Tips to Become the Top 10 Emcees in Singapore

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While organising an event, be it a wedding reception, an engagement ceremony or a corporate annual day, a large part of its success depends upon the manner in which the guests and invitees are engaged.
It is here that the presence of a professional emcee can make all the difference between a memorable event and a forgettable one. A great emcee can hold the audience’s attention and ensure they interact with him.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman, who is a leading name as a Master of Ceremonies in Singapore and has been enthralling audiences as an emcee and corporate trainer for thousands of hours, says there are a few qualities one must have to make it as the Top 10 Emcees in Singapore.

A great emcee must always be prepared. Hosting an event is not an easy task and needs a lot of preparation and groundwork. A professional emcee will ask dozens of questions and will have lots of queries about the event, the guests, their profile, the content and the purpose of the event. This kind of preparation helps the emcee to be ready with the background of the event, with a lot of relevant information and stories kept on stand-by for use.

The good emcee will keep a sheet that shows the various events that will happen throughout the day so that the event sticks to its schedule and does not run out of time. A professional emcee is always prepared for an emergency which could eat up time from the main event and has fillers to bridge long gaps too. He does not need a script to manage the session and can easily keep the communication going at an easy pace.

Top-notch emcees are great at capturing the audience’s attention quickly and set the mood that has the audience anticipating a great time ahead. You always want your guests to be involved in the goings and so do the guests. A recommended emcee in Singapore will make the guests feel like they are a part of the event and are not just being talked to. Especially, during a corporate event, the audience’s involvement becomes extremely critical as does their buy-in so that the organizational goals are met. He will ensure that the names of important guests and VIPs are clearly and correctly pronounced but that should never become the only criteria while selecting an emcee.

The art of storytelling and regaling the audience with anecdotes and true-to-life stories, comes quite naturally to a successful emcee. There will be times when the attention of the audience may waver and the clever emcee is ready with a solution to spark the imagination of the guests by thinking quickly on their feet and reconnecting to the audience once again.

The true talent of a great emcee lies in his capacity to make the person sitting in the last row as connected and involved as the guy in the front row. Obviously, you want your guests to feel important and it is the emcee’s job to do this. With a great rapport being built in the first five minutes of the start of the event, the rest of the programme does move quite smoothly with audience involvement at its peak. They can motivate the audience to participate and keep them inspired throughout the length of the entire program.

Also, communication is not only about speaking but involves a great deal of listening too so a powerful emcee will “listen” for verbal cues from the members of the audience, in the hope of building a dialogue with them. This also helps them to understand the pulse or the mood of the audience and therefore regulating the tempo of the programme as desired. You will also notice that a professional emcee will constantly seek feedback which not only help him to alter his pitch but also gives him the liberty to give the audience what it is looking for. This customisation happens on the feet and is completely seamless so that the audience too does not feel the change and simply moves along with the flow.

There is this common notion that in order to become a good emcee, one needs to be extremely gregarious and outgoing. While these qualities are essential, they do not guarantee success at the topmost level. Yes, being cheerful and extroverted does help to a great extent, unless an emcee has a certain amount of flexibility and maturity, the entire package may not seem too attractive in front of an audience.
A quick sense of humour coupled with a clear sense of understanding of the deliverable makes for a great Master of Ceremonies, says Dr Elmi Zulkarnain, who is a highly sought-after emcee in Singapore and is a leader in corporate training.


Blessed with the gift of the gab in various languages (English, Malay, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia etc.) a commanding voice, charming personality and an academic mind, Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman possess the qualities of a desirable emcee. Dr Elmi is well-known in Singapore as an emcee who is effectively bilingual in English and Malay.
Most uniquely, his intuition to his audiences’ response when on stage is applauded. He has emceed and hosted numerous live shows from awards shows, corporate events to private functions and even entertainment gigs. His great sense of humour and camaraderie with the audience makes him a crowd favourite.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain wears a few hats for the past 15 years. He is a teacher, lecturer, corporate trainer, language coach, public speaking coach, educational researcher, poet, writer, motivational speaker, event emcee, stage actor, voice-over talent, forum moderator, etc. This makes him an exceptional emcee as he reaches out to the audience in ways that will garner the best response.

GoldenTV - An interview

We bring you an exclusive interview of GoldenTV at here at ShowBiz!

1-      What are your hopes and aspirations in producing quality content for people to enjoy? 
I will tell you right now, South Florida is the best destination on earth and I get to call it home! From fashion, film, food and entertainment there is no better place to be. I don’t want to knock local news stations, but they cover all the negative things happening in the community like burglaries, dog bites, crime…. Living in Florida my entire life I have seen everything amazing it has to offer. Working on the Eye on South Florida TV program provides a platform to showcase all the good happening. Covering Charity Events and Galas, Film Festivals, Fashion Shows, Positive Human Interest Stories,  Grand openings, the list goes on. I am not sure of the exact state but since the launch of Eye on South Florida, tourism and relocation here has significantly went up. Some current  South Florida residents want the show to go off air for population control! 
2- You quote on your website: “Edutainment is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse.” How has entertainment helped you in your life or your perspective?
It kind of goes with my tagline, Don’t Google it! Golden it! It’s not like I have the CORRECT answers to everything in life, of course not, who does?  But I will provide an answer to anything and I guarantee it will be appositive one. I have a strong positive outlook on life and I do tend to live it up. Some people say I have FOMO, fear of missing out, but my philosophy is don’t say no, just go! I do enjoy life to the fullest! Absolutely it’s hard to say no to go some of Miami’s hottest events, especially when given all access media credentials but as I tell my friends, I will catch up on my z’s in my coffin aka sleep when I am dead.

3 The entertainment industry is Hollywood California?

Family over everything. Anyone that knows me knows that’s true statement for me.  I have had many opportunities to go to Los Angeles to work and pursue what I love but down here I am able to have the best of both words. When getting into the entertainment industry, many people will tell you have to choose between fame or family. My goal was never to move to Los Angeles and try to become an actor or famous star. I always had a passion for entertainment right here in South Florida in the place I loved. Plenty of work down here for actors and models and here you can be a bigger fish in smaller pound. 

4 On your facebook is so many pictures coaching kids sports and putting on marketing events how do you do it all?

How do I do it? Easy? I have the best wife in the world. She was sent by an angel and I am so thankful for her you have no idea. We have a one of a kind love story, as we are the only couple in the world that has been together before birth! How is that you ask? Our mothers were in Lamaze class together and we were born in the same hospital exactly one week a part. We were each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend in preschool and we were reunited after college. She does so much for our two sons and I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you this and this probably the main reason we live in South Florida is our house is strategically located between both of our parents, so having grandparents on notice is a tremendous benefit. I receive the most joy in my life right now coaching my two boys in flag football. So when I am not planning a marketing event for The Berman Law Group, or interviewing a celebrity for Eye on South Florida, you can catch me on the fields screaming my head off!

4- Who are some celebrities you have interviewed and what was it like?

So many fun and exhilarating interviews the past 5 years but It was quite an experience interviewing Donald Trump because we spoke before and he was not a fan of mine as I was on his ex wife’s tv show “Ivana Young Man” that mocked his show The Apprentice but he did admit to watching the show. I stay away from politics but every time I have interviewed or met him was him attending a charity event making a donation, the media does not share those stories but Eye on South Florida does.  Another memorable interview was with Dan Aykroyd, a comedic actor I was a huge fan of, We ended up drinking his Crystal Head Vodka together and the stories were pouring out faster than the alcohol. Nobody is cooler than Dwyane Wade, I can interview him for hours talking basketball, Miami, fashion, but someone that reminds me of him and he is my role model is the interview I did with NBA Super Fan Jimmy Goldstein. We did an exclusive interview before a Miami Heat finals game and we become friends since. We text all the time about basketball and I had lunch with him at his house which is a work of art.  Not to steal a tagline, but he really is the most interesting man in the world.

5- What are your ambitions and what are you currently working on?

Being an alumni of Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland Florida and still living in this community, I am focused on improving school safety throughout the nation. If you  go to the airport, a concert, government building they all tight and strict security measures in place. Kids need to feel safe in schools. Parents need to be able to drop their children off without fear! I am working victims parents and community activists to implement metal detectors,  limit the entry points, staff well trained security and provide proper mental heath care to students. 

6- Congrats for being nominated for Real Men Wear Pink Campaign Supporting the American Cancer Society. How did the initial idea to support the American Cancer Society's begin?

I nominated Evan Golden for this campaign because he is a very prominent figure in the community and is always giving back to Broward County. Not to mention, his gregarious personality will be essential to his success in bringing awareness to the community. It will also enable him to raise money to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer initiatives – and to help us save more lives than ever before.

The campaign was dreamed up a few years ago to show that Breast Cancer isn't just a women's issue. Thousands of men are diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. every year. And so are more than 266,100 of their daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, and friends. That’s why we’re recruiting men to fight breast cancer through Real Men Wear Pink.

Tali Amihud | Community Development Manager Southeast Region | American Cancer Society, Inc

7- We’ll definitely keep an eye out for what comes next. All right, last question: where can people find you so they can watch and follow you?

Check me out on the gram @goldentv

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Dr. Elmi Zulkarnain Osman the motivational speaker

Dr. Elmi Zulkarnain Osman is one of the most highly sought-after overly humorous motivational speakers from Singapore.

Whether speaking to a few coworkers or an auditorium of hundreds, Dr. Elmi has been gaining a lot of attention as a motivational speaker in his home country and South East Asia.

After 15 years in the public service and graduating with a Doctorate in Education from TUI, he decided to become an entrepreneur. Currently the CEO of his own training consultancy, Dr. Elmi has been well sought after as a trainer that inspires his course participants through his humorous approach.

On the side, he has been giving free motivational talks to grassroots organisations, youth organisations and volunteer groups. His talks titled "Power To Decide" were so well received that he was invited to talk to senior executives of many top companies in Singapore and South East Asia.

When he was interviewed, he simply described his his motivational talk as a sharing about the concept of IMPACT”. He just wanted to tell the world his story. I wanted to show people aspirations are achievable, great things are possible and anyone can share a positive message and create a life of meaning. All the best to Dr. Elmi!

The dream wedding - by Elegant Dreams Inc

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