Spotlight: Rowdy Freestyle by Rowdzilla

This week on ShowBiz, we are highlighting Rowdzilla. And for those of you who don't know Rowdzilla, please spend more time in the music world as Rowdzilla is an upcoming favourite artist of the music community who's first single was released when he was only 13 reaching almost 4000 views!

Music, as we know becomes life for people who are artists at heart and there is nothing else they can think about day in and day out. Rowdzilla has been no different as since the age of 13, there is no looking back and as he says his music is a more accurate reflection of his true self. This year, Rowdzilla the boy turns 16.

So, we at Showbiz spent time listening to Rowdy Freestyle and boy we must say it has been our favourite this week - it does start with a jazz note but quickly goes on to show his rapping skills and the place where we felt really good is :now there is a second when there is a first, its all on the mind. You gotta listen to the track and feel good - just like us! Here's the single on Spotify for those who want to put it on their playlists right away.

We've got the video right here so you can start listening and seeing him right here on ShowBiz blog!

Did we also say that Rowdzilla is also on Instagram and Apple music - let's spread some love to the great artist who's already ready to take on the world!

Spotlight: Singer Eye'z latest Single "Lovely"

This week on ShowBiz, we are talking about Singer Eye'z and her latest single "lovely" released on valentine's day which is an amazing track about all things love and about she emphasizes the love in the care that is shown on the woman. This is an exclusive track for fans released on bandcamp so you can head over there and listen to it and even but it right now at If you didn't know about Eye'z, her latest single that was a sensation was " ...Still a rainbow"

Another mention that we wanted to highlight on this article is that Singer Eye'z also attended the GRM Awards announcement dinner a couple of days ago in San Pablo Ca. All eyes on Eyez is what we heard from this bling event where Eyez was pretty much welcomed with fanfare as she was the winner of social media start award in 2019! Eye'z website is and that's where you can catch all the action and artistry that Eye'z is upto these days. 

We hear that Eye'z is working on even more new music and we from ShowBiz will be hooked to lovely in the meantime as we keep hearing it in loop! Catch up Eye'z on instagram to get all the latest behind the scenes and the glitz and glamour from the award ceremonies!

Spotlight: Fired Up by Gemtarra

Our final spotlight this week at ShowBiz is the new EP Fired Up.
So what got us at ShowBiz fired up about "Fired Up" the EP? It is the fact that it is by twin sisters Gina Cieri and Tina Cieri. The genius twins came up with a blend of Italian words for twins and guitar (Gemilli and Chitarra) - how cool huh - and formed "Gemtarra" as the name of the band.

Based in Philadelphia (yaay Philly!), the twins formed this band in 2018, were originally called Prima Donna and we came to know they were quite popular in college stations including making it to top 10 lists!

The new EP Fired Up has some nice to hear tracks Fire Me Up and Jealous Heart - very uniquely made words and lyrics targeting all those valentines out there, these were recorded in Conshohocken, yeah one of our favourite cities in the US!, there are some top names for the music in the band of Gina and Tina, including Grammy award winning producer Phil Nicolo. Gemtarra has their own super awesome website where they post about themselves and what they intend to come up with next. Listen to the EP we are hooked up with right now - Fired Up on Spotify

Alternative music and rock are blended into a new level by this band. The instruments used on their prima track Fire Me Up is very classic yet fits so well into today's expectations of young listeners. Time is their abode for the tracks cross all barriers of time and the band should take a bow!

You can listen to the first two singles off of the EP "Fire Me Up" and "Jealous Heart" on all streaming sites. Check out Gemtarra's website for news, their social media handles for personal and album information and more updates.

Spotlight: Last Night Was Hell by LVSTNIGHT

  1. In this edition of ShowBiz spotlight article, we are talking about "Last Night was Hell". Yes, you read that right, this is the EP of LVSTNIGHT, a EP that caught our attention when we were going around looking for very exquisite valentine's day EP or rather an anti-valentine's day one for those who want to be loud in not celebrating this day.

We present you Last Night Was Hell by LVSTNIGHT from the Montana based rapper who reveals his dark side in some of the tracks of the album (or rather all?! - listen for yourself). Album is on Spotify here.

Heavy music, a lot of club hanging and a lot of emotion in the lyrics as well as music itself, the tracks portray a lot of moods themselves, and are perfect for a night out for gentlemen looking for some whiff of fresh air away from valentines. 
LVSTNIGHT is on Instagram and Twitter, you can find on this name and follow for more to come.

Spotlight: Under My Skin by Katrina Stuart

This week at ShowBiz we've been reviewing some great music, albums and EPs. If you haven't caught up with our posts, check out homepage or navigate to our posts labeled Spotlight!

In this article, we introduce you the latest project by Katrina Stuart of the album titled "Under My Skin". Katrina is a Musicash recording artist and this is her very own and first ever album that she released worldwide, on 14-November last year.

Talking about the album and our favourite track Under My Skin - it is about all her life experiences she has been through and they feel so meaningful to us at ShowBiz blog. In her own words about the title of the album, Katrina explains "I feel like all the songs are created from all these different emotions that are in my heart and ‘under my skin" Very true we say!!! Take a look at the cover art as well - we will tell you what it means right after the image.

One part of the image portrays happy go lucky every day life of a girl but the other part portrays the dark side which we all face and go through on some days. Such deepness in the artwork!
Talk about producers of the album - some top names here like - Trevor Muzzy, Cboe, Niklas Carson, Yei Gonzalez, Sebastian Lestapier, and Andrelli.

You can catch the track on all internet platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Alongside this, there are also two of her nice to hear singles "Gone" and "Dinner."

A little bit about Katrina herself that we learnt and wanted to share here - she is a performer from Toronto and now lives in LA! Ever since age 4(yes age 4!!) she has been creating her own music and has been performing at multiple events and venues. The one info that excited us to the peak was that she is more everything that we can get from a performer - a model, a dancer and an actor! You can even see her in magazine advertisements and short films we've been told. From ShowBiz blog - we wish Katrina all the best to rock on her career in music!

Spotlight: The Wild One from YellaCatt

On today’s ShowBiz spotlight, we talk about EP “The Wild One”. This has been on our playlist for over a week now due to its spot on music and power lyrics.
YellaCatt’s Daniella White was heavily pursuing music from forms of nature, feminine, mystic and mythology. We sat down and heard the tracks from EP The Wild One(listen now!) featuring tracks Dragoness, Super Power Pussy, Wild Horse and Lightning Strikes and we wanted to write about them all as they were fantastic in their own way.

We will now focus on Dragoness, which was our pick of the lot. The music video is scintillating in its truest form, the slow start to the song and the exhilarating music adds to the moves in the video. 

Daniella has attributed her lifelong love affair with music on this EP by expressing music as an artist. She has had her own successful crown “The Plumed Serpent”. Watch the video below by YellaCatt and you know what we’re exactly talking about!

Of course, she has her own website, is on Instagram and Facebook. We are sharing the links to these platforms on this article. So all you trendy music fans out there looking for a mystic piece of music, The Wild One is our pick for you!