Me + You: Justin Bieber fans!

Me + You. That's how his number 1 hit single started and boy, there was no looking back for the kid. Now, if you are still wondering who "Justin Bieber" is, then please go back to sleep because after 2010 & 2011 buzz on twitter, there ain't no show biz chat without the term JB or Bieber in it. Not just for that one song, he's got one full length documentary feature film dedicated to him and named as "Never say never" - yes, another song from his amazing vocals. Although, there have been mixed reactions to his vocals, one must appreciate him and his sheer determination to make it big in the show biz world.

I must admit, the first time I heard Justin Bieber, I wasn't fascinated that much but on repeated shouts and fan screams at his every concerts and my friends going crazy (girls!) just for the meet and greet JB thing, I thought again. I always wanted to write about him and how it feels to be a Bieben Fan, and there are so many amazing write ups on Fan pages out there. There is one thing that I found now and that's his official store where most of my friends purchased JB clothing and posters from. So, if you are Me + You JB fan then you just had some exclusive news.

The Dark Knight Rises poster!

With the release of Christopher Nolan's final installment in the Batman series, he hits it out of the park with the Dark Knight Rises. Already receiving accolades from critics across the globe, now fans are finding out first hand what a fantastic film this is.

Not only is the movie meeting or exceeding lofty expectations but the Dark Knight Rises posters are also a big improvement from those available for the previous two films.

When the final chapter is written on these movie collectibles, I think you will have been wise to buy a Dark Knight Rises poster early on. They are likely to increase in value especially the limited edition Original movie posters and the limited release Mondo posters.

Most popular Comic Capers in Show Biz

So, do you know who are the most popular comic capers in the history of Show Biz? Forget the new ones where the artists try to do some comic acts. We can agree that some of them succeed in ticking our funny bones but if you take time trip back to that age when even one's screen presence created laughter among audience alike. The best example of this is Charlie Chaplin. And for all those who remember the real Pink Panther movie, do you remember the entire series of Pink Panther and "A shot in the Dark"? Peter Sellers, yes history notes that the man argued with the producers that rehearsals were not right and they had to bring  the cult director Blake Edwards for this movie as well.

Some of the Best Comedy Movies can be arrived at information from the Internet but the best ones like "Some like it Hot" (Oscar nominated!) which starred the legendary Marlyn Monroe are always remembered by Show Biz fans. The trailers were made without much ado because publicity was something not done that much those days as done to the new millennium movies. So, if you feel like sitting back and catching up with these comic caper movie trailers, then the Internet is right here for you and for Show Biz.

Romance yet create laughter

What two words are common between "When Harry met Sally", "The Wedding Planner" and "Valentine's Day". That' was an easy question isn't it? - "Romantic Comedy". Yup, if you still did not get it, all these movies portray a man and a woman coming together either by chance or fate or destiny and create chaos and confusion out of nothing and then go on to make one hell out of a ending to perfectly written stories.

Well, for that matter, what's a movie without even a pinch of comedy in it? Even the most dreaded Predator movie had its try at the Predator laughing at the end, well not exactly comic, OK those one liner jokes that they say in the movie, those definitely made us smile at least. And for that matter, the three movies that I have listed above there are the ones which I'd say are the Best Romantic Comedies till date. I'd write more on comedies soon but that will feature different movies altogether. Now, some showbiz info on what makes romantic comedies work.

First things, it's the chemistry between the lead pair. Some moments will have instantaneous laughter to be portrayed and the very next instant, they'll be required to cry! There is also a descriptive list of the top ten romcoms out there, if you are interested! There are so many out there and so much time with us and all we have to do is to spare some for letting ourselves lose and laugh!

The Jesse Stone movies

Before I get this write up started, I'd like to honestly ask my readers and let them honestly respond themselves to this question. "Which were the finest detective plot based movies that they have ever watched?".

Well, If you'd even pose that same question to me, I'd say a very small list that will include the likes of Sherlock Holmes, The Detective.. But the most surprising addition to my list would be a movie that is not very well known in the commercial scene, and that movie is of the Jesse Stone series. Well, if you don't know who Jesse Stone series, then you've missed out on some real Detective stuff out there. I didn't know the facts of the origination of Jesse Stone Movie series until this week when I came across a website dedicated to all the awesomeness of the series.

Tom Selleck and cast form the Jesse Stone and crew of these movies. Each movie will make us want more, just like the way they did for me. The best thing about the Jesse Stone series is that they are, in fact, not in a series. One can watch any movie anytime and yet understand the whole concept of Jesse Stone, except for his introductory movie of course!

Some funniest commercials ever

There were days when we were so engrossed into that dark Alien or Predator or Arnold flick that made our minds so serious. But suddenly, the TV channel breaks and starts the commercials. Then out of the blue, a funny commercial is shown and has us all in splits. Gee, I remember my childhood hands down! Commercials were started to showcase how a product or service can do good or be advantageous over the other. For example, do you remember that Fiat commercial where in one guy stops all of a sudden so that a cyclist doesn't get to touch his car.

Volkswagen has this awesome commercial where it inspires from one of Showbiz's greatest movies of all time. Star Wars' legendary character the Darth Vader suited up kid trying to control his dad' car. I was reminded of these when I caught up with a movie this weekend on Cable and watched some boring commercials. There are plenty of these Funny commercials on the Internet that you can still catch up with, even if they were first telecasted 20 years ago, a time when young folks were not born. Also, if you'd straight up go for the 10 best commercials, then there is a ready made list available right when you need it.

Rainn Wilson on Twitter !

Ok, for all those who claim they are fans of Show Biz, who is Rainn Wilson? If you don't know then you might probably want to keep yourself updated because is very popular - the star of the TV series The office. He is one among the very few who has been nominated for primetime Emmys.

Last week, I logged into my Twitter account after quite a few months. Indeed, I was surprised to see so many topics, discussions and people over there who want to follow me and who I want to follow back along with all those celebrities whom I follow already. I was surprised to find that Rainn Wilson has over 2 million followers on Twitter. A gentle recap - follower means someone who is interested to seek and read the tweets of that person. Then I wondered how does he manage 2 million followers and respond to those who ask questions and respond with comment on his tweets. There was this nifty video that he appears in and talks about Twitter Marketing Tool and how it is used for the best advantages and never against himself.