Leonardo DiCaprio - my favorite Show Biz actor

Easily, my favorite actor in Hollywood is Leonardo DiCaprio. I was fascinated by his acting skills and the movies which he chose were unique. Every movie gave him an edge over his acting skills. He entered into Hollywood in the year 1991. The Best movies of him, according to my perception were Titanic, The Beach, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, Shutter Island and Inception.

Titanic (1997) was an awesome movie which gave him a great platform to show case his talents. The movie was directed by James Cameron and the movie was a sensational hit. Leonardo DiCaprio was praised by legends for his extra ordinary performance. He became very popular for his romance and acting after Titanic.
Blood Diamond (2006) brought out his the problems faced in Africa. It was an awesome movie. And the movie helped DiCaprio in bringing out his action skills. The sacrifice of his character at the end of the movie was very touching. Shutter Island (2010) was a thriller movie which was another sensational movie. The movie revolves around the character “Teddy” which was depicted by DiCaprio himself. The movie was based on Dennis Lehane’s novel. DiCaprio was praised by reviewers for acting in Shutter Island.

Leonardo DiCaprio acted in Christopher Nolan science fiction Inception (2010). Dream was the concept used by Nolan in Inception. Inception is my personal favorite movie. The way every character was depicted in the movie and the acting skills of DiCaprio was simply mind-blowing. Check out more of the actor at http://www.squidoo.com/best-leonardo-dicaprio-movies; his movies are not only a sensation to watch but every movie gives some message to the audience and his acting skills just keep improving.

Let's talk about Chick Flicks

The very title of this post would give a lot of thoughts in your mind. Yes, it gave me so many thoughts and writing all of them into one post would take a lot of time - yes, a whole lot of time! Let's start with a question. What do the following movies have in common? Gone with the Wind(1939) [Have you even heard of it first?], Legally Blonde (my personaly favorite!!) and The Devil Wears Prada [you probably know this better than me!], . Well, you guessed it right - they are all chick flicks! Not just because they feature women in lead roles who crush people like anything, because these movies showcase how much empowered women are and if you watch these three movies in the order that I have listed above, you would see the whole point that I'm trying to make!

Not just power of women is showcased, also the way women emote that altogether different that how men show emotions (by just using brawls and no brain) adding to the fact that they took the actresses who were featured in such chick flick movies to a whole new career point where women look upto them even for personal thoughts. Know what are the other Best Chick Flicks in Show Biz, start watching them and be empowered all you women out there!

Movies that have thrills and frills

I love adventures in real life and the best thing is that movies help me plan my adventure trips quite well. Movies that inspire us to take up some sport for a reason or movies that showcase us places from around the world and make us want to go to that place.

However, last weekend me and my adventure freak friend wanted to do something different from the regular run-of-the-mill adventures like paragliding or bungee jumping. This is when I relied on show biz to help us out. My friend didn't trust my Show Biz researches and he went on with something else and I was there searching for some adrenaline pumping movies that showcase some form of different stuff. Then I arrived at some Rock Climbing videos. I then went on to read that blog which showcased almost all the movies/TV episodes out there that feature some of the best climbing videos ever filmed! I personally liked the Pilgrimage movie since the location was as exotic as it could be. I showed these videos to my friend who couldn't believe that movies actually helped us plan for our next adrenaline action. We don't know how our plan will turn out but these best rock climbing videos surely gave us some spirits to take it up!