Most popular Comic Capers in Show Biz

So, do you know who are the most popular comic capers in the history of Show Biz? Forget the new ones where the artists try to do some comic acts. We can agree that some of them succeed in ticking our funny bones but if you take time trip back to that age when even one's screen presence created laughter among audience alike. The best example of this is Charlie Chaplin. And for all those who remember the real Pink Panther movie, do you remember the entire series of Pink Panther and "A shot in the Dark"? Peter Sellers, yes history notes that the man argued with the producers that rehearsals were not right and they had to bring  the cult director Blake Edwards for this movie as well.

Some of the Best Comedy Movies can be arrived at information from the Internet but the best ones like "Some like it Hot" (Oscar nominated!) which starred the legendary Marlyn Monroe are always remembered by Show Biz fans. The trailers were made without much ado because publicity was something not done that much those days as done to the new millennium movies. So, if you feel like sitting back and catching up with these comic caper movie trailers, then the Internet is right here for you and for Show Biz.


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