Sheer "Movie-tainment"

Watching a movie over the weekend is one of the best ways to take a break from the weekly routine! Especially after a tiring week at work, a fun filled movie is really comforting to the mind and body. The advantage of going for a movie is that you can afford to leave your brain behind at home, and yet enjoy the movie! It is a well-deserved break that we get from the ‘real life', as we get transformed into an imaginary world for a couple of hours. Some movies indeed inspire us too, to face the battles that lie ahead of us in the following week with renewed energy.

Movies act as the perfect stress busters because we tend to forget all our worries and we keep all our burdens aside for those 2 hours! For most, a comedy movie would be the ideal breakaway choice whereas some would prefer a slow romantic movie. OF course, the more youthful kind would go for action movies, to chill out and experience some high adrenaline stuff! That's the other point about movies, there are so many different movies, of different genres that one can pick his/her most preferred type of movie and go for it.

There is no compulsion that people are forced to watch something they would not prefer to. The viewers are spoilt for choice when it comes to movies! To summarize, thanks to movies, millions of Americans look forward to their weekend with genuine interest and anticipation. Movies serve as the right energizing tonic, to revitalize them before the next week starts.


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