Personalised gifts for the right occasion

When special occasions come its time for some gifts for friends and family. But its always difficult to get the right gifts which can suit the right occasion. The occasion doesn't only demand gifts but also sometimes an event must be organised for instance if it was a wedding or even a proposal for marriage. Everything has its cost and sometimes its necessary to ensure to make the events and occasion memorable. When it comes to planning an event or wedding its always difficult since there are many things which has to be arranged. Nowadays there is no worries when it comes to but some wedding or event gifts. Since I came across customised gifts for special occasions like Valentine's Day Gift Baskets and Gift Baskets in Toronto
The gift basket contains different flavours of chocolates and delicacies which makes the occasions or events perfect. You can choose the right gift basket based on your requirements. There is also options to customise the gifts based on your interests. There is also baby gifts like dolls and much more. The gifts can be personalised and branded as per your specifications too which makes it interesting for events like wedding. This will enable people to design and customise their wedding gifts for the friends and family. These gifts will be a part of the memory and people can cherish it anytime. 

TiltedGlobe brings us the best for Thanksgiving!

Think Thanksgiving and all you can think of is family time and a whole lot of fun.. at home. But how about thinking for the naturally hit people who don't have the privilege of enjoying a fun holiday at home - those whose homes have been hit by natural calamities. Yes you know what I'm referring to - Haiti. We need to support them to enjoy their thanksgiving as good as ourselves.
            We at showbiz blog bring the best in entertainment, yes, we also support those who bring the best in entertainment to help people out there. Today, we are talking about Tilted Globe Entertainment - an Internet Streaming Marketplace that provides Producers of live entertainment with the opportunity to live stream productions online, and connecting the dots to thanksgiving - they have announced that they will be the exclusive live streaming provider for “A Tru Thanksgiving Fest’ presented by SoulFlo and featuring R & B sensation Lloyd who will be performing his billboard charting hits including his new single "Tru."
             In true giving style, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Hope for Haiti. More information on the event - "A Tru Thanksgiving Fest" is Saturday, Nov 26, 2016, 8:00 PM EST at The Wynwood Yard, 56 Northwest 29th Street in Miami.

Folks who would like venue tickets can purchase them at
For those would like to enjoy the event along with their family at their home - the Live streaming tickets can be purchased at Tilted Globe's website

So, let's go out there and support Haiti and help them get back in shape and have a normal life soon. We can't choose a better time than Thanksgiving. Hope! That's not all we have - we have support and the heart to give!
About Hope For Haiti

Hope for Haiti’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children. Working in 24 communities in the greater south of Haiti Hope for Haiti helps the poorest of the poor, who cannot easily afford food, basic medical care or to educate their children.  Over the last 27 years, Hope for Haiti has provided over $100 million in monetary support and Gift In-Kind services to the Haitian people in the areas of education, nutrition and healthcare and community development. Our ultimate goal is to foster healthy, sustainable communities.

Know the laws of acting to become a successful actor!

According to Shakespeare, “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many part.”

The “15 Laws of Acting” is a book enlightening everyone’s role as an actor and is a perfect guidance for one who wants to become a successful working performance artist, not only in one field of life but in a range of. From the field of arts to the business world, theses 15 Laws will help one to explore the acting world.

What really the meaning of a performer is one who takes part in an activity or process, which is each other individual around us. As one observes oneself, one can see the way that each individual is having influence in the society. People connect the creative recognition to the one that goes ahead their television screens however neglect to see a typical person as a performer. Writer of the book draws the pursuer’s consideration in a business world concerning being an actor. A typical person has sides of themselves however what figuring out how to act does is giving a chance to discover the parts of themselves that can identify with the characters and the part they are playing.

The author of the book Crispin Alapag is an American performer known for Big Time in Hollywood FL, Ray Donovan, Criminal Minds, General Hospital and VR Troopers Power Rangers. All through his profession he has done numerous national ads from Sears, Sprite, Hyundai and Sprint and has done national demonstrating effort for Dickies and Wrangler. Crispin got his BA in criminal equity and business. He then went on to study law at Southwestern University School of Law. Crispin has dependably had adoration for acting and performing and has examined with Howard Fine, Karen Ludwig, Diane Salinger and Daniel Roebuck. Crispin keeps on discovering achievement in an extremely focused field and adores the test and the prizes of the business. “15 Laws of Acting” will surely help a person to recognize the complexities of life and the way to tackle them. Don’t pass up a great opportunity for this priceless tool that can be used to improve as an on-screen character and a superior individual.

Solarity Studios - A ShowBiz feature

We are ShowBiz blog take pride in each and every feature article here. In that line, we've been doing a lot of study of recent ShowBiz accomplishments and new founds.

Going on the same line, today at ShowBiz, we are extremely proud to feature....

It is a new age studio founded by the young and rising star Alex Kinter. Now, for those who are not following ShowBiz and the recent trends of going all mobile and streaming content on mobile apps, Solarity Studios is a great example of doing all this and even producing an amazing short film.

About Alex Kinter - he is the founder of Solarity Studies an entertainment production company. Having worked with entertainment host Paul Salfen and many shows such as The Drew Pearson Show, Sports Plus and Inside Entertainment, Alex is a fine tuned entertainment professional with a fine knack for talent, we can say.
We got to see some of the fine works by Alex Kinter and are sharing them here:

Paul Salfen interviews Val Kilmer - 2013

Alex Kinter on smartshoot -, here's where Alex can be reached!

and here's a fine interview of Alex Kinter! -

More about Solarity Studios which publishes at Vimeo - which has already completed its maiden production - the short film Alone at the Pool, is focused on producing and creating quality content for the ShowBiz and entertainment world.

Solarity Studios is headquartered in Dallas and has offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, New York and Miami. Alex's company specializes in music videos, commercial production, corporate videos, television cinematography, aerial cinematography, motion graphics, photography, digital marketing and branded content creation. So no matter where the production and category is, Solarity Studios has got it covered!

The Mark of Kings - Graphic Novel Series launched by Entity Eye Entertainment

Entity Eye Entertainment Launches “The Mark of Kings” Graphic Novel Series
We at Show Biz Blog constantly endeavor to feature the latest and most interesting releases in the entertainment industry. In that way, today's feature is "The Mark of Kings". It is a graphic novel series recently launched by Entity Eye Entertainment. This group was founded by Fernando Perez and Suzy Stein as an outlet for their creative storytelling in a variety of formats.

Cut to the storyline, the Mark of Kings is the story of Former priest Benjamin Bishop who must find the secret heir to the largest vampire kingdom in order to stop the resurrection of a centuries old war between Vampires, the Vatican and the Military.
It's co - writer Suzy Stein commented on the launch, "Vampires are an enduring monster and the chance to create a unique and dark universe was thrilling. The opportunity to do it with Fernando was the best part.
Co-writer Fernando Perez added," I was excited to create a whole new Vampire mythology and history. And thank you to Suzy for sharing in this vision."

Now about the authors:

Suzy Stein grew up moving around a lot as an army brat. One aspect of her life that never changed was her love of writing, movies and comics. However, it would be years before she would be able to turn that love into a career. She attended Georgetown University School of Medicine. During her time there, she published several research articles in scientific journals. While that allowed her to work on her writing skills, she still wanted to pursue her love of comics and movies. Later on, Suzy met Fernando Perez and began working with him. Together, they have written numerous short films and scripts. Several of those short films and scripts have been official selections at various film festivals. In her free time, she collects Pez dispensers and loves to perform impressions, even though all of them sound like Bette Davis.
Fernando Perez is an Arizona native.  He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in International Affairs. While that was an exciting choice, it wasn’t what he wanted to pursue. When he was younger, the original King Kong movie inspired and instilled within him a love of film and writing. Afterward, he began writing and telling stories. He was a finalist in the prestigious Disney Features Fellowship Program. He met Suzy Stein and together they collaborated on numerous scripts and short films. Several of those short films and scripts have been official selections at various film festivals. As a single father, he enjoys spending his free time with his son and daughter.

A little about Entity Eye Entertainment:

Entity Eye Entertainment is a privately held independent production company founded to create, develop, and co-produce projects and motion pictures for an expanding global audience. Learn more at

Michael Kodari - the Investor who's famous in ShowBiz

Yes, you read that right. Now, let's talk about Michael Kodari the investor. From what Star Central magazine says, he is the fastest yet consistent and an upcoming businessman in the investment world. In ShowBiz world, he frequently appears on Sky, CNBC and Channel 7.

His ability and skill combined with knowledge and talent to pick the right companies and performing stocks to put money on is hugely appreciated by the industry and other investors alike. We feature Michael at our ShowBiz blog as we admire the capabilities and good use of talent. Also, the fact that he is willing and doing the part to donate and help foundations with money to support the less fortunate people in our society. We at ShowBiz blog, along with the TV channels appreciate the talent and admire the leadership of Michael Kodari as much as Star Central Magazine has.

Watch your favorite shows - live on Internet!

We at ShowBiz strive our best to bring you the best from the world of ShowBiz, entertainment and Hollywood. In this post, we wanted to take one step further and bring our readers the best of the Internet when it comes to serving entertainment content.

If you have already guessed what we mean, you are very smart. If you haven't, you are just like me :-). I'm talking about watching live TV shows on the Internet, yes you read it right, live TV, on the Internet! When I was talking about this topic the other day, I was laughed at saying there is no provider that just gives away live and satellite content for free.

I took that fun as a challenge and wanted to showcase it on ShowBiz when I come across a free Satellite TV provider.... and here we are! Satellite TV Online is a great website which is a streaming TV Portal where you can just tap in and see all live TV streams. From TNT to ESPN sports to BBC world, I found just about everything that I wanted to see live, instead of paying $100s in cable bills every month! Here's what you will see on their website -

It is a great place for all ShowBiz fans to see HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ, SHOWTIME and my all time favourite Comedy Central. So, all you TV crazy and entertainment fans out there waiting to see it on the Internet, you know where to go for all Satellite Streams.

Amazons Smash Hit ‘BACK STABBER’ - The Highly Impressive, Low Budget TV Show

The newest series on Amazon is something you must see to believe!

If you haven’t already seen it, it’s a must see, so take some time out each day and watch the 22 minute episodes. Nevertheless, if you love it or hate it, the message behind it is something we all need right now. The two co-producers, 27-year-old Ryan Zamo and 25-year-old Jordan Fraser, have mentioned being bullied after coming out at 16. The show centers around acceptance, anti-bullying and equality, and with the increasing mass killings in America the show has come at the right time.

So about the overall series... we agree with mostly every other review right now. ‘Back Stabber’ is low budget, and you can tell in the first few episodes, but the producers impeccable marketing is in our opinion what is making it so popular. Campaigning the series as “a low budget, big passion” project , is hitting home with viewers, and you can’t help but to love every second of it after knowing the incredible story behind the show.

Ryan Zamo wrote the story 7 years ago, and tried to get anyone in Hollywood to produce it, after 6 years of hearing “no thanks”, Zamo decided to do it himself, he said, “The message behind it was something that needed to be seen by the world, and we wrote these messages into the show in a way that isn’t obvious, its subtler and sort of subconscious. We hope viewers will fall in love with the relationship between the characters; the straight guys love their gay friends, white friends love their black friends, the rich love the poor and so on. They never contemplate their friendship based on what they are, what they believe in or what their background is. They all just accept each other for who they are.”

So for such a low budget project, why is everyone saying ‘Back Stabber’ will sweep the Golden Globes? Well, Zamo co- produced the show with Jordan Fraser for under $2,000. The two of them did every single job themselves, including filming, casting, wardrobe, editing, sound etc. The driven co-producers didn’t know anything about post-production, and spent over a year teaching themselves the ins and out of it, and that is what makes the show absolutely amazing.

If you watch ‘Back Stabber’ knowing all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into it, you will not even notice it’s major hiccups. And like anything else, the more the series goes on and the more they learned, the better the quality gets. Matt Vella from Time Magazine said it the best, “Let me clarify that it’s not the quality or editing of ‘Back Stabber’ that deserves recognition and awards, it’s the back story and passion behind it that needs to be seen by the public, these 2 prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

‘Back Stabber’ has been accumulating massive press over the past 3 weeks since its release. With major media outlets embracing the message of the show, it has picked up serious steam, and has smashed the record with its low-budget success. As the show continues to exponentially grow, its IMDB page jumped from #355,000 in popularity to #40,000 in 2 weeks, and with no budget for advertising and marketing, that’s extremely impressive to do. So, that’s our review of it. Watch for yourself and see what you think, should it win at the Golden Globes?

‘Back Stabber’ is available on Amazon now, is free to stream with Amazon Prime, and can be downloaded without an Amazon account.

Stay in LIKE or Fall in LOVE!

The notion of “Love” in the digital culture of impatience might have found its 

silver lining in Noel Orput’s “First Comes Like”  
After they both swipe right, Jeff (Joe Fria) and Kate (Robin Delano) try to prove that it’s possible to build a personal relationship through the most impersonal of ways--technology.
From flirty texting to their first Skype date, they find themselves drawn to each other but are reluctant to step out behind their digital curtain and meet in person. Because in today's dating scene, first comes like…and then comes…?

Is Technology a step ahead of Love? Have we become the romantic castaways in constant competition with gadgets in a world of zeros and ones.
Noel Orput's romantic Dramedy rewrites a pro and con list of a "Love" that is mediated through data and while it addresses the moral question of the potential of love, intimacy, experience in a world governed by technology, it doesn’t judge.
The writer/director states; “I wanted to make a film that showed how all of the phases of a relationship can now happen online or on devices: flirting, the first date, trusting enough to be vulnerable, sharing your gifts with each other, falling in love, the first fight, making up, etc. I feel like today you can experience a relationship without actually meeting someone in person. And whether that’s a good or bad thing is not for me to decide”


Songs like “Enough” written by Dalal and sang by the Film’s protagonist Robin Delano or Debbie Gibson’s “Take me there” and Moi Navarro’s “Turn Around” will take you on their own “dreamful” musical journey.

‘Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair’ actress Dralla Aierken

The actress Dralla Aierken, as you probably know by now, started acting in China and began going to auditions in Beijing when she was 19. She threw herself into performing because it was one of those things in life that one cannot NOT do without being unhappy. Even though she had always been interested in the arts since she was very young, especially dancing and painting, acting became her passion and she found that she felt herself most alive and exhilarated when she was on stage or portraying a character.

She went all the way with her passion and earned an MFA at the A.R.T. (the American Repertory Theater) at Harvard and participated in many professional theater productions in Boston and New York. Theater was satisfying for Dralla but she decided to pursue a career in film and TV and moved to Los Angeles and received even more extensive training under the famous screen-acting teacher, Lesly Kahn. Since then, Dralla has been in numerous film projects including, My Mother Thinks I Suck, I Do, Kythera, and most recently, Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair, directed by Eileen Hsu.

Eileen Hsu is an L.A. based film director with many years in the industry. She’s done commercials, music videos and short films, which have been seen on KCET, (a non-commercial educational, independent television station located in Los Angeles, California), and selected to be in countless film festivals in the United States and abroad. Her latest film, Ballot, will debut this summer in New York City at the Asian American International Film Festival, which is the first and longest running festival in the U.S. to showcase for the best in independent Asian and Asian American cinema.

Dralla Airken is one of the stars in Eileen’s Hsu’s film Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair, which focuses on an antique armchair at a garage sale which reveals the life’s journey of its former owner, Mrs. Gu, and her struggles to go from Shanghai to Taiwan and then finally to America. Dralla plays Jean, a strong Asian American woman who enjoys great professional success but is lost at heart. She is vulnerable and strong at the same time, and that is the character’s challenge. Dralla, of course, is such a fine actress that any acting character challenge is only an invitation for her to jump in and play the part better than anyone else. We can’t wait to see Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair!

Neurotic Gangster by Ben Gleib

Showbiz is all about entertainment and nurturing some talented artists. Entertainment has become a necessity with the rigorous working environments. Showbiz rules the world of entertainment and without hard work and talent its difficult to make an impression. There are many inspirational artists who have paved their way towards becoming celebrities. Recently I came across a famous comedian “Ben Gleib”; it was astonishing to know that he had struggled with a speech impediment during his childhood. Since he used to own the stand-up comedy stages with ease. 

Ben Gleib wanted to be a comedian from the age of 5 years but he couldn’t talk. But he was a fighter and paved his way through lot of stammering. Now he is a well reputed comedian who recently debuted in the Showtimes with “Neurotic Gangster”. He has even hosted the GSN’s Idiot Test game show and has appeared in several other shows like Chelsea Lately, Comedy Central’s @Midnight and NBC’s Wedding Crashers. Recently there was an interview of Ben Gleib with “Punched Up”. Its a podcast series where he depicts his real life story from his childhood irony to reaching his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. You could checkout his podcast series in and below is a article by Punched Up on "Ben Gleib".

ShowBiz feature: Actor Kam Dabrowski plays a challenging role in Texas Heart

It is not a regular thing that you see in Hollywood or ShowBiz. Young talent making marks in the ShowBiz world by taking up challenging projects and roles and making sure it is received well and appreciated by critics AND the masses at the same time.

One such project that I recently came across when I was looking for something to feature on ShowBiz blog this week is "Texas Heart" - a movie that goes above and beyond the regular mind-heart battle of a lawyer. For a short synopsis - it is about a lawyer who has to take a decision either to free himself from a problematic situation that he is in (mind) or to take a bold step and save another young man (heart).

Actor Kam at who plays the role of a mentally challenged young man in the movie talks about this powerful drama on his Facebook fan page on a day-to-day basis and is really looking forward to the premier of the movie (as like all of us at ShowBiz) in LA on June 3 this year!


We at ShowBiz are connected with Kam on his Facebook page and ask all our fans (and future fans of actor Kam) to join his facebook page and get to converse with him up close! See the trailer of Texas heart at and let's await the date! :)

License to Rock - Help bring it live!

We at ShowBiz blog always love to write and talk about all things in entertainment industry and the real talent out there.

With that always in the core of our hearts, today we wanted to showcase an interesting project. The film will also be a live stage project and is written and made by the next gen showbiz entrepreneurs.
About the film - It's an action-packed journey where rock music and stunts collide in a high energy concert odyssey and video projection experience. The project team is looking for people like us to support them in this energetic endeavour!

We can help bring a new experience to audiences by supporting this unique action-packed film/live stage show project. The project's concept video is live at - and they accept donations as little as $10. Any amount to this amazing initiative is greatly appreciated and from a ShowBiz blog side, we are aiming to support them as much as we can!

From a ShowBiz Blog reader's side, your initial donation will definitely create a buzz about the project, bringing activity and drawing attention to the page from other backers. Once again, see the action live at

Pressure - the powerful short film

Pressure, is a short film written by brothers Christian Massa and Joseph Massa. Although it has no dialogue and only has a runtime of 11:14, it doesn't fail to deliver a complete and powerful message through the actions and emotions of the actors, that successfully sends chills down the spines of the audience.

After asking the brothers what inspired them to create such a film, they had a simple answer, they said "we wanted to create a film that was not only visually and emotionally stimulating, but that sent a powerful message as well. Depression is an epidemic that must be stopped.

Christian Massa

It is a disease, not a choice. Everyone has been affected by suicide somehow at some point in their lives, and we hope that this is a film that everyone can relate to and feel." Currently, the film is not available for public viewing as it is set to air at several film festivals towards the end of 2016.

A scene from Pressure

We, at Show Biz blog truly appreciate the efforts of the actors and makers involved in this important short film as we believe that show biz is not just for entertainment and fun, it is more of educating people about the various phases of life and showing reality which Pressure captures and points out to us not to ignore the hints of pressure in life and keep fighting till we win!

How to have fabulous hair like celebrities

When it comes to Showbiz industry its all about beautiful people. But there many products and services which allows them to sustain their beauty. I always wondered how the women in showbiz industry have a beautiful hair and look. Recently I came across Hair Confidence Inc. who are pioneers in providing hair care products which allows women to have an awesome looking and strong hair. Its always important to take care of hair and beauty by using the right products especially celebrity women have to sustain their looks for increasing their opportunities in the industry. 
The showbiz industry is so competitive but the solution to hair solution is Hair Confidence Inc. products. Their product works on all shades and textures of hairs. It nourishes the hair from the scalp to the hair tips. This not only makes the hair strong but improves the look and feel of your hair. The product improves your blood circulation in your scalp which results in shiny and strong hair. The product helps hair by preventing external damages and maintaining the strength of the hairs. Hair Confidence Inc. is owned by Cherie who is a stylist for 24 years and she created the product after witnessing the scalp concerns of several women. Her products are specially designed to help women regain their beautiful hair and look gorgeous everyday. 

Sleeping - the movie - at Tokyo International Art fair!

"So, how many of you have heard about the Tokyo International Art fair?" I asked this question to my friends group last week and the response was surprising! Only 1 amongst the 9 odd people knew about it - and all these guys boast themselves about knowing it all in entertainment and showbiz industry. I proved them wrong with this question and followed it up by talking about this fair and why it is important for the Showbiz industry as well even though it is an art fair!
Tokyo Landscape. Courtesy: Getty images
So, I thought I should write about in my Show Biz Blog as well so that my readers are encouraged to know what's happening around the globe and most importantly, how Showbiz is becoming artistic.

eoin art work Courtesy: Jay Celat
About the fair - the city of Tokyo will be playing host to hundreds of talented artists from all around the world when it stages the second Tokyo International Art Fair by Global Art Agency (The GAA Ltd) on 13-14 May 2016, that's right, exactly a month from today. Talking about numbers - More than 150 exhibitors.. from over 40 countries... incredible display of art... with more pieces than ever before gathered under one roof for visitors to admire and to buy in the city’s largest Artist showcase of modern and contemporary art.

Now, where does the ShowBiz connection come here you might be wondering. Introducing "Sleeping" the movie. It is an amazing piece of artistic work more than a movie itself. When I had a look at it, I was taken into the intrinsic streets of Japan and the cultural beauty of the place.

A short art film documenting Irish artist Eoin as he works between the contrasting neon cityscape of Tokyo and the lush landscape of Japan. Showcasing the process of his long exposure photography.
It is the perfect piece of work by Eoin at, directed by James Skerritt at and supporting the artists is the producer Jay Celat whom we will talk about more in this article, syncing to perfection is done by composer Paddy Mulcahy.

You can take a look at the wonderful video right here at Showbiz Blog!

"So, after sleeping, what happens next" might be the thought on your mind. Exactly the same thing on my mind happened. So, I followed the producer Jay Celat's website and yes we have an answer to our thought!

At 9th wave gallery, we get to go behind the scenes with his award winning film about 9th Wave Gallery Artist Eoin / ArtByEoin as he paints celebrity Chef Jaime Oliver's new restaurant in London, England. Taking underground street art into a fine art platform. This circles back to next month's 2016 Tokyo international Arts Fair in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.

eoin art work Courtesy: Jay Celat
At the 9th wave gallery, we will get an opportunity to see the sequel to sleeping and get to know what happens next and a pleasant end to the artistic movie. Both - Sleeping and the new movie will be showcased at the 9th wave gallery. I'm really looking forward to it, how about you?! Here's a wonderful art work from Jay Celat.

eoin art work Courtesy: Jay Celat

I'm not angry, just frustrated

The showbiz industry has thrived its stand in business by the talent it has able to produce. With the evolution of technology we are adhering to several ways to showcase ones talents. The so called platform to showcase ones talent is now available with the likes of Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and many other applications. Its easy to shoot a video with the smart phone these days but when it comes to editing is where we need tools which can be handy.
Recently came across a Youtube channel which is starring Matthew Gonzales. He has several video on youtube and his video are hilarious. He is a gifted actor who pulls of a funny video with ease. Recently he launched his comedy short film “I'm not angry, just frustrated" and guess what it was web series which was edited to short film using Viva Video app. I am so anxious to watch them since its really funny to watch him perform. The shocking part of this was the whole filming was done in 2 cell phones. Now thats how talent meets technology which is the trending factor which influences and gives confidence for artists to crack the showbiz industry. The showbiz industry is evolving with these kind of platforms providing artists a way to showcase their talent to the world. 

Scattermouth: The Next Social Network?

At ShowBiz blog tonight, we are featuring on all things social. Read about Scattermouth and importantly, is it gonna be the next social network that all the celebs and we will love and be a part of? Get busy reading! By: Mandy Ulis

The mobile phone is far more powerful than the average person gives it credit for. Over 60 million messages and photos are sent every day through Snapchat alone. The images are there for viewing and then disappear. What’s unique is that the startup has already proven impressive, despite two facts – it is just 10% of the volume of Facebook and it makes no money. is a unique social network that is combining the beloved features of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. So many of the Snapchat users have forgotten what it’s like to be a part of social media. There is not a whole lot of interaction because the images and messages disappear. Snapchat, in fact, is seen as the antidote for social media because it eliminates the sharing and commenting, which essentially eliminates its social aspect.

We need social media. In a world where so many people hide behind their devices, the social interaction is needed for us to remain human and in touch with the world. Scattermouth has the potential to bring the masses back to a social network, and this alone is a big (and lofty) step. is the brainchild of Shane Cornier, based in Houston, Texas. It is the culmination of several earlier projects, including BitsyBlog, a platform that had similarities to Tumblr, though Shane had a different view for the social media experience.

Shane decided that the world was ready for Scattermouth when he noticed how both Facebook and Twitter have begun changing their platforms from what used to cater to its users to what now pleases the shareholders. So many users are unhappy with the changes taking place at Facebook and Twitter . Shane comments, “Twitter’s unpopularity is very apparent these days, it's not because of the their platforms functionality but because of the police state they've incorporated. Many users are suspended for mere words when it's not Twitter’s business anyways." The same can be said about Facebook, where users find themselves in Facebook jail because of posting photos or comments that may be offensive to a single individual.

Scattermouth focuses on free speech and expression, which is the way many platforms started out. Shane isn’t the average Silicon Valley-type, either. He’s more of a Texas cowboy who happens to shred at coding and design. The San Francisco types may not welcome such a true libertarian minded developer. Despite the possible pushback from the establishment in Silicon Valley, Scattermouth has caught the eye of several venture capital firms, which includes Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In addition to Shane Cormier, Stephen Araiza is the Vice President of Operations. It’s a solid team that shows considerable promise. Scattermouth is the ray of sunshine that so many social media users have been searching for since Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be something they once hated, political and judgmental. They changed due to peer pressure – and those peers would be the shareholders that have their own ideologies and not for the benefit of the users. It is all about the bottom line now, and it’s causing issue with users. is providing a little bit of the best of all the social networks. For example, users who are searching for the ultimate form of privacy will have the opportunity to set messages to self-destruct, which has them removed from the bowels of the internet. This feature is sure to appeal to those addicted to SnapChat simply because there is no permanent record being created.

Social networks are censoring what people say and do now because of shareholder intervention, which is ultimately preventing everyone from having the freedom of speech and level of social interactions they desire. Scattermouth may be arriving on the scene just in time to give everyone a lifeboat to jump into. 

To find out more, visit

Drive like a celeb

After the advent of auto and cars in the 20th century, it became imperative that people owned a personal vehicle for themselves and their family. So, people started buying cars. But the essence of driving was a bit raw and rules were not enforced to a good extent. 

Cut to 21st century - we have driving licenses, proper driving methods, road rules to follow and tests to take before taking a driving license. Its also a proven fact that if one learns to drive in early 20s its easier than learning at a later age. 

To facilitate all the learning and help on understand all the procedures and get a driving license fairly by taking up all the tests, there are driving schools out there. Choosing the right school is important. In essence of showbiz blog where we feature appropriate lifestyles, we recommend drivingschools4u for the right place to learn to drive and get a license to the world of moving cars like a celeb!

Batdude and Superbro become besties!

ShowBiz world is always full of fun. When everyone is busy seriously talking about Batman vs Superman the concept and the movie, there are people full of humour who'd like to see them as besties. Yes, you read it right, as besties! How you ask? Read on....

Stella North Media, a video maker has come up with their first ever short film on YouTube which looks at how Batman and Superman can become the best of friends. It is aptly titled "Batdude and Superbro: Dawn of Besties" where they both come to a doctor to solve an issue between them....and the rest of the story? The short film takes us on an laughter ride when both of them don't even seem to have an understanding and respect to let the other person talk. This goes on and on until an interesting twist in the scene makes them..... to know more watch the video to find out!

How to be stylish and perfect like a celebrity

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The future of the action thriller is female!

Women are rarely leads in action films, and behind the camera, women direct fewer than 6% of movies in the world. When it comes to action movies, that percentage drops to something minuscule, but the team at Enlightenment Productions want to change that! 

The Artemis Protocol is an all female action film that’s unique in it’s genre. A meaningful, gritty thriller about influential women running a rogue organisation of female operatives. The story moves from militia camps in West Africa to the slums of Eastern Europe and has an underlying theme of finding out who you are in a world that often prefers you to conform, finding the courage to live with integrity when integrity might not be popular. 

Enlightenment Productions has released three award winning feature films and one hard-hitting documentary. Their first, ‘I Can’t Think Straight’, became a cult success and won 11 awards. Their second, ’The World Unseen’, garnered 23 awards worldwide, including 11 SAFTAs) Most recently, Despite The Falling Snow, has won Best Production at it’s first outing at a UK festival. 

Support The Artemis Protocol on Kickstarter at or visit the website

Katt Williams IN Twitter Beef With White Rappers Stitches And Bobo Norco

Katt Williams has now taken his crazy antics out of night clubs and onto to Twitter. Late Monday night a tweet was posted by rapper Stitches (yes the same Stitches that The Game beefed with last year). The tweet seemed to be an olive branch extended to troubled comedian, Katt Williams where Stitches tried to relate to Katt's recent trials.

Katt quickly responded to Stitches but probably not the way he was expecting. In Katt's response he referred to Stitches as "Miss Piggy" and said comparing Stitches to Katt Williams was "like comparing vagina to penis".

Stitches then responded by saying "Thats why @bobonorco stuck his penis in your bitches vagina"

Woah! That escalated quickly! Stitches then tweeted a pic of Bobo Norco and Katt's "girl" with an added head of Katt looking on in shock.

This statement seems to have come from a recent post we found in the Atlanta Daily World of another rapper, Bobo Norco, getting cozy with Katt's girlfriend at an Kevin Hart's Oscar party.

What a mess! Anyway, the tweets have since been deleted but screenshots are still surfacing around the web. We're not sure how this feud is going to end, but we can't deny it's fun to watch!

Interview with Douglas Vermeeren - the movie maker!

Interview with Movie maker, Douglas Vermeeren by Yahoo freelancer Stan Romero

We at ShowBiz are always excited and thrilled to share the latest and the best in ShowBiz. In this edition of articles about the talented Douglas Vermeeren, we share a recent interview excerpt of his. 

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with movie director/producer Douglas Vermeeren in regards to his upcoming movie Creepy Zombie. Douglas Vermeeren is the director and producer behind several hit documentaries in the personal development and inspiration genre.

For more information about Douglas Vermeeren and his films go to: and for more information about Creepy Zombies specifically go to:

Stan Romero: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Douglas Vermeeren: It’s good be with you.

Stan Romero: so,why did you want to become a filmmaker?

Douglas Vermeeren: As long as I can remember I enjoyed movies. Like many filmmakers of my generation I was profoundly affected by the films of George Lucas and Steven Speilberg. I still remember the first time I saw Star Wars when I was 5. My Dad took our family to a drive in movie theatre and it was magical. Another movie that profoundly influenced me was Richard Donners Superman. To me it was larger than life. I remember as a young boy thinking that these were nearly document ion of real life events.  In other words I thought C3PO and Superman were real people. As I grew older and realized these were movies I really wanted to be part of that word.

Stan Romero: What was your first movie experience?

Douglas Vermeeren: There were really two major events I think that could be considered my first experience. My first was when my grandpa gave me his old 8mm movie camera. It was then that I first began to think about how a movie was created and what it was like to be behind the camera. The second was my first time to the set as a background extra. I was still in elementary school and I loved everything about it.

Stan Romero: When did you start making your first productions?

Douglas Vermeeren: In middle school and high school I looked for every opportunity to bring video into my school assignments and book reports. I regularly signed out the schools audio Visual equipment. The librarian joked that most students couldn’t get at the gear because I had a permanent booking on it. Looking back it was probably true.  I was shooting all the time and a close group of friends and I tried to create our own projects.

Stan Romero: What was your first somewhat professional effort?

Douglas Vermeeren: While in college I created a short that I entered into a small community film festival. It was well received but family obligations kept me away from the awards ceremony and although we won a prize I still to this day don’t know what we won. Upon my return and hearing that we were recognized for our efforts encouraged me to go deeper into my film studies.

Stan Romero: No doubt The Opus was a big moment for you. How did that project come about?

Douglas Vermeeren: I actually am still very involved in personal development and still publicly speaker from time to time. I recognized that this was a genre that many people were very excited about and I had a lot of connections in that world. I decided to make my first major movie because so many elements just lined up.

Stan Romero: What did you learn from your first film?

Douglas Vermeeren: There were so many things that I found I didn’t know. Some mistakes were very expensive. For example, I made a lot of mistakes in raising money. I didn’t follow correct procedures and ran into some trouble with the securities commission. (In the end I had to pay a big fine.) I also hired a lot of people based on their enthusiasm rather than their skill set and had to pay a lot of money to fix mistakes or reshoot entire parts of the project. But overall I learned a lot here that made the entire experience worth it. While there were a lot of bumps in the learning curve the movie was very well received and so far has been translated into more than 23 languages worldwide and picked up as a book.

Stan Romero: What it easier for your next two films, The gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map? And why?

Douglas Vermeeren: It was much easier. I guess if I were to share advice with any upcoming filmmakers the thing that I learned was if you do a great job on your first film distributors and audiences are excited to see what’s next. It’s kind of like that idea that you only get one change to make a good first impression. The Opus did that for me.

Stan Romero: So now you are shifting to a completely new genre. A lot of people are talking about this dramatic switch from inspirational films to the exact opposite with horror. What inspired you to movie into the horror genre?

Douglas Vermeeren: I believe that people watch films to some extent to feel emotions they don’t normally experience every day. They felt that in the inspirational films I created and I believe they will feel that in the horror film I am currently working on. It will be a fun ride. In addition, I guess its kind of a wink to my high school friends who made movies with me then. We would watch horror movies every weekend and we saw absolutely everything in the video rental store. We then went out and tried to duplicate a few things in our own films. I guess its a chapter in my life that I hadn’t yet found closer with. So this time I get to do it with a reasonable budget and experience.

Stan Romero: So what’s next after this?

Douglas Vermeeren: I haven’t decided yet. Our office has received a few scripts and I’ve written a few as well. I don’t know that it will be in the horror genre. I have a feeling that it will be more of an action adventure or sci fi.

Stan Romero: Thank you for being with us today.

Douglas Vermeeren: Thank you.

Thoughts become things to Creepy Zombies

On the heels of wrapping his latest personal development film How Thoughts Become things, Director/producer Douglas Vermeeren makes a startling announcement. Douglas Vermeeren became known as one of the foremost directors and producers in the inspirational and personal development genre with his award winning films, The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map. His films have been translated into more than 23 languages and developed into books featured in just as many languages.  But this week he threw a curveball when he announced that his next film will not be an inspirational picture.

At first consideration one might think that a simple inspiring narrative film might be the next logical step that Vermeeren might make, but the reality is far more surprising. Vermeeren declared on a panel discussion at a recent personal development forum that his next film will be a “Zombie picture.”

What is meant by the declaration of a zombie picture has yet to be seen as the details given were less than precise. Some of the revealed points include that the film will be titles “Creepy Zombies.” It will be shot both in Vermeeren’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta Canada and Los Angeles, California. The film will go into production for June of this year and have an expected release date of October 2016.

Vermeeren will be writing the script.

When probed further about why a shift from personal development is in order, Vermeeren replied that “this was really his first passion. Not specifically Zombie movies. But fantasy, adventure and narrative stories. This is what I went to school for in the beginning.”

When asked if his most recent film will be his last venture into the personals development realm Vermeeren replied that he had just finished principle photography on his latest personal development film “How Thoughts Become Things.” Once it is released he will spend more time in the non-documentary filmmaking, but the future was unwritten. There may be more personal development films in the future.

Celebrities in Showbiz industry

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Be a part of creating the cast of James Bond Movie

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