Justin Bieber - Teen Icon

There are many genres of music. Each genre is different from other. My hobby is listening to songs. I like Rock, Pop, Electronic, Rap and R&B. Nowadays there are wide range of musician and singers. My personal favorite artist is Justin Bieber. 
Justin Bieber started singing in a very small age. He became very famous among teenagers. His songs were funky and cool. He started performing many concerts as well. His fandom started increasing rapidly. There are many girls crazy on bieber. JB started winning many awards for his performances. 
Selena Gomez is a very popular singer and actress. She also started singing in a very small age like JB. She won several awards for her television series. There are many similarities between the two artists. According me they are the cool teen icons. 
JB’s latest track As long as you love me was a sensational hit. The song seemed very emotional to me and I loved it. 

JB Rocks !!!

I love pop music and it gives me immense joy when I listen to them. I love hearing to Justin Bieber songs. He is a great artist and he brings lot of variety in his songs. He became a great icon in a very small age. His songs are very popular among teens.  Hearing to JB songs gives great pleasure.
He started singing with great legends like Usher and Ludacris. Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith is one of my favorite tracks and it brings out a positive vibe. He won the artist of the year in 2010. Justin Bieber belieber refers to his fanatic fans. JB started singing many concerts and it attracted many belieber. JB’s believe tour was a great hit. The top hits of the album were One time, Never say never, Baby and As long as you love me. There are many JB merchandise available too.

Instagram has celebrities!!!

It’s a general tendency of people to take pictures while they hang out with friends. Nowadays we tend to share pictures with our friends via social networking sites. There are many mobile applications available in market which helps in easy sharing. Instagram is the top rated mobile application for sharing photos. It helps in editing the photos and there are many predefined custom filters which help in easy editing. It enables us to share photos easily and quickly with friends. There are many Celebrities with Instagram. It’s a handy application when it comes to celebrities. Instagram helps them to share their whereabouts instantly to their fans.
Celebrities use Instagram since it is the easiest way of staying connected with fans. The social network helps celebrities to interact with fans. Jim Carrey is known for his comic sense and he has shared his unique sense of humor via Instagram. Celebrities keep their fans posted upon their updates via social networks.