a large number of celebrity rumors and gossips which is one of the ways to express news in an entertaining manner and real stories too. Celebrity gossips are always popular among public since it gives them some interest, drama and comical approach to what happens in the showbiz world. With social media now fans can easily connect with their favorite celebrity. A celebrity life can’t be an open book when they share it from their side because it could be misleading at sometimes. Checkout http://celebritygossipworld.com to keep you updated with the showbiz industry. They take privilege in providing latest news which helps fans across the globe stay connected despite boundaries. 

The extensive work of talented British actor and performer Stanley J. Browne

Stanley J. Browne’s experience in the acting world is extensive to say the least. His works include starring roles in several short films including His Fathers Son and Roxanne, and leading roles in both Rough Cut, as the diamond investigator Carter Jefferson, and a Jamaican gangster in Meet Pursuit Delange. He was in feature films including Mission Impossible, The Affair, and Final Passage. Stanley has also been in several well-known British TV dramas such as East Enders, Birds of a Feather, The Bill, London’s Burning, and several others.

These many feats are but a few of what Stanley has accomplished in his life. His accomplishments are a clear display of the efforts that he has put into his career. Ever since he began acting at the age of seven, he has enjoyed every minute of it. He has been inspired by many actors such as Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro. Stanley’s talent has been fueled by his ambition to follow in the steps of his heroes and achieve his own greatness.
Stanley J. Browne

Stanley studied at the Anna Scher Theatre in London as a teenager and then studied classical acting at the Mountview Classical Acting Academy later in life. His perseverance in acting does not go unnoticed. He is notably recognized for his extraordinary talents and the challenges he pushes himself to overcome. Stanley said that he hopes to expand his career, to act in ways and roles he has never dreamed of. He feels that he has yet to reach his full potential and he cannot wait to see what else the acting world has in store for him.

The truly amazing and admirable work of Filmmaker Velvet Ntatsopoulou

Velvet Ntatsopoulou is an amazingly talented filmmaker who began her work behind the camera at the young age of fifteen. Velvet began her interest in filmmaking because of her love of films. She was inspired by the works of Bertolucci, Truffaut, and David Lynch. Velvet watched every film that she could get her hands on. She took courses at her college in film studies and landed her first job with Anisma Films and Black Coral Production.

During her time with Anisma Films and Black Coral Production, Velvet worked with iconic directors and producers. Her experience with those individuals has helped shape her craft as a filmmaker. Her skills are extraordinary and she has worked on some amazing films. Her latest project is a collaboration with Raymond Chu, the founder of Lofty Entertainment. This short film that Velvet produced brings to life the New York Times Article “36 Questions That Lead to Love” and explores the possibility of love among strangers.

In the future, Velvet will be working on a revolutionary documentary entitled Kids Love Charity. This documentary opens the eyes of adults to the love that is taught by children. This film is depicted in animated re-enactments of stories about children’s love lives. With this documentary, she will be able to help adults learn the valuable lessons in love that children are learning. Velvet describes this work as a film for children to express their truest selves, uncensored, and unguided as they speak from the heart. Also coming up are productions through freeze production company in Athens and the projects Love in between and Midnight.
Velvet’s talents far exceed what can be described, the best way to truly grasp her amazing talent is to watch her work.

Marko Stout

There are many forms of art around the globe which are fascinating to watch. Art is a composition sheer skill and creativity. Recently I came across “Marko Stout”, who is a popular multimedia artist and film maker from New York. When I went through his career I was shocked to notice that he has completed his graduation in medicine. He developed a passion towards painting and arts while he was in California. He couldn’t resist moving to New York; where he eventually became a part of the city’s emerging art culture.

His artistic view of approach where symbolized with a use of bright colors and dynamic energy of city life. He recently launched “Chelsea Girls” series which was a composition of urban lifestyle amidst female vigor. Take a glimpse of the electronic colors and fabulous brush strokes which has showcased the sensuality of women organically. The series has precisely shown the cultural change in women and use of gadgets.
In a recent report on his his latest work, Marko Stout said "The girls are real. I witness scenarios and then I need to recreate them. We live in a harsh urban environment that can be hard to survive in. I want to highlight these individual's resilience to it."

Gal i Nepal

In showbiz today are going to focus on a comedy film “Gal i Nepal” in Norwegian which translates to “Crazy in Nepal” in English by a Norwegian filmmaker which I caught up in Kickstarter. For people who are unaware of Kickstarter, it is a platform for people who love to express their ideas and desires through film making. Several creative projects have raised funds by Kickstarter.

By the foot of the Himalayas in Nepal there is an area called Mustang. There exists a very peculiar marriage tradition. In this remote area, parents traditionally decide who their children are going to marry. However, a loophole exists in which a boy can kidnap a girl and keep her captive at a neutral family’s home for three days whilst he attempts to convince her that she should marry him instead. If she says no, he has to let her go, but if she agrees, her family cannot oppose her decision and have to accept their new son-in-law into the family.

The Norwegian director Carl-Magnus spent many of his childhood years in Nepal, and is looking to crowdfunding to make a comic film of this unusual tradition. The production will give jobs and money to the Nepalese people, as it will be filmed on their location. If the funding target is achieved, it will also be the first ever successful crowdfunded movie to come out of Norway. It will be a monumental occasion for the nation’s independent filmmakers.

"Knowing" Nile in his final year

Today we are going to focus on the revolutionary Facebook blog "Knowing Nile". It is a factual, frank and humorous account of "Knowing" Nile in his final year. Nile was in London and in life or in Niles words "The Way It Is"

This Blog made such an impact on me because it was the first time I remember the content matter so vivid and sensational. The stories provide a safety net of original humour which guides you into subject matter you would never enter of Mental Health and Niles eventual horrific suicide. Extremely clever and terribly addictive "Knowing Nile" Definitely!!! 

There’s a lot to learn from simply knowing. Prior to reading Knowing Nile, I always viewed video as something only the big guys could do. But now I can see how simple it is to create professionally produced content with only a few pieces of software which shines a bigger torch on the already highly creative Ian Zachary Whittingham.

The best original Blog of the year so far! 

Youngsters dream on...

There is a star in everyone but it takes the right amount of effort and marketing to attain greatness. It’s a known fact that Showbiz industry strives on talented stars. Everyone in the world is unique and we all talented in some way. Entertainment industry has seen some brilliance when it comes to talented people around the globe. Recently I came across an organization which is creating youth icons shine in the showbiz world. Be Iconic Entertainment is striking the cord with young talents and helping them to achieve their dream. They have created the right platform for the children which help them to showcase their skills in the entertainment industry.  
We caught up with the CEO of Be Iconic Entertainment - Fallon Moreno, who wants to make youths dream into reality. She emphasizes youths to dream and believe in their abilities which would lead them to glory. They provide proper guidance in developing one’s skill set by nurturing their talents with professional mentors. Checkout - www.facebook.com/beiconicfoundation for more information. Be Iconic Entertainment can guide if you believe in yourself and have the skills to achieve greatness in entertainment industry.  

Is Beyoncé Really Pregnant?

Queen Bey is one of the female artistes currently enjoying massive success in her music career. With a sexy body to boot and an equally rich and talented hubby, Jay-Z, Beyoncé Knowles is one of the most focused upon celebrities and with good reason!

                       The celebrity power couple already has a cute little girl; Blue Ivy Carter who is one of the most loved and spoilt girls in the world! However, there are several indications that all has not been well in their marriage. First came the rumours, which were aptly confirmed, that Solange, Beyoncé’s younger sister had fought Jay-Z. There was video evidence that showed Solange pummelling her brother in law as her sister stood and watched without intervening. Speculation was rife as to the reason of the fight but they later on dismissed the occurrence as just a simple family disagreement.

                       It would later on emerge that it was likely that Jay-Z was unfaithful. On the day he received some blows from Solange, it is said that he insisted on going to an event which would be attended by Rihanna without Beyoncé in tow! The couple would then begin a very successful tour amidst rumours that they were just doing shows together but were no longer as a couple. At one point, fans were heartbroken with news that they would announce their separation after the tour! 

                       Well, they did complete the tour and are still together. In fact, Queen Bey's mother even asserted that the rumours that her daughter was soon to split from her husband were just nasty lies. In fact, in the last show of their "On The Run" tour, Jay-Z changed the lyrics to one of his rap songs and insinuated that his queen was expecting baby number two! Of course, this has opened speculation concerning the true position of the pregnancy rumours.

                        It is still not clear whether or not there is a baby bump growing. The singer has published a number of pictures in bikinis in social media and in almost all of them, you still cannot catch any pregnancy evidence. The couple has not come out officially to deny or confirm any pregnancy rumours and it is unlikely that they will do so any time soon.

                       Some sources have speculated that Beyoncé did not actually carry the pregnancy that led to the birth of Blue Ivy Carter. If at all the couple is indeed pregnant again, fans and critics alike will be quick to monitor any changes to the tummy.

Hopefully, the two overcame the challenges that seemed to beset their relationship early this year and are thinking of joining the ranks of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who have a sizeable brood to keep them occupied and busy all the time. Read more about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie here.

There have been rumours too that Beyoncé’s sister is also pregnant by her 51 year old fiancé. It will be interesting to see how both pregnancy rumours turn out given the fact that some conspiracy theorists actually allege that Solange is the real mother to Blue Ivy!

American Actor - Crispin Alapag

Showbiz has seen some of the greatest actors which has made Hollywood the most successful industry across the globe. There are many multi-talented people who have delivered their finest works onscreen which is made them legends. Movies and TV series is all about entertainment which makes the showbiz industry standout amongst the rest. 

Today we are going to showcase on American actor Crispin Alapag who is famous for his TV show “Big Time In Hollywood, FL”. Crispin Alapag during his childhood excelled in martial arts and basketball. He started learning Kickboxing, Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do and Judo since he was interested in martial art forms. He was very athletic and he even played basketball and was a sprinter in his college days. He always loved acting and performing on stage which lead him towards acting career. He is also known as the scariest person with the sheer looks but inside he is the nicest person you would come across. He is a multi-talented person which led him to wrestling and commonly known as “Rowdy Roddy Piper”. Follow him on twitter to get the latest updates on Crispin Alapag - twitter.com/crispinalapag 

Knowing Nile

Today we are going to showcase “Knowing Nile” by popular artist Ian Zachary Whittingham. Ian Zachary Whittingham is a skillful journalist, model, actor, producer and founder of “The Manic Media Group”.

"Knowing Nile" is a real story about Nile who was a friend of Ian Zachary Whittingham, in London and it is filled with factual and frank emotions. Ian recollects Nile’s personalities and writes in his blog that Nile was as a multi-talented person. Nile went to study films in a university at Kingston and during that time Ian Zachary Whittingham established a Media company. Nile was diagnosed with Schizophrenia which is a mental disorder. Later Nile himself got admitted in a Mental Health Unit based in East London May 2011.

He feels that knowing Nile for a year wasn’t enough. They together setup Maniac Media where they had lot of fun. Ian Zachary Whittingham and Nile were partners in creating “The Manic Media Group”. After Nile passed away Ian Zachary Whittingham has created a facebook page and blog in memories of his late friend. 

Checkout the facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/KnowingNile. 

Fine lined cosmetic products

Showbiz industry has created some of the evergreen stars who have impressed the globe with their skills and on-screen presence. They have maintained beauty and style to establish greatness despite their talented skills. Women in the showbiz field are famous for their style, glamour and glowing skin. Nowadays there are many beauty products available for women which makes them looks fabulous and attractive. Recently came across Babor skin care which is a premium luxury cosmetic product. They have a globally recognized cosmetic product which is famous for its quality and results they provide.

They make unique products and they have a wide range of cosmetic products. Babor SPA is famous for its soothing effects which rejoices customers and gives them a fresh feeling. The spa products cleanses the body pores and removes all the dirt and dead cells. Babor products are very famous for their excellence in creating unique products which rejuvenates skin pores and improves texture of the skin. Women prefer Babor products over other products because of results they get after using the product. When it comes to cosmetic products very few make a mark and Babor is one among them.