Showbiz spotlight: Music Artist “SKG” Attends the “Equal Justice Now Awards” hosted by Attorney Ben Crump and Comedian Loni Love

Hip Hop Artist “SKG” ( Helecia Choyce ) attended the 2nd Annual Attorney Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Now Awards. Honoring activist like Reverend Jessie Jackson, Roland Martin, Angela Rye and Actor and Director Marion Van Peebles and many more.

The Award Ceremony was held at the Marriott LAX hotel and hosted by comedian and the Real Daytime co host “ Loni Love”. SKG said her highlight moments included meeting “Reverend Jessie Jackson and being able to witness such greatness in one room. Some more amazing pictures from the event.

SKG attended the ceremony with her son, rapper DRXBL ( Yuseff Choyce ) and her manager - Marlon Friend , from Purple Heart Management.

Equal Justice Now is a nonprofit social welfare organization that advocates against false arrest, unreasonable detention, wrongful conviction, and incarceration of citizens. The awards ceremony honored the impact of trailblazers from directors in film and government to community and social philanthropy.

Benjamin Crump is the founder of the firm Ben Crump Law of Tallahassee, Florida which specializes in civil rights and catastrophic personal injury cases such as wrongful death lawsuits. His practice has had its hand in civil rights cases such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd, as well as the people affected by the Flint water crisis and the plaintiffs behind the 2019 Johnson & Johnson baby powder lawsuit. 

 Here's SKG vlog recap video:

ShowBiz showcase: Nominations still open for 2022 my music block tv awards!

This past April on ShowBiz blog, we covered the opening of nominations for the famous my music block tv awards which will be in its 5th annual event this year!

Quick refresher: The my music block tv award honors FINE Artists across the world who lead their community to prestige, excellence & greatness. The 5th annual My music Block TV Awards will take Place August 6th in Oakland California Celebrating the finest in the community. If you missed our previous article detailing this, here's the article to refresh yourself before you continue, here - My music awards 2022 open for nomination

As the awards are almost here, we wanted to spend sometime this week and look at the list of fabulous nominees of the award and talk about the amazing performers that they are. This past week the nominees were listed and they all had something special to say and perform. This entire event was shot on video and look no further, we got it covered right on ShowBiz blog! So what are you waiting for? Grab those popcorns and see the video and tell us what do you think about the nominees and guess who will win this year?

Don't miss the special note from our favourite singer Eye'z towards the end of the video!

Great mentions at this nominations event are Eazy500Beatz, Neshele Renee, and Queen PKE who performed and rapper kaotic made an appearance as well! 

If you're wondering who all the nominees are for this prestigious award - here's the list of all nominees so far:
Chioke Dmachi,

Here are some amazing and proud nominees from the event. Find out who is who?

Guess the most exciting part? The nominations are STILL open for the 5th annual my music block tv awards! So what are you waiting for, go ahead and nominate your favourite artist(s) to this award and see them shine! Full information about the awards and more, you can check out or simply email them at

ShowBiz spotlight: Singer Eye'z attends premiere of movie 'Finders Keepers'

This week on ShowBiz blog, we are turning our beloved spotlight on one of our favorite artists - yes, you guessed it right from the title - Singer, song writer and famous celebrity - Singer Eye'z. Earlier this week, she was spotted attending the premiere of the thriller movie 'Finders Keepers'.

Now we all know how much of a social and active person Eye'z is. She does not spend any time without excitement in it. When at the premiere, she took time to make a vlog at the venue and speak about her experience at the movie theatre and whom she met and how much of a fun she had while at the premiere. She took time to meet the producers of the movie, some of the assistants who had worked in the movie, all the actors and actresses who were there at the premiere and interestingly, that she loved the ending of the movie, and finally with a lot of candidness, she had free popcorn and absolutely had a great time at the movie! 

Some cool snaps from the event with d.a. griffinstein and viral comedian star in Tik Tok - Bud Burtlow and David Clieck! 

The best part of the premiere, according to Eye'z, is that plot of the movie Finders Keepers takes place in Richmond, CA and when you see the video below, you can notice the absolute excitement when Eye'z talks about this. Watch out towards the end of the vlog when she's joined by another star

More action and updates from Eye'z can be caught live from her - Instagram -

ShowBiz spotlight: Rap artist Jack Frost

This week on ShowBiz blog, we turn the spotlight to a rap artist who is making waves wherever he performs. Let us tell you that he has performed at various venues in USA and Europe such as Austin, Colorado and Kaiserslautern, Germany. 

As the title of this article already says, Jack Frost is whom we are talking about and spotlighting today. He is an American rapper and hip-hop artist emanating from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bringing his versatile style to life, he is known for the album “The King, The Knight and The Demon” and the reputable unpolished projects, “The Cold Front” and “Aggression Disorder”. 

Jack is not your run of the mill rap artist, he is a steadily evolving artist who is always looking to broaden and refine his already dynamic mastery over rap over the years. He says he is inspired by diverse genres and influenced by the ever popular rap stars including DMX, Nas, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem. 

Jack Frost is currently busy working on his upcoming full-length album entitled, "Bottom Floor" and the EP, "6die". Now if you ask us which one is our favorite song amongst his hits, it is really a tough one. We would go by "Brighter Days" as the song brings hope and power to us when you listen to it. As Jack Frost says "Dont live in the past. Remember but never forget. Move on to the Brighter days".

Watch the song below and our guarantee that you will instantly like it!

Jack Frost is also on instagram at and all his hits can be heard in Jack Frost spotify.