Become a Star in Show Biz !

What does it take to become a star in the Show Biz ? Does it entirely depend upon luck as with most of the actors out there or does it really depend upon hard work and determination?. This question does get diplomatic answers when it is asked to the stars themselves. They define a way of life which most of us wouldn't have even seen in our dreams. At some point in their lives, they are bound to become a star and money comes knocking in to those stars as they sail through the entirely entertaining world. They are welcomed in red carpets, pose for photographs for over an hour, sign autographs for fans, a mere touch with their hands lights up the faces of kids and what not!. Even at a very young age of 19, stars are created overnight. But none the less, everybody starts as an actor and it takes weeks and months of toil to find steady work and only a few achieve recognition as stars. Well- known and experienced actors find supporting roles after sometime. Performers who have previously done plays and drams find it quite easy to do the role in mainstream cinema because they have done acting and dialog delivering previously and they only have to entertain people in cinema. So, do you have it in you to become a star?.

Before Machines

“Before machines the only form of entertainment that people really had was relationships.”
Entertainment is a form of de-stressing oneself. In early days entertainment was just passing time with relationships. But at present entertainment has reached its own heights. If anyone feels bored or doesn’t know how to while away time, then he should know that he has a lot of options, be it going to malls, theaters, operas, surf Internet or even playing games etc. As far as I am concerned, the real form of entertainment is going to some places where real silence can be felt. Silence can make a person feel fresh, healthy and sound in mind. Another form of entertainment can be hearing music which also calms down any person who feels tensed or nervous. Nowadays people rarely have time to relax themselves. They are prone to develop many syndromes such as diabetes, blood pressure etc., Therefore entertainment is a must to make them feel better from work pressure.

Concerts add to the buzz

Concerts are events conducted by celebrities. It is mainly related to music, singing and dance shows. Concerts happen very often in US, the most famous ones being that of music shows conducted by people who create music albums. Concerts create a lot of crowd because music albums are really a big hit in US and people are crazy about the album singers. Also the celebrities make more and fast money out of these concerts. The most famous ones being Michael Jackson, Jeniffer Lopez, Shakira, Back Street Boys, Madonna etc. People even go on for concert tours. Concert tour is something like people go around the country to various parts or even to different countries and perform live shows. This happens for a long time probably for weeks together or even months together.

A lot of revenue is generated through these shows very easily with some amount of advertising involved. Of course a lot of hard work goes behind these shows which include rehearsals, lighting arrangements, marketing, advertising, selling tickets, venue arrangements which all come under the event management but the fruits of the shows are always very sweet and worth it. People just go crazy for shows performed by Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Shakira, Jenifer Lopez, etc. They have been famous not only in US but also globally because of which they get a good crowd when they travel abroad and perform shows.

Capturing entertainment with Camera

The usage of film camera has been declining as we can see from books, advertisements, film camera in stores it would appear that not even ten percent of the camera users continue to use film camera. But as far as I am concerned, this is not true. Though digital camera offers you great quality and also it could be cost saving when it comes to long run. Whereas a traditional film camera still has some advantages for some users because for them they need something which meets their needs.
Those who decide to switch from traditional to digital camera there is not much difference to which they should adjust. Certainly it is the technology which made the difference like, resolution, pixels and the optics. But there are some basic changes which everyone needs to adapt. One of the biggest advantages of having digital camera is it does not run out of power for a long time. But it consumes a lot of energy from the battery, and it is also known to drain batteries very quickly. One of the disadvantages of digital camera is the unique power greedy functions of powering an LCD screen.

Magic with David Blaine

With more and more magicians moving on to street magic, it has become very popular in US. But there is one famous street magician who has become popular not only in the US but worldwide. David Blaine is from US. His magics and illusions have shocked the whole world. He has even broken several world records. Apart from street magic he has also performed several acts which would be dangerous to his own life. These test his endurance. He must be really courageous to do such stunts which could even cause his death. Few of his magics include card games, turning his hand almost 360 degrees, making money out of coffee, guessing what is in people's minds, etc. One more famous act of his is Levitation. Levitation is the act of lifting yourself in the air for a short period of time. He is indeed multi-talented because he doesn't not perform only magic but also does stunts and has broken several records. One of his most famous ones is 'Drowned Alive'.
He created a record for being submerged in water for almost 177 hrs. He did not break the previous record of holding the breath in water for around 8 minutes but he gained fame after this. In another stunt he was sealed in a case for about 44 hrs without any food and was surviving on just water everyday. Another stunt of his was when he was encased in an ice block for almost 63 hrs and it was telecasted live. In another one, he hanged himself upside down for a week. All these are just a handful of examples of his stunts and magic. He has done many more which have been telecasted live and written about in many books. All his acts are available in which would definitely shock you. So go check them out and have fun.

My favorite movie

“Life or Something like it” is a movie that i saw last week... i would say Life should be something like that. It’s a very simple story which each and every one of us can relate to. The story revolves around a young woman played by Angelina Jolie who is highly career oriented and a practical minded person. And one fine day she hears from a prophet that she has only one week to live. And the movie is all about how her life changes after that. She begins to do things that she actually enjoys, appreciates the small things in life, and has time for every person.

Coming to think about it, we also lead a very mechanical life. Who, these days has the time to enjoy the rain or look at the stars in the sky or take a walk or have a nice talk with your loved ones. We are doing things just because everyone else is doing it and we have to keep up with them. We spend our entire lives in competing and getting the better of other person.

If we know the date of our death we would spend every day doing the stuff that we love doing, which otherwise would seem insignificant in present times..Why not do that even now? Keeping up with fast changing world is important but it is even more important to Live Your Life. I would definitely say “Live one day at a time and live it as if it were your last day”.

Not just humor but entertainment

Humor is one of the most cherished attributes in human. Does humor mean more than just cracking a joke? Or is it something more than that. Even if it is something more than cracking a joke, can it ever be an entertainment? Humor and entertainment are not too closely related terms. Well, the answer to all is “YES”. How is that possible? Read on.

Humor refers to the attribute where one has the funny sense to make people smile or sometimes make them burst out laughing. On the other hand entertainment is about making people enjoy some time forgetting their regular work activities and regular pressures. Entertainment is one industry that does not see a slump in the business even in times of recession as entertainment is something that most people crave to enjoy if not regularly at least occasionally.

How did humor take form as an entertainment? It is due to the rise of a special kind of gifted people called stand up comedians. They are also called as stand up comic or just stand up. There are several stand up comics who have even taken up this form of entertainment as a career option. These people perform predominantly in the restaurants, pubs and sometimes in large concerts. They keep the people hooked to them by their humor and gestures. This is what I called an entertainment with humor.

Music is a treat to all

It is hard to find any real advantages about having music in schools except to make students happy. However, a research had found that, classical music has been shown to improve mental processes. Whereas heavy metal music has been shown to degrade mental processes in an experiment conducted on mice. In that experiment two sets of mice were exposed to music, and then they were tested in mazes. One group was exposed to heavy metal, one group to classical. The group that was exposed to classical music did better, and the group exposed to heavy metal was being the worst performance.

In accordance to the study we could arrive at the conclusion that classical music can help students to remember better. Though classical music has these advantages, it has some disadvantages as well. Whatever the case it may be, it can't stop anyone from getting distracted, be it interesting or irritating. If you like the music, it distracts you from doing your work. Likewise if you don't like the music, you get distracted as well because you don't want to hear it.

From the study about the mice, the comparison of the distraction rate between the classical music and the heavy metal, I would say that distraction is more for the latter. Therefore for those who want to listen to music without getting distracted from the job they do, I would recommend them to listen to classical music.

Sheer "Movie-tainment"

Watching a movie over the weekend is one of the best ways to take a break from the weekly routine! Especially after a tiring week at work, a fun filled movie is really comforting to the mind and body. The advantage of going for a movie is that you can afford to leave your brain behind at home, and yet enjoy the movie! It is a well-deserved break that we get from the ‘real life', as we get transformed into an imaginary world for a couple of hours. Some movies indeed inspire us too, to face the battles that lie ahead of us in the following week with renewed energy.

Movies act as the perfect stress busters because we tend to forget all our worries and we keep all our burdens aside for those 2 hours! For most, a comedy movie would be the ideal breakaway choice whereas some would prefer a slow romantic movie. OF course, the more youthful kind would go for action movies, to chill out and experience some high adrenaline stuff! That's the other point about movies, there are so many different movies, of different genres that one can pick his/her most preferred type of movie and go for it.

There is no compulsion that people are forced to watch something they would not prefer to. The viewers are spoilt for choice when it comes to movies! To summarize, thanks to movies, millions of Americans look forward to their weekend with genuine interest and anticipation. Movies serve as the right energizing tonic, to revitalize them before the next week starts.