ShowBiz Spotlight: Live performances in November 1 - GRM awards

This week in ShowBiz Blog we are continuing our coverage of GRM Awards and all the glory that it brings to the music industry by recognizing artists and their amazing performances.

As a follow up to the awards ceremony that was held in August this year, the GRM Awards have announced a victory brunch at notes music Academy in Oakland CA from 11 to 1pm! 

This is some great news for all the music enthusiasts and fans of the winners as they will have the splendid opportunity to interact with the artists and take photos. 

There will be live performances - which we can't wait to watch - and then the artists will take time to relax over brunch with music fans and over a few delights. 

The best part you ask? It is undoubtedly the fact that Eye'z will be performing live!

We now guess you will agree with us that this will be an event to look forward to and celebrate music with the artists. All information is available on GRM Awards website