Scattermouth: The Next Social Network?

At ShowBiz blog tonight, we are featuring on all things social. Read about Scattermouth and importantly, is it gonna be the next social network that all the celebs and we will love and be a part of? Get busy reading! By: Mandy Ulis

The mobile phone is far more powerful than the average person gives it credit for. Over 60 million messages and photos are sent every day through Snapchat alone. The images are there for viewing and then disappear. What’s unique is that the startup has already proven impressive, despite two facts – it is just 10% of the volume of Facebook and it makes no money. is a unique social network that is combining the beloved features of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. So many of the Snapchat users have forgotten what it’s like to be a part of social media. There is not a whole lot of interaction because the images and messages disappear. Snapchat, in fact, is seen as the antidote for social media because it eliminates the sharing and commenting, which essentially eliminates its social aspect.

We need social media. In a world where so many people hide behind their devices, the social interaction is needed for us to remain human and in touch with the world. Scattermouth has the potential to bring the masses back to a social network, and this alone is a big (and lofty) step. is the brainchild of Shane Cornier, based in Houston, Texas. It is the culmination of several earlier projects, including BitsyBlog, a platform that had similarities to Tumblr, though Shane had a different view for the social media experience.

Shane decided that the world was ready for Scattermouth when he noticed how both Facebook and Twitter have begun changing their platforms from what used to cater to its users to what now pleases the shareholders. So many users are unhappy with the changes taking place at Facebook and Twitter . Shane comments, “Twitter’s unpopularity is very apparent these days, it's not because of the their platforms functionality but because of the police state they've incorporated. Many users are suspended for mere words when it's not Twitter’s business anyways." The same can be said about Facebook, where users find themselves in Facebook jail because of posting photos or comments that may be offensive to a single individual.

Scattermouth focuses on free speech and expression, which is the way many platforms started out. Shane isn’t the average Silicon Valley-type, either. He’s more of a Texas cowboy who happens to shred at coding and design. The San Francisco types may not welcome such a true libertarian minded developer. Despite the possible pushback from the establishment in Silicon Valley, Scattermouth has caught the eye of several venture capital firms, which includes Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In addition to Shane Cormier, Stephen Araiza is the Vice President of Operations. It’s a solid team that shows considerable promise. Scattermouth is the ray of sunshine that so many social media users have been searching for since Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be something they once hated, political and judgmental. They changed due to peer pressure – and those peers would be the shareholders that have their own ideologies and not for the benefit of the users. It is all about the bottom line now, and it’s causing issue with users. is providing a little bit of the best of all the social networks. For example, users who are searching for the ultimate form of privacy will have the opportunity to set messages to self-destruct, which has them removed from the bowels of the internet. This feature is sure to appeal to those addicted to SnapChat simply because there is no permanent record being created.

Social networks are censoring what people say and do now because of shareholder intervention, which is ultimately preventing everyone from having the freedom of speech and level of social interactions they desire. Scattermouth may be arriving on the scene just in time to give everyone a lifeboat to jump into. 

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Batdude and Superbro become besties!

ShowBiz world is always full of fun. When everyone is busy seriously talking about Batman vs Superman the concept and the movie, there are people full of humour who'd like to see them as besties. Yes, you read it right, as besties! How you ask? Read on....

Stella North Media, a video maker has come up with their first ever short film on YouTube which looks at how Batman and Superman can become the best of friends. It is aptly titled "Batdude and Superbro: Dawn of Besties" where they both come to a doctor to solve an issue between them....and the rest of the story? The short film takes us on an laughter ride when both of them don't even seem to have an understanding and respect to let the other person talk. This goes on and on until an interesting twist in the scene makes them..... to know more watch the video to find out!

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The future of the action thriller is female!

Women are rarely leads in action films, and behind the camera, women direct fewer than 6% of movies in the world. When it comes to action movies, that percentage drops to something minuscule, but the team at Enlightenment Productions want to change that! 

The Artemis Protocol is an all female action film that’s unique in it’s genre. A meaningful, gritty thriller about influential women running a rogue organisation of female operatives. The story moves from militia camps in West Africa to the slums of Eastern Europe and has an underlying theme of finding out who you are in a world that often prefers you to conform, finding the courage to live with integrity when integrity might not be popular. 

Enlightenment Productions has released three award winning feature films and one hard-hitting documentary. Their first, ‘I Can’t Think Straight’, became a cult success and won 11 awards. Their second, ’The World Unseen’, garnered 23 awards worldwide, including 11 SAFTAs) Most recently, Despite The Falling Snow, has won Best Production at it’s first outing at a UK festival. 

Support The Artemis Protocol on Kickstarter at or visit the website

Katt Williams IN Twitter Beef With White Rappers Stitches And Bobo Norco

Katt Williams has now taken his crazy antics out of night clubs and onto to Twitter. Late Monday night a tweet was posted by rapper Stitches (yes the same Stitches that The Game beefed with last year). The tweet seemed to be an olive branch extended to troubled comedian, Katt Williams where Stitches tried to relate to Katt's recent trials.

Katt quickly responded to Stitches but probably not the way he was expecting. In Katt's response he referred to Stitches as "Miss Piggy" and said comparing Stitches to Katt Williams was "like comparing vagina to penis".

Stitches then responded by saying "Thats why @bobonorco stuck his penis in your bitches vagina"

Woah! That escalated quickly! Stitches then tweeted a pic of Bobo Norco and Katt's "girl" with an added head of Katt looking on in shock.

This statement seems to have come from a recent post we found in the Atlanta Daily World of another rapper, Bobo Norco, getting cozy with Katt's girlfriend at an Kevin Hart's Oscar party.

What a mess! Anyway, the tweets have since been deleted but screenshots are still surfacing around the web. We're not sure how this feud is going to end, but we can't deny it's fun to watch!

Interview with Douglas Vermeeren - the movie maker!

Interview with Movie maker, Douglas Vermeeren by Yahoo freelancer Stan Romero

We at ShowBiz are always excited and thrilled to share the latest and the best in ShowBiz. In this edition of articles about the talented Douglas Vermeeren, we share a recent interview excerpt of his. 

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with movie director/producer Douglas Vermeeren in regards to his upcoming movie Creepy Zombie. Douglas Vermeeren is the director and producer behind several hit documentaries in the personal development and inspiration genre.

For more information about Douglas Vermeeren and his films go to: and for more information about Creepy Zombies specifically go to:

Stan Romero: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Douglas Vermeeren: It’s good be with you.

Stan Romero: so,why did you want to become a filmmaker?

Douglas Vermeeren: As long as I can remember I enjoyed movies. Like many filmmakers of my generation I was profoundly affected by the films of George Lucas and Steven Speilberg. I still remember the first time I saw Star Wars when I was 5. My Dad took our family to a drive in movie theatre and it was magical. Another movie that profoundly influenced me was Richard Donners Superman. To me it was larger than life. I remember as a young boy thinking that these were nearly document ion of real life events.  In other words I thought C3PO and Superman were real people. As I grew older and realized these were movies I really wanted to be part of that word.

Stan Romero: What was your first movie experience?

Douglas Vermeeren: There were really two major events I think that could be considered my first experience. My first was when my grandpa gave me his old 8mm movie camera. It was then that I first began to think about how a movie was created and what it was like to be behind the camera. The second was my first time to the set as a background extra. I was still in elementary school and I loved everything about it.

Stan Romero: When did you start making your first productions?

Douglas Vermeeren: In middle school and high school I looked for every opportunity to bring video into my school assignments and book reports. I regularly signed out the schools audio Visual equipment. The librarian joked that most students couldn’t get at the gear because I had a permanent booking on it. Looking back it was probably true.  I was shooting all the time and a close group of friends and I tried to create our own projects.

Stan Romero: What was your first somewhat professional effort?

Douglas Vermeeren: While in college I created a short that I entered into a small community film festival. It was well received but family obligations kept me away from the awards ceremony and although we won a prize I still to this day don’t know what we won. Upon my return and hearing that we were recognized for our efforts encouraged me to go deeper into my film studies.

Stan Romero: No doubt The Opus was a big moment for you. How did that project come about?

Douglas Vermeeren: I actually am still very involved in personal development and still publicly speaker from time to time. I recognized that this was a genre that many people were very excited about and I had a lot of connections in that world. I decided to make my first major movie because so many elements just lined up.

Stan Romero: What did you learn from your first film?

Douglas Vermeeren: There were so many things that I found I didn’t know. Some mistakes were very expensive. For example, I made a lot of mistakes in raising money. I didn’t follow correct procedures and ran into some trouble with the securities commission. (In the end I had to pay a big fine.) I also hired a lot of people based on their enthusiasm rather than their skill set and had to pay a lot of money to fix mistakes or reshoot entire parts of the project. But overall I learned a lot here that made the entire experience worth it. While there were a lot of bumps in the learning curve the movie was very well received and so far has been translated into more than 23 languages worldwide and picked up as a book.

Stan Romero: What it easier for your next two films, The gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map? And why?

Douglas Vermeeren: It was much easier. I guess if I were to share advice with any upcoming filmmakers the thing that I learned was if you do a great job on your first film distributors and audiences are excited to see what’s next. It’s kind of like that idea that you only get one change to make a good first impression. The Opus did that for me.

Stan Romero: So now you are shifting to a completely new genre. A lot of people are talking about this dramatic switch from inspirational films to the exact opposite with horror. What inspired you to movie into the horror genre?

Douglas Vermeeren: I believe that people watch films to some extent to feel emotions they don’t normally experience every day. They felt that in the inspirational films I created and I believe they will feel that in the horror film I am currently working on. It will be a fun ride. In addition, I guess its kind of a wink to my high school friends who made movies with me then. We would watch horror movies every weekend and we saw absolutely everything in the video rental store. We then went out and tried to duplicate a few things in our own films. I guess its a chapter in my life that I hadn’t yet found closer with. So this time I get to do it with a reasonable budget and experience.

Stan Romero: So what’s next after this?

Douglas Vermeeren: I haven’t decided yet. Our office has received a few scripts and I’ve written a few as well. I don’t know that it will be in the horror genre. I have a feeling that it will be more of an action adventure or sci fi.

Stan Romero: Thank you for being with us today.

Douglas Vermeeren: Thank you.

Thoughts become things to Creepy Zombies

On the heels of wrapping his latest personal development film How Thoughts Become things, Director/producer Douglas Vermeeren makes a startling announcement. Douglas Vermeeren became known as one of the foremost directors and producers in the inspirational and personal development genre with his award winning films, The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map. His films have been translated into more than 23 languages and developed into books featured in just as many languages.  But this week he threw a curveball when he announced that his next film will not be an inspirational picture.

At first consideration one might think that a simple inspiring narrative film might be the next logical step that Vermeeren might make, but the reality is far more surprising. Vermeeren declared on a panel discussion at a recent personal development forum that his next film will be a “Zombie picture.”

What is meant by the declaration of a zombie picture has yet to be seen as the details given were less than precise. Some of the revealed points include that the film will be titles “Creepy Zombies.” It will be shot both in Vermeeren’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta Canada and Los Angeles, California. The film will go into production for June of this year and have an expected release date of October 2016.

Vermeeren will be writing the script.

When probed further about why a shift from personal development is in order, Vermeeren replied that “this was really his first passion. Not specifically Zombie movies. But fantasy, adventure and narrative stories. This is what I went to school for in the beginning.”

When asked if his most recent film will be his last venture into the personals development realm Vermeeren replied that he had just finished principle photography on his latest personal development film “How Thoughts Become Things.” Once it is released he will spend more time in the non-documentary filmmaking, but the future was unwritten. There may be more personal development films in the future.