The Jesse Stone movies

Before I get this write up started, I'd like to honestly ask my readers and let them honestly respond themselves to this question. "Which were the finest detective plot based movies that they have ever watched?".

Well, If you'd even pose that same question to me, I'd say a very small list that will include the likes of Sherlock Holmes, The Detective.. But the most surprising addition to my list would be a movie that is not very well known in the commercial scene, and that movie is of the Jesse Stone series. Well, if you don't know who Jesse Stone series, then you've missed out on some real Detective stuff out there. I didn't know the facts of the origination of Jesse Stone Movie series until this week when I came across a website dedicated to all the awesomeness of the series.

Tom Selleck and cast form the Jesse Stone and crew of these movies. Each movie will make us want more, just like the way they did for me. The best thing about the Jesse Stone series is that they are, in fact, not in a series. One can watch any movie anytime and yet understand the whole concept of Jesse Stone, except for his introductory movie of course!


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