My Music block TV Awards winners brunch - 2023

Before you read more on this article, if you are not up to date on this year's My Music Block TV awards, we suggest check out the previous articles on this coverage following the label My Music Block TV awards

We have more exciting news coming in this week - a winners brunch took place on November 18th at central stage Gail decatur who co hosted the my music block tv awards hosted the brunch. She was fun friendly and professional!

See this shorts to start off with - youtube.comshorts/rLFqZNz95rM?si=oE-8sKnMW8wQyMNC

Matt Thompson did his QnA and performed a song from his album accelerate and then did an impromptu performance of his award winning song you don't get 2 because the crowd begged him to do it.

Here are plenty of pictures exclusive for Show Biz blog from the event!

That's the song he won for at this year my music block tv awards and was one of the most buzzed about artists. Sharon manuel also win this year and shared another impromptu talk about her friend Gregory hickman williams who she did a historical concert with in 1983. She elaborated on off the top of her head and She had not planned on saying anything. Greg received a post hummus plaque for reaching 5 thousand streams on his spotify account this year. 

Our favorite Eye'z received a plaque for reaching 20 thousand streams. Alienamore came to show support and performed luv ya. In the end Eye'z shared a suprize for aaliyah fans!

Here is the video on Matt's Q n As:

For those of you interested in the entire event, here's the full stream captured:

Gail records Eye'z talk about Aaliyahs induction into the R&B hall of fame - watch it on FB watch here - more on records alienamor

The 6th Annual MMBTV's Winners brunch, a day of fresh talent!

Couple weeks ago, we wrote with excitement about the My Music Block TV Awards and also covered a story on the winners last month. Check out the posts on topic 2023 awards to catch until this point in time.

Next up, we are super excited to announce the upcoming continuation of celebration of all the glamour and artistic brilliance that 6th annual My Music Block TV Awards was, the annual Winners brunch will take place on 18th November! From 12 to 3 pm, MB winners will give a Q n A and for the first time they will have live music performances and a special surprise for all those Aaliyah fans out there!

The winners brunch is to celebrate the victory of the winners and nominees. Artists can take photos with there fans with the directors chair in a positive and creative environment 

Special event is from 12:30-1pm where will be a small plaque ceremony for artists. We at ShowBiz blog were told that Aaliyah fans are encouraged to wear an Aaliyah T shirt and buzz is that Music Block winner Matt Thompson will be officially performing at this event. 

His latest album Accelerate was well received! Some cool album arts below! Here is playlist dedicated to Matt Thompson's hits!

So get your calendars sorted and make way for this vibrant brunch and catchup with artists at Central Stage 5221 Central Ave, Richmond, CA on 18th November!

Smoke and Chill Recording Studios is one of a kind

This week on Show Biz Blog, we are featuring a one of a kind new-age studio in California. Off late, you would have noticed our showing our spotlight on new age artists who are coming up with a different style and rhythms and breaking the norm.

Similarly, we wanted to write about studios and were researching whom to begin with. Then we chanced upon Smoke & Chill Studios - the first and only recording studio in Felton, California to literally offer smoke and chill vibes in addition to being a state of the art studio for artists and musicians alike. 

Smoke and Chill (we love the name!) is a modern studio and is owned by none other than the Leemy Leem of the Legendary Group "The Kaze", you can see this from the image above that this is from Kami Kaze productions. 

We went over their website and they offer more than just recording and mixing services at their studio. Booking is all online from 2 hours to 8 hours on any given day and ask us what the best part is? Cannabis is offered at no charge! Who wouldn't want to this miss this?!

Smoke and Chill does not impose any conditions on the genre of music - all genres are appreciated and celebrated here! Check them out at and book them for your next recording, chilling, or jamming sessions!

Eye'z attended National R&B hall of fame as supporter of Aaliyah!

This week on ShowBiz blog we want to continue to continue our spotlight on our favorite artist Eye'z who's been, no surprises, going places! As this feature's title says - she attended the national R&B hall of fame as Aliyah's supported and guess the most exciting thing to happen - this year they allowed fans to vote and it was no wonder that Aaliyah won by a land slide with all the hearts she had won in her fans!

Here's who were at the event and what they had to say and also Eye'z shared with us how amazing it was!

Albert Tsibu, a fan, wanted Aaliyah to get the recognition he believes she deserves! Dionne Warwick was there as well. More inductees are represented in this instagram post  -

Eye'z- "This night felt like i was in heaven, I was so happy and excited. to be in a room with so many R&B and Rock n Roll icons was un real. I also realized this is also Aaliyah's dream too... But it's more special than that, this is Aaliyah's home town! This is where shes from and to see her be honored in her home town was absolutely wonderful"

" didn't want to leave I was having so much fun, I didn't get to take a picture with everyone"

There were plenty of Aaliyah fans wearing her shirt to show their unwavering support!. The buzz is that there could be a new edition because they were on tour and leader of their fan club received their plaques - so let's watch out!

Here's Billy Davis playing at the event

Here's Eye'z and Billy Davis in a artistic photograph!

Billy Davis played for Jackie Wilson and was honored by Jacki Willsons Daughter, and here are many of Aaliyah's fans which also includes Eye'z!

Winners of 2023 MMB TV Awards!

 The results are out! The winners of 2023 My Music Block TV Awards have been announced. Its been a great event and the winners are gleaming with joy. 

Previously on the ShowBiz Blog, we've been covering the run up to the 2023 MMB TV Awards main event and the hype around it. Today we want to share with you the winners, so here we go!

The event was hosted by none other than the charming Dr. Letitia Wright and Delta Zeta Delta Sorority Chapter President: Gail Decatur. Matt Thompson one of the most buzzed artists wasn't there to accept his award for best break out single but the crowd was cheering for him!

Pam R Johnson was one of the most popular attendees, she won best poem and best lyrics for R&B/funk

Phantom Power won Best rock lyrics

Best Lyric Video was a posthummus award for Gregory Hickman Williams  accepted by one of his best friends and partners Sharon Manuel whom he recorded the song "no images" with in 1983.

Our very favorite Eye'z won summer jam of '23! Go Eye'z!

Here's Eye'z special interview at the awards show!

Ceetus Yesk was not in attendance, but won won best short film. Sharon Manuel also received an honor  emreita of song. Gail Decatur stated" My Music Block Awards was truly a creative an inspiring event.  Acknowleging the gifts and talents of local artists, will provides incredible inspiration to the art community. Events of this nature, must be celebrated by all."

Alien amor performed 2 songs

More media snippets will air on wrightplace tv channel on roku & Apple tv and Amazon prime as well, so make sure to catch those moments soon - here are the links!

Here are some more exclusive content on ShowBiz blog from the main event - enjoy!

Phantom Power interview

Nominees for 6th annual my music block tv awards!

Here at ShowBiz blog, if there's one music awards that we diligently follow and report on, it is the my music block tv awards - importantly for the reason that they pick and honor upcoming artists who are doing great in their respective strengths and are equally contributing to the betterment of the music industry and fellow artists.

So without further ado - here we are with the nominees for for the 6th annual my music block tv awards:

Subjective Visions Music

Cletus Yesk

Cheryl Manuel

Phantom Power

Matt Thompson

Eye’z (our very favorite and we keep writing about Eye'z - check out our archives using the post labels)


Alien Amor

Maurice Jenkins

Amanda Grace

Serkan AktaƟ

Pam R. Johnson

Shannon hughes

Voice Of Addiction

Tino Martinez Quintet

The American Hotel System

Maurice the music

Minus 2

Kelly Jean

To da T productions


Aushanna Thomas


Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Devier Avery

Gregory Hickman Williams

Town Bizz JS Sports

Todd Smith



Diane Kaufman

The awards program is scheduled on August 27th and we can't wait to see who's the deserving winner of the coveted awards! It is going to be a concise and sweet event on the 27th with special appearances by You Feel Me TV KEKE Dreams and special performances and hosted by crowd favorite Dr. Wright.

We from ShowBiz blog wish the nominees all the good luck and great evening at the 6th annual my music block tv awards. Full information and more links from official pages -


Malikah Pinder is an actress and singer in Los Angeles, California. Malikah discovered her talents in entertainment at a young age. She was only five years old when she started singing, and by 6th grade, she would put on a live acting performance in the middle of her class. Malikah Pinder has previously been on a singing reality show where she wowed the judges and took another leap to pursue a professional career in acting. Malikah attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, California, also known to be one of the finest acting schools in America, where Pinder also graduated! With a creative mind and talents that are driven to impress the audience, Malikah Pinder is no doubt a young and driven actress who is ready to make her mark in Hollywood. Read below as we have an exclusive quote from Malikah Pinder explaining her favorite part about making a film. 

What would you say your favorite part about making a film is (rehearsals, shooting, seeing the film on red carpet premier night)?

Maliakh P. - A: Filming. 

That’s when it’s really show time for me. All the rehearsing comes to life and there’s a lot of surprises too. You never know what emotions will come up, moment to moment. Each director is different and require unique things from you, so you can always expect the unexpected. 

Official Social Sites to Follow Actress Malikah Pinder 



Warner steps foot in Croatia the music industry

Warner Records, demonstrating their commitment to expanding their global reach and discovering exceptional talent around the world, is pleased to announce a new initiative in Croatia.

Narii vasquez an esteemed talent manager within Warner Records, will spearhead this endeavor and open a small office in the vibrant Croatian Falcon area. With an aim to sign promising artists in 2024-2025.

This collaboration between Warner Records and Croatia marks a milestone for both parties. By establishing a presence in Croatia, Warner Records is not only investing in the country's music industry but also fostering cultural exchange and exposing Croatia to a wider international audience. This initiative promises to bring fresh opportunities for artists, boost Croatia's allure as a music destination, and elevate its status on the global entertainment map.

Warner Records looks forward to leveraging the rich musical heritage and diverse talents that Croatia has to offer. The company is excited to embark on this journey of discovering the next generation of extraordinary artists and creating a thriving music ecosystem in the heart of Croatia.

Diana Jenkin's Attorneys Contacted Garcelle Beauvais' Attorney in April

In April, Diana Jenkins engaged her lawyer to contact Garcelle Beauvais' legal representative following the appearance of cruel comments on Jax Nilon's Instagram account according to Jenkin's recent Instagram post, disputing claims by Garcelle on "What Happens Live" last week.

In response to Beauvais' recent remarks on the issue, Jenkins shared a complete letter on Instagram that was sent from her lawyer's office to Beauvais' legal representative. Dated April 2023, the letter addressed the social media bot attack targeting Beauvais' son, expressing empathy for the pain, stress, and harm caused to the entire family. Jenkins asserted that she had no involvement in the deplorable conduct, despite any differences between her and Beauvais.

The letter disclosed Jenkins' significant financial investment in the investigation and hinted at the potential for a more favorable outcome if Beauvais joined the lawsuit. Jenkins offered to cover all related expenses if Beauvais agreed. Alternatively, if Beauvais chose not to participate, Jenkins was willing to share her findings thus far to aid Beauvais' independent investigation. The letter concluded by extending options for further discussion and collaboration to identify the culprits.

Fans praised Jenkins for her dedication in the case, with numerous supportive comments surfacing alongside the post.

Entertainment Talent: Who is Actress Tiffany Rothman?

Tiffany Rothman is an agency represented actress primarily known for her roles in Blue Bloods (2021),  The Getaway Driver (2023), What Doesnt Float, LOdge dOor (2021), and Fresh Peaches (2019). In film and commercial, Tiffany is a member of SAG, AFTRA, and AEA  and is confirmed to be starring in seven new upcoming film projects!

I would like to do as many films/tv and theaters as possible. Hopefully I will get into more projects with substance and more challenging roles in the near future” - Tiffany Rothman

Aside from acting, Tiffany is also a dancer and a member of the board of advisors at Isadora Duncan International Institute. Prior to acting, Tiffany excelled in studies and earned her MBA and MS for Psychology in New York, then a Psy.D.  while working as a full time school psychologist. She moved from New York to Los Angeles, to pursue a professional career in the entertainment industry, something that led to bring out her talents for herself and making an impact on her audience. Catch Tiffany Rothman along with co-host Chris Slone on a new talk show called #Filtered90211, and see below our top 3 fav episodes to watch!







My Music block TV Awards - Team up for charity

The buzz is alive about the My Music block TV Awards. We at ShowBiz blog have been covering the run up to this amazing awards event that recognizes upcoming talent in ShowBiz.

Recently, we picked up that MMBTV have teamed up with breadsticks records for charity and all the performance revenues will be donated to breadsticks to benefit IFAW and we instantly wanted to write about this amazing gesture to let the world know! 

Quite a few performances have been donated so far out of their 6 years of not only awards shows but pre shows artists showcases and events. The only ask from them is that people who'd like to follow MMBTV could subscribe to breadsticks youtube channel to see which performance will be uploaded next.

Here's one, from yesterday, by Kate Magdalena which inspired a donation 

They look to continue working with Breadsticks and making the world a better place through song music and art magdalenas last performances which inspired a donation to ifaw!

Cannes Winners for British actors Philip Glenister & Shaun Paul McGrath

An International line up of actors Win two Awards at CanneSeries 2023. Amongst the British actors are Oliver Buckner, Eric Colvin, Helder Fernanders. The international line up stars Uri Gov, Yaakov-Zada Daniel star of (Fauda ) French actress Carolina Jurczak, Oleg Levin, and Award winning Actor and writer Reshef Levi. This is his Levi’s second Cannes Award as a writer and actor. Written by Reshef Levi, Yannets Levi, & Tomer Shani

Directed by Tomer Shani;  Carthago television series sees a successful comedian Elijah Levi played by Uri Gov, deported to a detainee camp in 1942 Palestine. As various factions vie for control amidst crumbling British control, the comedian strives to save his life at all costs.

There are far too few media productions about the chaos in 1940s Palestine; but here comes Carthago, a high budgeted drama that fills this gap splendidly. Featuring a sprawling tale of freedom and love, Carthago is impressive by almost all accounts. It looks great, has a resonant and emotive story at its heart and is powered by commendable performances by all involved.


Uri Gov as Elijah Levi is a revelation while Oliver Buckner as the British spy Thomas Edinburgh is played beautifully. Equally impressive are Philip Glenister (life on Mars star) As Commander Lord James Davidson and Irish actor Shaun Paul McGrath as Archibald McDonald, one of the two fearsome camp wardens who have nefarious designs of their own. The cast elevates the already fantastic script and across the 11 episode first season, a complex story of shifting alliances and unexpected twists goes far beyond what we expect. A host of international actors make this a storyline to see. Yaahov Zada- Daniel from (Fauda fame) plays Torso and teams well aside Reshef Levi (Jacob Dan) to help solve the constant internal conflicts within the camp, as Sasha played by Oleg Levin takes over the groups cause.

Here's a preview exclusively shared with us, enjoy it!

From a technical standpoint, Carthago is a knockout. From the yellowish visuals that capture the dry and arid atmosphere of the region to highly authentic set design, it seems the makers went all out to ensure the production looked and felt authentic. Likewise, the cinematography by Daniella Nowitz is stunning.  The sound mixing transports the audience right into the centre of the intrigue, scheming and plotting for freedom.

Efficiently combining history with fiction, Carthago is television at its very finest. Winning two awards at the coveted Cannes Series Festival for the Best Cast Performance & High School Award for Best Series. The series knocks it out of the park. We give Carthago 9.5 stars!

We look forward to a much anticipated return of a new series which should achieve our full 10 stars.

2023 My Music Block TV Awards

Here in ShowBiz blog, we regularly feature upcoming artists to support their journey to become stars and shine bright in their showbiz careers. One such event that we never miss to talk about is the My Music Block TV Awards. If you have missed our previous coverage of the awards over the years, check out the links on the right of the blog - especially those articles with My Music block TV awards as labels.

Let's jump into this year's event and talk about what's expected at the show! The 6th annual MMBTV awards main event will be in Oakland, CA and is touted to be better than ever! All artists irrespective of where they are and which genre they do - submissions are already open for these exciting awards and it will take place on August 27th, 2023. 

For artists looking for a stage to be seen and recognized - It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for underrated talent and unsung heroes to receive the recognition they truly deserve. MMBTV Awards honor the most extraordinary artists across all genres and fine arts, showcasing performers who have been "pounding the pavement." 

Registrations are via

Singer Lovari Accuses Jerry Springer of "Acting Like A Dick" Towards Him

 Talk show legend Jerry Springer has been known to have infuriating behavior erupt from guests on his show throughout the years. However, he is now being accused of having a snarky attitude of his own. For three seasons, Springer has cultivated an additional tv show with "Judge Jerry". Earlier this week, an episode from the latest season was uploaded onto the show's official YouTube channel. In it, singer and actor Lovari sues for his "horrendous appearance on an online cooking show". Shortly after, an interview with Lovari was featured on Instagram page @Reality Dude_, where he is asked about his experience on the show. "I'm gonna keep it real with you. Jerry Springer was kind of a dick to me." He continues, "I think he had some type of alpha male issues going on."

The singer recently released a music video featuring Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs and Marge Sr

The "Judge Jerry" episode can be seen here:
The Reality Dude interview can be watched here: