ShowBiz spotlight: The My Music Block TV Award winners Luncheon

This week on ShowBiz blog we bring you yet another coverage around the famous My Music Block TV awards event. Before we go into today's event coverage - if you haven't caught up with updates from My Music Block TV awards news so far, you can see all them here in our blog via this link ShowBiz blog - My music block tv awards

So we came to know that a special luncheon was held on October 7th to host the award winners and invite them to talk about their experiences at the awards, their success journey and felicitate them for their successful streams as well! 

At the event was the ever vibrant and glowing Eye'z, Arthur Jae and Floyd Hill who talked about their success after their recent win at the awards. Some exclusive pictures from the luncheon are here!

Arthur Jae and Eye'z were presented with a Music Streaming award plaque at the end of the luncheon, to us this was the best part where artists are celebrated and felicitated for their work and achievements!


Since his recent win, Arthur Jae has increased sales in his music & streams. He has recently released his music video for in my heart. Eye'z also said that she has seen a recent jump in radio rotation & playlist placement as well. Floyd Hill & Arthur Jae have continued on with their success since their win working on new projects. So definitely the awards are working in their favour, this is fantastic news to the artists and a huge inspiration to aspiring artists as well!

Many artists couldn't make it to the event but we will mention about them as well because they sent all their love to the winners. Artists SAT GAME NIKKIA and Dr. Wright couldn't make it but were in touch with the luncheon attendees. We also came to know Dr. Wright was on set filming the latest season of wright place tv! How cool is that!!

All tracks of Eye'z can be listened to in Spotify and likewise for all tracks of Arthur Jae as well!

This is all for this spotlight from ShowBiz blog, stay tuned for we will be covering more about their fine artists and the My Music Block TV Award winners!

ShowBiz spotlight: Vlog attraction for abandoned and haunted locations

ShowBiz blog is all about bringing the most inspiring and interesting work in the entertainment world! So, this week on ShowBiz, we wanted to cover something totally new on our blog. So we started putting together our thoughts on what is the most trending topic in the ShowBiz world. Then we understood that the platforms that showcase ShowBiz topics are the most trending! Yes, you guessed it right - the likes of YouTube and Vimeo are what we are referring to. Why are they famous? Because when we looked at all our ShowBiz articles, we somehow end up featuring the YouTube videos of the stars.

So with video platforms chosen as the theme, we wanted to cover someone who is running a very offbeat channel on YouTube! We hauled over several themes and categories and finally, again sticking on to this spotlight's overall theme of something totally new, chose a channel that is run by Louis Dee from England who travels the world for abandoned and haunted locations and gives a very detailed rundown of the place on his channel! We couldn't get as totally new and cooler than this for this special spotlight!

Louis Dee is English so it was easy for us to follow his content. His primarily coverage is of abandoned places in (mostly) England and the world! This is a theme that is gaining popularity on YouTube, although with a lot of over-dramatized videos! Louis Dee attempts to de-mystify all this and present facts the way they are.

We liked Louis Dee's because he does not add too much drama to the videos and he presents the places they way they are, talks about their history and most importantly how they could be today if they weren't abandoned. The most fascinating fact for us is that his channel is ranked in the top 50 best exploring channels in the world! We think this is truly his reward for doing honest and top notch content. Some of his famous videos are the ones about abandoned asylum, abandoned care home and most recently an abandoned millionaire's mansion!

Louis Dee's channel can be followed at and his Instagram at

ShowBiz spotlight: Singer Eye'z and Rapper Fluid attend screening of "Respect"

 If you haven't recently followed updates at ShowBiz blog, then its time you did! This past week we've been providing some great updates about My Music Block TV Awards ceremony of 2021 where some great artists were present and the very deserving walked away with awards in hand. You can catch up with the article here - ShowBiz blog feature: My Music Block TV awards and get to know everyone who won awards!

In today's ShowBiz spotlight, we turn the spotlight to two of the famous artists in all the My Music block TV awards ceremonies - Singer Eye'z and Rapper Fluid! Right after their fantastic and deserving wins at the awards, these amazing artists got to go to a very early screening of the movie "Respect" in Berkeley, CA. This is one of the most awaited movies in 2021 because it pays tribute to the one of the best American singers of all times - Aretha Franklin and the movie is about herself as its a biography!

Here's exclusive ShowBiz blog pictures of Singer Eye'z and Rapper Fluid at the screening, just going to enjoy the movie and be enthralled by Aretha!

Eye'z and Fluid also talked about attending the screening in videos captured by MMBTV awards and here's what they had to say:

There's more about these artists that we'd like to share today. We were excited to learn that Rapper Fluid will be opening up for Oakland based rapper Keak the Sneak in San Francisco CA, on September 10th, at the Great Star! Now that is something we at ShowBiz blog will definitely look forward to and of course share our experience of it in one of our next spotlight articles! 

ShowBiz feature: My Music block Tv awards event of 2021!

For all you ShowBiz blog readers and subscribers - you know that ShowBiz ardently spotlights on the My Music block Tv awards event that features some of the best upcoming new-age artists who have been creating some great music! This year's edition took place on August 7 in Oakland California and this special ShowBiz feature is all about that!

First of all, we'll talk about who covered the entire event - it was Heartland productions who have been doing amazing work to support all the artists through this event!

Next, we go straight into the performers at the event. The show opened with some spectacular.... music of course with some fantastic dancing by dancer Dairomee. The show was hosted by Dr. Letitia Wright who also made an exciting announcement of her new network that will be featured on AMAZON FIRE TV WRIGHT PLACE TV CHANNEL! So that's something for all the Fire TV owners out there!

Then we move on to the feature performers. Our all time favorite artist Eye'z performed with rappers Arthur Jae & Fluid and that was a special treat for fans alike!

Next we talk about the winners themselves. Here they are: 

Best Social Media Concert went to Arthur Jae for Arthur Jae Live (YouTube)

Best Rap Video of 2021 went to Rapper Fluid for Right There

There was a special award for the Best Instagram Page and you can guess it already - it was for our favorite Instagram star - Eye'z!

Chill Out song of 2021 went to Kenny Sawyer.

Best Streamed Rap Lyrics went to Sat Game

Well Crafted Pop song award went to ALEAMOR X for AGAINST ALL ODDS

The best Soulful song award went to ARTHUR JAE for IN MY HEART

Amongst rap, the best Rap Single 2021 went to Major Leaguez

Nikia was adjust best new artist and also another award for IT Girl of 2021

DJ LEX received a non violent champions belt presented by Tony Mayfield

Here's a picture of Dr Wright and Tony Mayfeild from the ceremony 

And here's a bonus for ShowBiz blog readers - singer Eye'z in an exclusive interview!

That's all from our exclusive coverage of this exciting event. Next week, we'll be back with more showbiz news!

ShowBiz spotlight: Athlete Chaqwan Williams is going pro!

As all our avid readers of ShowBiz blog know, we turn our spotlight every week, sometimes twice every week, to a prominent or upcoming personality in the entertainment world and share our perspective of why the person deservers all the spotlight!

This is was no different when we set out to find out who will be featured in our spotlight of the week. But, this week is very interesting in itself. If you're wondering why, then we'd like to remind you that the 2020 Olympics (yes 2020 but happening only this year due to you know why!) has officially been kicked off this past week. So we thought it would be very appropriate if we talked about a upcoming celebrity in the field of sports.

We then researched and wanted to feature none other than the track and field national champion in the US  Chaqwan Williams. Chaqwan is a sprinter who finished his high school career at Crown Point High School in Indiana is very focused on shining and winning in his career as an athlete. 

Right after high school, Chaqwan accepted a scholarship to track and field powerhouse Indiana Tech for track and field where they accomplished a National Championship Title. After this fantastic freshman season, Chaqwan, the focused athlete that he is, he decided to go full professional right away. You can find all the information of Chaqwan the athlete here on

We then learned something very exciting when we had a few conversations with Chaqwan himself. He will now be signing a pro contract with Under Armour for $1.6 million in a deal that we think will propel his career as a fine athlete by helping him keep his focus on all pro events to achieve his goals!

Chaqwan Williams puts all his thoughts into an excellent summary by saying "When you put your trust in god, anything is possible". We at ShowBiz agree with this fully and all the above together is the reason we wanted to feature an athlete celebrity this week on our spotlight! We wish Chaqwan all the best in his next sprints and field events and for him to reach for all the medals out there!

ShowBiz spotlight: Eye'z and Fluid at Thread The Runway!

This week on ShowBiz blog we turn our spotlight on an exclusive event that happened in Oakland California this month. It is "Thread The Runway" event that was on July 10 - a fusion show, day party and concert featuring some great artists and the like. Featuring live performances by Fluid, Jay Luck, Keldamuzik, Lai’jhon Hawkins and many more. It was the first ever event of such sorts in the area and the buzz was very existent even after a few days. A lot of small businesses and local artists were supported through the event.

One such highlight of the event was our favourite artists whom we always write about - Eye'z! She came to the event wearing a 70s inspired looks and was absolutely fabulous! Here is an exclusive ShowBiz blog photos of Eye'z, Rap artist Nutsofly(in blue) and Fluid

Main artists of the event were of course Eye'z and Fluid. Fluid and Tiffane Love are 2 time My Music Block TV  Award nominee. Eye'z is once again nominated for the 4th annual My Music Block TV Award -

You can catch a glimpse of Rapper Fluid's electric performance here - The GRM awards ceremony is scheduled for August 7th and we're so looking forward to it - catch all the action here on their official website - MMTV GRM awards

ShowBiz spotlight: 4 the Birds by GiGi Vega

This holiday weekend on ShowBiz - we are featuring another new single from a multi-talented artist! She's none other than "GiGi". GiGi Vega is a Billboard pop artist, singer, dancer and an actress who loves to move people with her art. Indeed a versatile artist!

“4 the Birds” is all about keeping it real in line with the times we are living in. It is a powerful ballad that is all about love and relationships in the post-covid world. The song is about being in a genuine relationship with the person you love and admire the most and equally living your passion to the fullest. This is as described by GiGi herself! GiGi partnered with Grammy-winning producer 1500 or Nothin’, and the song was co-written by the Grammy-nominated Hookman (Jason Derulo, Offset, Chris Brown).

It was also very exciting to see that GiGi's last hit, “Watchu Tryna Do?” featuring rapper TEC, is currently #19 on Billboard!!

You can listen to “4 The Birds” on SoundCloud or catch 4 The Birds on Spotify right now!

GiGi is quite famous on Instagram that she has a Music Instagram @gigivegamusic page besides her and personal Instagram @gigivegaofficial to stay up to date on future releases.

We at ShowBiz are so happy we get to spotlight this amazing artist and the splendid single. We are looking forward to what comes next from GiGi Vega!

ShowBiz feature: Tied Knots by Peter Kasen

Today at ShowBiz, we feature San Diego based artist Peter Kasen who last week had released his second song titled "Tied Knots", from his album Providence. 

A rare full rock guitar song "Tied Knots" - the song enthralls us with Peter's vocals and the emotional lines that go "I left footprints in the sand, As a message that you could understand...". 

It is quite interesting to note that Peter himself wrote the lyric, did the guitar, sang it, composed it and produced it himself! - Very talented and dedicated DIY artist he is, he books all of his tours on his own in the US and international locations! 

The song is mixed and mastered by Ed M. of Skyward Records. A little bit about Peter Kasen - He began his music career as a solo artist under the moniker of “Propel“ in 2005. Worth noting is that he has also toured Europe on four separate tours and traveling across ten countries in these tours.

The single “Tied Knots” is available on Bandcamp and in all major platforms of music. Peter Kasen can also be found on Twitter @peterkasen and he runs his own website wherehe regularly updates on his latest tracks.

ShowBiz spotlight: Mirror Mirror on the wall...

 This week at ShowBiz we are turning our spotlights on something rather interesting that we encountered while doing our regular rounds of search for unique music recently produced. 

Before we go into the music and the artist, let's talk about ourselves. Yes, ourselves - we humans. We all have a certain way of thinking, a certain belief, a certain approach to everything in life. Where does this come from? It comes from how we're brought up as kids or if we didn't have that opportunity - it then comes from what we've experienced as kids. After we are fully grown up, this certain way of doing things shapes us for the rest of our lives. 

Now imagine looking at the mirror and seeing this totally from a different perspective. A perspective that says this certain belief and thought process is actually turning you into a prisoner of those exact same thoughts. Quite the view, right?

This is our take away from the recent production "Mirror, Mirror" by an amazing artist Morgan King who has debuted her solo project with this song. She has literally swept us away with the lyrics and the rendition that starts with the lines "There's a monster in the mirror... Staring back at me...." and then goes on to sing about being chained in one's own beliefs. 

Mirror, Mirror

About the song itself, it is rock influenced pop track that was released on May 28th, 2021. We are so glad we caught this song so soon since its release and are spotlighting it here on ShowBiz blog! Morgan is truly a multi-genre artist - you can figure it out when you listen to her other tracks. Morgan’s solo music combines elements of pop, some old-school emo music, trap, and plenty of electronic sounds that will keep you coming back for more of it!

Morgan's website is and she can be followed in Instagram therealmorganking.

ShowBiz spotlight: Kate Magdalena is nominated for my music block TV Award!

This week on ShowBiz blog we are featuring yet another artist who has been nominated to the My Music block TV awards! It is none other than Kate Magdalena - the ever young and inspiring song writer and singer!

Watch her nomination performance here - 

It is worth to note that Magdalena performed at the nominations event on the 19th in San Pablo Ca and received her formal nomination from Sharon Manuel of the Manuel Sisters and Shelena Smith the CEO of "All Hustle No Luck Records"!

We at ShowBiz also are excited to talk about the other popular artists who are nominated, they are; Eye'z, Arthur Jae, Rap Artist Fluid, Studeo SatGame, Kenny Sawyer. Nominees who didn't attend for thier formal nomination certificates were; Bezerk Derek Fahy Tiffane Love Ale Amor X. 

Here's a picture of Eye'z and Magdalena from the event - what a wonderful picture!

Other nominees listed below Noehart, Townbizz Sport and Entertainment, Tanea Hill ,T Local, Capital B, Ally, Cocaine Roccky Badd, Girls in the hood, Molly Brazy, TicketTV, Blue Blood Boxing TV, V1ctv 

The Event ended with an encouraging speech by the Manuel sisters about being trail blazers and being a trailblazer for the next generation as they were raised with trailblazing pioneers of music. 

Here's an Instagram video from MMB awards featuring record owners and Magdalena speaking about several aspects of their life: 

Kate Magdalena

Also super exciting is that Rapper fluid wished Kate Magdalena good luck on her nomination as he could not attend and sent his love to all nominees and event coordinators.

So we at ShowBiz join hands and extend our wishes and support to Kate Magdalena for this nomination and are looking forward to the results of the award ceremony! 

Show Biz Spotlight: Jeffrey Marshall - Self-Taught IT Expert by Day, Rising Star and Indestructible Stuntman by Night

“Like all good actor origin stories, this one started in the 4th grade”. Jeffrey Marshall laughed about tackling his debut acting performance of a flower-loving bull in “Ferdinand the Bull.”. He never imagined that four decades later, his love of acting would take him to significantly more frightening pursuits than smelling flowers.

Today, Jeffrey can be found spending time with his family, working as a computer engineer, or on-screen, imitating secret agents and jumping off buildings. Let’s say he’s not often bored.

Through his fascinating life and triumphant return to acting in his forties, Jeffrey has learned a few pieces of invaluable advice. It’s never too late to chase your dreams. “You should always be ticking items off your bucket list. Your mind wants to quit far before your body needs to”, Jeff states before sipping his coffee.

Here’s the (hugely simplified) journey of how he came to those realizations.

Growing up in Upstate New York, Jeffrey loved acting in school theater and musicals. After high school, Jeffrey went on to study Criminal Justice for a year. Still, Jeffrey soon discovered he didn’t learn well in a classroom environment. Jeffrey dropped out of college, and in 1993 he joined the US Army, where he enjoyed the thrill of adrenaline and became a paratrooper.

Jeffrey served in South Korea for a challenging but rewarding year in which he made lifelong friends and widened his perspective on life.

Before leaving South Korea, Jeffrey picked up a magazine that was on a table. The cover had a headline about a strange thing called “The Internet” and “Information Technology.” He was so intrigued by the article; it changed his life and gave him a new calling.

Jeffrey was struggling with money at the time, but he used the money his late grandma left him to buy a desktop computer. Not only was he broke, but the computer was constantly breaking. Being unable to afford someone to fix it, Jeffrey taught himself to do it himself. Soon, it became clear he was a natural with technology. Jeffrey started fixing his friends’ gadgets and picked up a part-time job as a telephone tech support technician for a printer company while still enlisted in the Army. He continued to read trade magazines and constantly tinkered with technology. He learned even more from volunteering for small computer companies. After receiving several awards for his service and a “Soldier of the Year” title, Jeffrey finally left the Army. He was then hired as a computer technician for a major technology company.

On reflecting how he managed to break into an industry with only self-taught skills, he said, “Others constantly challenged my credentials. But I was able to prove my abilities. It was a struggle, but it pushed me to work harder and keep learning the newest technology.”

“Now, I’m a Senior VP at an IT company and work on everything from handheld devices to artificial intelligence.”

Despite being incredibly proud of the IT career he had carved for himself, Jeffrey still had unfinished business with acting. After he put his acting passion aside to pursue his Army career, he focused on earning a reliable living and raising a family. He knew Hollywood would have to wait. It wasn’t until his mid-forties that Jeffrey seriously considered giving his dream a second shot.

He joked that he lovingly refers to stunts, car racing, and acting as his midlife crisis. Some people settle down and try to live relaxing lives in comfort. Jeffrey opted for falling from high heights, action-packed training sessions, and facing harsh critics and the brutal world of acting auditions.

In his typical style of bucking trends, Jeff Marshall managed to thrive in the entertainment industry when it was facing the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. He took advantage of the fact that he now had access to the world’s most sought-after acting schools. Each was now accessible to anyone with Zoom and started studying online with various coaches. Though 2020 was a horrifically devastating year in so many ways, Jeffrey managed to join the SAG-AFTRA actors union and got both a manager and an agent. His determination and hard work paid off.

Remarking on his time in the Army, Jeffrey said it paved the way for his later work as a stuntman.

“The Army gave me a lot of confidence,” he said. “You start seeing what you are capable of, both physically and mentally.”

One of the most challenging yet therapeutic aspects of starting acting was learning to show real and raw emotions to imaginary events. Jeffrey’s son had sadly died while he was serving in the Army. The trauma of that loss, some painful, botched military medical procedures, combined with his challenging experiences of serving in the military, forced him to suppress emotions.

“I learned to shut down emotionally at that point to some degree. It was how my mind dealt with the trauma and was my coping mechanism,” Jeffrey said.

“You hear people say that if you hold emotions in, they build up and eventually come out in one form or another. I think all my experiences, Army and non-Army, have helped me not only become a better actor but have been a therapeutic emotional release for me.”

Through studying the wide-ranging emotional spectrum of humans, he learned to face his own buried emotions. He said he was glad to “let some of that go.”

One powerful emotion he seemed to have control over was fear. While only just starting in stunts, Jeffrey has had his fair share of adventures. His favorites include stunt driving, stunt fighting, high falls, being lit on fire, racing cars, and scuba diving. He stressed that the stunts are all designed safely, well-rehearsed, and handled by highly-trained professionals. Some days he’s “banged up and bruised,” but that comes with the territory. Stunt work is a highly competitive and challenging field to break into. Jeff keeps working on his skills, networking with his peers and picking up stunt jobs when possible,

Despite all the training stunt work requires, Jeffrey said, “the most challenging part of starting in stunt training is to fight your basic human response to danger.”

“You have to fight your mind’s natural reaction to tell your body ‘NO,’ like jumping off a building the first few times,” he said.

“Then it gets easier over time. Same with fire; it takes a little getting used to feeling the flames wrap around you.”

Serving in the Army, self-teaching IT engineering, and acting in several Hollywood movies is a lot for anyone to achieve, even without suffering personal tragedies. When asked what helped him keep set and accomplish his goals, Jeffrey said he ensures he is always working on adding and subtracting items on his bucket list.

“It doesn’t have to have record-breaking activities on the list,” he said.

“For every item I take off the list, I add three back on. Once you have the list, prioritize; set goals and timelines.”

Jeffrey has learned “to want your goals so badly that you can taste them.” Ensure you have a mix of easy and challenging goals, and then reward yourself with an easy one when you’re struggling or need some self-appreciation. He always has a “random act of kindness” on his list to keep for a rainy day.

Balancing his many commitments has been the most challenging part of Jeffrey’s journey as a family man, a technologist, an actor, and a stunt person. But he makes it work. He always puts his family first, then takes classes and auditions on weekends and evenings. His day job has been generously supportive of his other career and has a flexible environment for a remote workforce.

Through determination and grit, Jeffrey has even managed to merge his two lines of work. He recently had the opportunity to combine his engineering and acting skills by writing, producing, and acting in a promotion for the multinational technology company NVIDIA. To this day, he is still innovating the technology world, even without a degree.

As for his future in the entertainment industry, Jeffrey holds a realistic level of optimism. That is to say, he obviously would love to act full-time but understands that it is a statistical longshot. Plus, he enjoys his computer engineering and feels he has the best of both worlds.

“Even if I don’t make it ‘big,’ I hope I can entertain someone, make someone laugh, make new friends and have fun. I like the camaraderie and support the acting and stunt community offer,” he said.

“But if acting does take off, I wouldn’t say no to Tom Cruise-Like money.”

After all, no mission is impossible.

For more information on Jeffrey Marshall, please visit of on Instagram at @Jeffrey_A_Marshall

Actress Lunden De’Leon to Headline Netflix Movie ‘Scam’

Following her acclaimed role in the coming of age film ‘Turnt’, actress Lunden De’Leon (We’re the Millers, Blackbear) will star in the Netflix drama “Scam”.

Filming in North Carolina, the movie centers around a Nigerian scam. De’Leon will play the role of Kisha Brown, a woman whose life is turned upside down after making a bad decision.

Best known for her role as Joanne Mbutu on the hit television series “Vital Signs”, De’Leon has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her list of credits include the blockbuster comedy “We’re the Millers,” “Sweet Home Carolina,” "Somebody's Child” and the Netflix action drama “Blackbear”.

Soon as I read the script, I knew I wanted to be in this movie,” says De’Leon. “It’s a hit so don’t miss out.

De’Leon has starred and co-starred in over 50 movies and television shows including the drama “Pure Justice” where she received a “Best Leading Actress” nomination. De’Leon’s credits include the television thriller "Broken Halos", Sweet Home Carolina", "Somebody's Child", "Faux Pas", "Cryptz", "The Lake House" “Payne” and "12 Dog Days Till Christmas" just to name a few.

“Scam” is scheduled for release in 2022.

Actress Lunden is on Instagram @lundendeleon and Twitter @2Lunden. Her official website is

ShowBiz spotlight: pure hip hop rap music by Fluid

Week over week, we at ShowBiz find new and upcoming artists by actively scanning new albums on  spotify and talking to our music fans alike and find out whom they are now listening and then make our own judgement and feature some of the artists here on ShowBiz blog!

So, with that introduction of ShowBiz spotlight, this week ShowBiz blog we feature an artist whose music we have deeply admired for his unique approach to hip hop and rap. Before we go into his current style, let's go back in time and look at his early life and all the admiration he has had for artists when he was young, who has inspired and influenced him and pulling him into the world of hip hop rap. 

As a young man group up, Fluid was heavily influenced by charttoppers Run DMC, E-40, Tech N9ne, Metallica and Linkin Park. He was inspired by all sorts of music – from hymns to nursery rhymes and jazz, and Fluid began rapping while at middle school! He subsequently took music lessons in high school and went on to perform at several talents shows, launching his career as a spectacular rapper with style, both on and off the stage. 

Ever since these took off, Fluid has since created his own musical path, and is involved in a number of projects – from a virtual reality series, to collaborative projects with other Bay Area rappers such as Cleetus Kasiody, and an artist from Brooklyn named Rawmel. He is a two time My Music Block TV Award Winner!

Right now, he is focused on finishing his solo EP project “Fluitopia”. Talking about his recent hits - his two singles he released earlier this year – “Land Of The Free” and “Major Leaguez” are unique and impactful in their own way. The latter track is very engaging with confident rhymes and some amazing production work. The song has a unique, rock-influenced, rap backdrop, where Fluid continues to flex his machine-gun flow and never misses a beat. 

We at ShowBiz couldn't stop raving about Major Leaguez track - mainly due to Fluid's versatility as a singer and also bringing out an energy packed song - a unique combination that not many rappers bring to the table these days. "Major Leaguez” is also loaded with effects and goodies that maintain the soundscape dynamic.

Check out the track right here on ShowBiz blog!

Fluid as an artist is growing in a big way and his music is currently getting spun on radio stations and clubs all over US - all adding credits to his lyrical themes, the beats and Fluid's vocals - aspects that makes him unique.

We at ShowBiz wish Fluid all the best for his upcoming releases and if you'd like to follow this amazing artist and connect with him - you can find him on Instagram at @fluid001 and watch all his videos on his YouTube channel fluid420. For direct contact and booking, you can simply email

You can listen to all of his tracks as well, right here on ShowBiz blog!

ShowBiz feature: Eye'z new single "Go for it"

We continue to feature one of our favorite showbiz personality - Music artist and actress Eye'z who has now released her latest and best creation in her career - ‘Go for it’. Eye'z as we have featured in plenty of our articles - is a GRM music award winner and is very well know in the award scenes!

This new release by Eye’z, ‘Go for it’ is her landmark work in her Pop music career, offering the perfection of working with the genre with new experimentation.

Let's take one step back and understand what is all about this experimentation that we are talking about here. 

Pop music has come a long way since the last decades and by and large the music has been same. Recently, thanks to technology influencing music outcome, there has been a lot of experimentation and new avenues in music have come up. Here's where new artists like our favorite Eye'z have jumped in to explore and create new music by mixing other genres with pop! The effect as hear is astonishing!

This is exactly what Eye’z has in store in her latest and best track ‘Go for it’. Traditional pop has been outdone and there's a lot of new ring in the song. When you listen to it, you will feel that there is a smoothening feeling that offers comfort to mind and soul. You can listen to 'Go for it' on Spotify

Eye’z, in her own style has also included a hymn like quality in her songs that imbues a sense of depth in the lyrics and expressions. No wonder that the listeners have loved the track and in Spotify it is listened to endlessly over there.

All of Eye'z information is now available in her page here

ShowBiz spotlight: Weeknight by Bleary

This week at ShowBiz, we wanted to listen to someone new and someone who makes music easy on our ears, someone who's sharing his life via music. So we encountered Bleary - an Oregon-based artist who has created some interesting tracks to portray his breakup and how he dealt with it and finally how important friends are in your life in such situations.

Let's talk about the tracks. Bleary started his first breakup song "Sever" in the emo-rap genre and with that introduced his breakup song and then went on to say there will be a total of three tracks. 

He then sang "Peace" a month later to share his thoughts via music, that he made peace with himself and that he is no more immune to being lonely.


The 3rd and final part of this series is what we wanted to spotlight today. “Weeknight” as it’s titled, is a few months following the breakup. In the track Bleary emo-raps about his struggles, his focus on existence and the importance of friendship in life, all the while trying to stay afloat to pay bills!

Amongst the three tracks, we found "Weeknight" to have a lot of emo/funk sound in it and we like to believe that he has put in his heart and soul into the track.

You can watch "Weeknight" right below and Bleary Music channel on YouTube for the other tracks.

A lot of talent in Bleary and we see that he wants to spread positivity through music and we at ShowBiz truly appreciate that!

His official website is and his insta handle is blearyworld.

ShowBiz spotlight: "The Terrible Adventure"

Today 22-April is Earth Day, and we at ShowBiz wanted to feature an entertainer movie with a meaning.  With so many movies that send out a message about taking care of our beloved planet, we zeroed in on the genre of kids movies because when kids get involved and the message is even stronger that our planet needs to be fresh for our next generation to thrive in. 

We did some research online and finalized to watch the new movie "The Terrible Adventure" by independent film maker Kel Thompson. So we got ready with popcorn!

A bit of background first: The movie was conceptualized by Kel's two kids during a vacation where they had an idea to create a film to save the world from pollution, disease and more so.. even billionaire's greed! So the adventure began to make this into the movie!

Here's how the movie unfolds... The stage is set for two affluent kids who are on the verge of losing all they have and there is one opportunity that they have in front them if they take it, it will give them a million dollars! They then set out on an adventure to make it happen for themselves and all the challenges they face with evil minded adults and the gadgets and gizmos that they have to use to overcome these challenges. 

It turned out to even exceed our expectations that the movie is a great entertainer first of all and it is truly a family film in all aspects. Right from having kids as lead actors, having comedians providing clean slapstick humor and of course the billionaire who sets the contest. The kids are great actors and the fantastic screenplay and direction by Kel keep us tied to our seats on the kids' creative thoughts. You'll get to see all sorts of ideas and action from the kids - from hang-gliders to biplanes to Cadillac boats to bikes and even pirate ships!

The Terrible Adventure has already gained international recognition in awards - it has got so many of them! From Miami to BCIFF to Children Cinema Awards and Kids First! film festival as well. The list of longer than that - see the picture below!

The Terrible Adventure is already on all major online platforms - on Amazon prime and YouTube to entertain you and all the kids in your family! We are ShowBiz give our thumbs up to this great family film and recommend it to get some positive energy flowing in our lives and remind ourselves of earth day today and to contribute effectively towards it.

You can watch the trailer right here at ShowBiz blog:

ShowBiz Feature: Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters - the club experience

We at Showbiz know how the club experience feels like and more so how much missing it feels like. We have ourselves been a regular at clubs - more often only to experience the music and the vibes with the people around us with such music playing at good volume.

Now, we are not here to wonder how many months it has been since the last time we were in a club.
We, with our positive attitudes met, of course online, and put together ideas on what we can feature on this blog to give people the good vibes right at their homes.

So we set out in search of new and upcoming artists who are creating some great music at these times who we can feature here and celebrate their work.

One such amazing group whom we've greatly admired is Head Fake. They are a trio of veteran artists who are creating some great music by putting together music from the 80's. The 80's is when real transformation took place in music as new sounds with dance and techno forms came into play. Head fake's energizing music is thought to ring good in the current generation of young millennials and their parents alike who come from the older generations.   

Our most favorite album of Head Fake is their latest one - a collaboration with Dub Fu Masters aptly titled Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters. This perfectly tied back to our quest for good vibes for all of us at homes looking for a club experience. Their inspiration was to provide a feel-good atmosphere when you listen to these tracks by bringing back the 80’s melody of Head Fake’s previously recorded tracks such as “One Step”, “Trump Funk”, and “Overjoyed”.

This is where Dub Fu Masters ably supported them with this vision and provided the mix by bringing out the club feel into the tracks.

The album Head Fake Vs. Dub Fu Masters is on Spotify already and we at ShowBiz enjoyed all the tracks! You can also listen to them right below on ShowBiz blog. Ask our favorite one? It has to be "One Step" - it rightly resonates with our current pandemic situation where we are taking one step at a time.

Head Fake is on instagram so you can head over there and get the buzz directly from them.

ShowBiz Spotlight: New Young Actor introduced: Daniel Bintsanya

The ShowBiz world is buzzing with new talent in the industry who are raring to go with loads of energy and are multi-talented than the previous generation. We focus on Daniel Bintsanya who has been recently introduced in the ShowBiz realm. We said multi-talented as there is an super exhaustive list of talents with Daniel. Here we go:  Acting, vocal, dance, piano, basketball, virtual arts and karate are some of the areas he has been focusing his energy on and we are in awe already!

Did we mention that he is only 9 years old?! Here he is:

Way to go young boy - striking a pose so casually like a rockstar already!

We have come to know that it was quite recently that Daniel was cast in the HBO Michael Che (from SNL) Sketch project and is awaiting call backs from several big auditions!

We all know Kevin McAllister from Home Alone series and it has been said that Daniel's real like character is much like Kevin in the series! Think about it for a second - a multi-talented super young actor who has already given auditions and is ready to go - we at ShowBiz wish him all the best and hope to see him rise like a star and we will come back and feature another spotlight on this great new talent.
Daniel's manager Mrs. T. Theresa Bastien can be contacted at: or phone: 647-474-6177 or

can be contacted at  


ShowBiz spotlight: 4th annual My Music Block TV Awards is almost here!

This week on ShowBiz spotlight, we are focusing our lights on the My Music Block TV Awards - was famously the GRM awards. If you are a regular reader of ShowBiz Blog - we covered last year's live performances at GRM awards here on ShowBiz!

Now this year is the 4th edition and what we hear is that it will be even better as a lot of thinking and planning is being done as we write this spotlight! It will for sure feature one of our our favorite artists - Eye'z whom we always follow and put our spotlight on as she's an amazing singer, a pianist and also an actress! Did you know that she is a 3 times GRM award winner! If you don't know check our spotlight on the GRM awards!

This year it is only going to get better at the 4th My Music Block TV Awards where upcoming artists will be celebrated, featured and awarded for their stellar performances and contribution to the industry. We have come to know that the awards will take place at Oakland ca sfbay area and it is promised to be a gala grand! Submissions to My Music Block TV Awards have been opened and the time is now to make the submissions for any artists or fans of artists who would like to join their favorite artists in attending the awards ceremony and be a part of the event and join the likes of eye'z who will be there to add a lot of style to the ceremony. 

Check out Eye'z talk from last year's ceremony:

Talking about the awards themselves, there were a lot of nominations and truly deserving winners last year, check out our previous article covering them and here's rapper Fluid winning his award last year!

So let's keep ourselves updated on this amazing award show around the corner to watch out for the new faces and talent out there and root for our favorite artists who deserver to win the famous My Music Block TV Award!

ShowBiz spotlight: Award winning artist and songwriter Shavonda Robinson

This week at ShowBiz we are putting our exclusive spotlight on record breaking and award-winning author Shavonda Robinson who has a lot of talent under her belt. Frankly, our breaths were taken when we learned about this star while putting together our list of artists whom we will feature here.

Shavonda Robinson

To start off with - she is a published songwriter, she is a published award-winning author, she is a spoken word artist, she is a fashion designer, and yes she runs her own business - Color Me Beautiful Forever. 

This is plain amazing that a person has so many talents and can juggle all the talents together and run a successful business as well. Personally, we find her vibrant and vivacious!

Here are some of her collections of art on mugs:

Girl Zone collection

More about Shavonda, she is also the owner of Create Something For The Future an poetry and art magazine which supports all upcoming artist's and poet's so that they have a recognition and a space for themselves to showcase showcase their works for the world and be celebrated for it!

She doesn't stop innovating and creating great new items for her followers and fans alike. And what's new from Shavonda today? She is premiering her latest Mug collection titled Splatter Splash and it is now available in her online store here - So what are we all waiting for? let's get to the store and get ourselves some great designs for our homes and offices and celebrate the talented Shavonda Robinson!

ShowBiz Feature: Young actors & models Jahleel and Egypt - The Kamara Kidz!

This week at ShowBiz, we are featuring two young bring and so charming actors and models Jahleel Kamara and Egypt Kamara "The Kamara Kidz" who are set to shine across all screens! They are vibrant and charismatic Boys already making an indelible mark at this early age.

(New York, NY) Introducing “The Kamara Kidz”: Jahleel Kamara and Egypt Kamara! These young stars have exploded on the entertainment scene recently with high profile placements on television shows like POWER on Starz and in films such as FEVER, as a part of a segment on ABC NIGHTLINE, and in ads for WALMART, TARGET, GAP and so many others. The look of their confidence and a effervescent personality speaks so much in these pictures.

Egypt striking a post so casually

Jahleel showing off his charisma

Jahleel is now set to appear with an upcoming role in Jussie Smollett’s feature directorial debut “B-Boy Blues” alongside Grammy-nominated recording artist Ledisi (Selma), Timothy Richardson (David Makes Man), Brandee Evans (P-Valley) and others - which is currently in production in NYC.
Egypt in his usual charm

Jahleel with a new pose 

Check out the Kamara Kidz on Instagram @kamarakidz
Contact Manager Mrs. T. Theresa Bastien at: | 647-474-6177 |

Australia based parents, here's what you can do during school holidays!

 Here's to all the ShowBiz followers in Australia who are parents, here's some great news for you! We at ShowBiz have been working on getting more lifestyle related ideas and suggestions to everyone so that all the struggle we have been through being at home with kids during the pandemic are for good reasons, there are still possibilities for parents to find experiences for their kids, especially during the school holiday season.

We know... the dreaded time of school holidays when your kid is at home all day and wants to do something outdoors but your work doesn't allow a vacation, yet. This is even more relevant at this pandemic situation where there's not much to do as well. This is exactly what have set out to do and have created a comprehensive website for.

Website of school holidays australia

A plethora of activities are listed and they could be seen according to the state you are in, which is the initial selection when you goto school holidays australia website - ranging from from cooking competition, dance classes, acting classes to solving puzzles in an escape room and more! So, all the parents in Australia, check them out and ensure your children are engaged during the next school holidays seasons so that you get your peace of mind to focus on your work or yourself whilst the kids are out there having a great time themselves.

ShowBiz Feature: Brazilian American actor Sergio Kato

This week at ShowBiz blog we are featuring a one of a kind celebrity who has been a former law enforcement and military, a great actor and most importantly, a great human supporting a very important cause! 

We are talking about Sergio Luiz Pereira (born July 15, 1960), who is known professionally as Sergio Kato. He is now an Brazilian-American actor, model, ballet dancer, former martial artist and many more talents in his repertoire.

He did his first notable acting job in the United States: film "Brenda Starr, with Brooke Shields.

August 17, 1980, he was a part of stage play: West Side Story - Broadway Show Winter Garden Theater - Director Ailing Gower Choreography by Randy

He was then featured with Kadeem Hardison in "A Different World" (1987)

He then went on to play in several stage plays including Palace Theatre (New York City) in December 3, 2008

Sergio Kato also performed with Liza Minnelli in Manhattan, New York City. USA

Here are some of the key archives:

Let's go back in time and see where he started....He began his acting career at Teatro O Tablado in Rio de Janeiro, where he studied and worked. Still, in Rio de Janeiro, he gained notoriety acting, dancing, and singing in spectacles of Scala Rio.

Still very young, in 1982 he served the Brazilian Air Force, then in 1985, he moved to the United States. After studying English at California High School, He studied at the University of California in Los Angeles, Where he received a Diploma from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. In a similar fashion, the movie industry changes rapidly, many projects in Europe and the USA.

Cinema and TV career

Kato' first TV appearance came in 1976, his first film was Bete Balanço, in 1984, where he played a dancer. He wanted to move from a ballet dancer to acting, finally achieving it when he was chosen to play the role of a cab driver in the Brenda Starr film with Brooke Shields. Later he played a bartender together with Tracey Birdsall-Smith, on the film I Might Even Love You.

In January 1993, just weeks after leaving back to California from Japan, Kato was reading several new scripts for future films, one of them being the Only the Strong, an action drama film with Mark Dacascos, written and directed by Sheldon Lettich.[10]

In 1997, Kato did a cameo role on Rede Globo's soap opera

A Indomada playing the character Arnold together with the actor José de Abreu.


Sergio Kato signed with a modeling agency in New York City appeared in ads for Calvin Klein with Dylan Bruno and modeled in Paris, Japan and Milan. His modeling career also includes modeling for Polo Ralph Lauren, Georgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana,Timex.


Versatile Kato, studying Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Dance Modern. Dance school of Jhonny Franklin, in Copacabana, in the South Zone. Studied and worked in Rio, where he gained notoriety acting, dancing, and singing in the shows of Scala Rio in Leblon. Ballet was his second art. Kato explains that ballet is also one of the most difficult exercises and, if you can survive a ballet workout, you can survive a workout in any other sport. Later, he started Brazilian jiu-jitsu with master Helio Gracie in Barata Ribeiro, Brazil.

Here's his filmography:

1978 - An episode in the soap opera Dancin 'Days (TV Series)

1980 - The Invitation to Pleasure - Castilho - TV Série

1981 - Viva o Gordo (1981-1987) - Serginho - TV Series Comedy

1983 - The Day After - Detective - TV Film

1984 - The Trapalhões and the Magician of Oróz - Sergio Pereira - Com. Film Series

1985 - Kiss of the Spider Woman - Molina's Friend - Drama Film

1986 - Miami Vice - Nelson Oramus

1989 - Brenda Starr - Jose - Adventure Film

1991 - One Life to Live - Tom - Soap Opera TV

1993 - Seinfeld - Self - TV Series

1993 - Different World - Role Sergio - TV Series

1993 - Only the Strong - Silverio's Bodyguard 1 - Action Drama (USA)

1994 - Você Decide - Pedro - TV Series

1997 - The Untamed - Arnold - TV Series

1997 - Austin Powers - security guard (Cameo)

1999 - The West Wing - D.C. Cop - TV Series

2001 - Casseta & Urgent Planet - Paulinho - TV Series Comedy

2001 - Flying Virus - Soldier - Film Action, Horror

2002 - Wildfire 7: The Inferno - Dan - TV Movie

2003 - Power Play - Soldier - TV Movie

2007–2008 - Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! - Himself

2008 - Make Your Story - Nelso - TV Movie

2008 - Breaking Bad - DEA Agent Tom - TV Series

2009 - Angel and the Bad Man - Gunman 4 - TV Movie

2010 - Tyranny - Wallace - TV Series

2010 - As Cariocas - Richard - TV Movie

2010 - Law & Order: LA - Officer Toni - TV Movie

2010 - Federal - Luis - Film

2012 - As Brasileiras - Rico Sini - TV Series

2013 - Chinese Puzzle - Le deuxième fuyard - French comedy Film

2014 - Complete Works - Armanni - WEB Series

2014 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Colony Survivor - TV Movie

2014 - Big Stone Gap - Steve - Film

2015 - Terminator Genisys - Guerrilla Officer -

In (1979) Sergio Kato in a New Jorney

Sergio Kato was invited by Circus Owner Franz Czeisler

Sergio Kato in Flying Virus

While filming 'Flying Virus' Sergio Kato almost killed on the film set.
Pure Adrenaline!

Actor Sergio Kato and Singer Patti LaBelle - In the final episode of A Different World

Watch it here on YouTube

Now, in 2021 - Sergio Kato is planning a comeback with a short film in Europe and Brazil! 
We at ShowBiz are excited about this great actor's comeback and wish him all the best!