ShowBiz spotlight: Eyez performs at GRM Awards nomination event

This weekend at ShowBiz we've got some great news from one of the artists we regularly write about and follow every accomplishment of - Eye'z!


Singer Eye'z had recently performed at GRM Awards nomination event this June the 23rd and it was well appreciated by the fellow performers Shannon Hughes and Jay Luck and the audience alike.

Eye'z was then awarded an appreciation certificate from the host and the audience couldn't just stop clapping - watch the summary video of the event below.

Eye'z has a fan exclusive out on bandcamp - you can catch all the action on called its the one where music and merchandise of eye'z creations can be purchased for great price!

It is to be noted that there were other nominees Kate Magdalena, Orlando Johnson, Arthur Jae and also that the CEO of All hustle no luck records Shelena Smith were present at the GRM awards ceremony.

ShowBiz Spotlight: N.U.M.B. by Jason Biyo

There are quite a few EPs out there that captivate us the first time we listen to them. Today we are featuring one such EP on ShowBiz Blog. The album N.U.M.B. from Jason Biyo follows the release of his first single and has hit the charts like a star!

N.U.M.B. is a 7-track album and it introduces Jason as an upcoming star artist to the world. We couldn’t stop ourselves grooving to the R&B/soul based tracks, especially the tracks Numb, Fall for You and One. Every song in the album has unique music produced by Jason Biyo himself. The album opens with No Ghosts (Down) which takes us through some serious messages of having a serious relationship and not leading to become a numb person. The most captivating song for us was, of course, if you listen to the EP, you will agree with us - Fall For You where Jason picks up inspiration from his African roots and sings about falling for a woman he shouldn’t have in the first place.

The album finally leads us to Hands where we are literally made to dance by putting our hands in the sky as the song goes!
N.U.M.B. the captivating EP is available on all major platforms online such as Google Play Music, Apply music and of course Spotify.
You can find all the links here and listen to it on the platform you like -
Jason Biyo, the artist, can be followed on Instagram to catch up on some good music for the ears

ShowBiz Spotlight: The Evolution by King C.P

This week at ShowBiz, we continue to explore the musical world and feature artists who have made a mark for themselves after long hours of hard work and toil.
With that opening set, we are today featuring King C.P who has debut LP “The Evolution” a rightly titled LP as music has evolved into so much this generation and has a lot of offer than just sound to the ears.

The Evolution features 11 unique tracks that are a result of 3 years of hard work from this hip-hop/rap artist who has dedicated all these years on shaping his music career. We were fascinated to hear his By Myself which is an interlude in the album and it has some fine lyrics.
By far the most interesting track of the album, to us, is Thanos which if you listen would agree with him when he says that nothing works over night and it takes hours, days, months and years to make great things! Such is the quality of songs in the album.
You can listen to The Evolution on Apple Music and all other major platforms. We are already following King C. P. on Instagram and ask you follow him as well as we have a great artist here who is putting in a lot of effort to create meaningful music!

ShowBiz Spotlight: Hawallywood by Capo Corleone

This week at ShowBiz we put our spotlight on an interesting artist who has produced an EP with a super fancy name “Hawallywood”. For those of who guessed it that it is inspired from Hollywood, yes you are right, but what is with the first part of this? We found it out for you!

Capo Corleone is an international recording artist and radio personality based out of Los Angeles. He is also CEO of a recording studio. Such a multi-talented and skilled artist that he is, he had recently collaborated with B. Guille on this EP which is touted to be a masterpiece. The EP is following on the pair’s latest successful singles, “Paid” and “Don’t Play,” which have both gained recognition from the duo’s international fan base.

Talking about the name for this EP, it has been inspired from the pair’s time being apart of “Hawals” which was an international group of musicians and entrepreneurs, and Capo Corleone since moved to Hollywood. Hence the inspirational EP title!

The EP has got some nice tunes, “Paid” and “3AM” being our favorites of the album! You can listen to the EP Hawallywood on Spotify right away and also follow the star Capo Corleone on Instagram to catch up on his life and his upcoming works.

ShowBiz Spotlight: How Do I Begin by Chuckola

This weekend at ShowBiz we are featuring yet another interesting artist who has come out to share his empathy over what is happening in the world and the lives that are impacted by it. Yes, we at ShowBiz want to join with the singer in expressing his feelings on the loss of life livelihood due to the coronavirus, that included one of the singer's own family members.

Artist Chuckola rightly titled and starts the song with "How Do I Begin..." and has created a beautiful soul touching music video that captures moments of life across the world ranging from a morning in the beach to a day in the city to someone wearing a mouth-nose mask to protect her from the virus.

This weekend we spent several minutes of silence for all those impacted by this pandemic in one way or the other - be it seeing a loved one getting the disease, or impact on their job by losing it or having a pay cut or just seeing their bustling neighbourhood come to a standstill because of lockdown.

You can see the music video right below and follow Chuckola on Facebook and Instagram for more his upcoming releases.

Showbiz Spotlight: Actor Kent Sanders

This week on ShowBiz we are featuring some unique celebrities. Although all celebrities are unique in their own sense, we are ShowBiz want to feature those who have come a long way carving their own path and are continuing to excel in the industry.

Today, we put out spotlight on Kent Sanders, a Hollis Queens, New York based actor who currently resides in the D.C area. Kent has had a great run and in the industry, thanks to some amazing roles in independent films such as "Signals" and "The Ticket" and has showcased his talents in the industry.

Actor Kent Sanders
Talking about what has been the unique attributes of Kent, it was his distinctive voice that has allowed him to work in a wide range of roles and mediums as an actor; from film and tv, to theatre and commercials. Much has been talked about Kent Sanders on Actors Access.
Kent, in his life outside of acting - is an avid sports fan with a special affinity for billiards. He previously studied IT Networking Security and also received certifications from both Banner College
and the Chubb Institute, though it is the latter where Kent developed a passion for acting. It
was his fellow alum that made Kent aware that his height and unique voice create a presence that have allowed him garner demand for his talents on set.

In one of his lead roles in the movie "Open Relationship", we could see his full potential. He is described as a quirky leading man. Kent credits much of his talent working onstage with the
Ebeyana Studio Theatre. As they always say, theatre is the truest form of art and acting and this is where Kent gained all of his experience upon improvising through the role that he did in theatre.

To us at ShowBiz, Kent is that artist who is always willing to go that extra mile for a role, who is excited about playing the part and going above and beyond expectations of the director and truly contribute to the success of the film he acts.

We wish Kent Sanders all the best and look forward to seeing him cast in great films and watch the, on the big screen. Here's his profile in IMDB - Kent Sanders where you can find all his roles as a wonderful character actor and what he is capable of!

Deborah Lee Fong appears in Secret Santa at Urban World Film Festival

Here's an exciting new for all ShowBiz fans out there who are into world film!

Celebrated actress and Dancer Deborah Fee Long quite recently appeared as Agnes in the production of "Secret Santa" during the Live Screenplay Readings as part of this year's Urban World Film Festival and boy, we can't stop raving about this unique appearance of hers!

Deborah is celebrated for her multi-talents of acting and dancing with memorable performances in “Footsteps” and “Footsteps 2” that featured on on PBS, the film “You and Your Decisions”, and countless national Theater productions, She has worked with top directors Barry Jenkins and Ava DuVernay and has said recently in an interview that she would love to work with them again! The great artist that she is!

Ask her what she loves about her work of all time? It is without a doubt she says "Developing the truth for each character I have been able to play is an accomplishment, to live in their truth is an accomplishment"

Secret Santa appeared at the 23rd Annual Festival and the event was presented by BET in partnership with the Writers Guild of America East.
In Secret Santa, she appeared as Agnes who, in her own  loving words is ""Sweet loving and mom of the office always protecting people". Such a nice way to express the depth of the character, that is experience that matures with age, we tell you.

Deborah who is bilingual in and is Panamanian American, is always full of energy and the energetic bilingual has been acting and dancing in theater/television for over 30 years, imagine what a life experience that is!.
She is still as ever versatile and can play a character with ease and when it comes to dancing, she effortless performs Salsa and pole dancing. 

ShowBiz spotlight: Party Pants

Hey, you coming to my party? 
Huh! What party? 
There is a party, 
My little party, 
 A happy party, 
Just for you baby.

These are the opening lines of the track ‘Party Pants’ which is same as the artist's name.
'Party Pants' is his debut in music and he has released it with a energetic music video on YouTube.

Whilst we are all busy on taking care of ourselves, it is nice to come across as party song that is for free spirited souls who like to dance away. Party Pants was released quite recently on 27th March and is making fans drool over it for its hip breaking dance moves and for its visual treat to the eyes with a lot of color. Party Pants likes to believe that he is the king of Hard pop and a musical innovator. We say we agree!

Watch Party Pants right below and you will agree that ‘Party Pants’ the artist aims to do more energetic tracks like this and gain a lot of followers.

You can follow Party Pants on Facebook and Instagram and join the party!


ShowBiz spotlight: Jive Jive by Corbin Canvas

It's the season of EPs and there is no better way other than to feature a spotlight on a New York-based artist.

Today, we are featuring Corbin Canvas as he has released his popular EP “Jive Jive” and we just can’t stop listening to it especially the tracks ‘Function’ and 'Seasons'. If you hear them in studio speakers or earphones with noise cancellation, you can feel the intricate mixes that have been put into them. Listen to the EP Jive Jive on Spotify and we’re sure you will agree with us.

All the tracks are contagious and we bet you will keep humming the tunes even after a while. There are several genres in the EP – house, hip hop and some futuristic soul. The best part? - All the tracks are written, produced and performed by Corbin Canvas himself – the multi-talented artist that he is!

“Jive Jive” is available on all major platforms. He is followed by ardent music fans on Bandcamp so you can stay tuned to his upcoming releases as well as the news is that he will be releasing new music this year as well!

ShowBiz spotlight: Hit singles from Lailien

This weekend at ShowBiz we are covering hit singles from Toronto based alternative artist ‘Lailien’. The singles are interestingly titled as Agent Amsterdam and Valentine.

The focus of the singles are different from what the title may suggest. Lailien investigates diverse view points of the human mind where it swings between nonsense and skepticism versus certainty.

This is brilliantly portrayed in the videos of these singles and Agent Amsterdam is a visually delightful to watch, so much so that we watched it multiple times in awe!

The singles are on YouTube and you can watch them right here at ShowBiz and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

Agent Amsterdam - Music video

Valentine - Music video

Lailien is on Instagram and he has his very own website where you can catch up on his upcoming realeases and enjoy some invigorating music!

ShowBiz spotlight: We are the United States by Karen

There are times when you can keep going without an external motivation and there are times when you need some motivation and hope from the outside. This is where we believe music helps. Music makes us believe in possibilities, gives us hope and makes us determined to achieve all that we’ve been dreaming of. Speaking of dreams and opportunities, it is always known that United States of America is called the ‘Land of Opportunities’ and no better than a music that brings motivation to this land in itself!

Karen is an independent artist who has devoted new single, “We Are The United States” to bring hope and inspiration to all those on the front lines as they face the battle of time in the current pandemic. This time is uncharted territories for the whole world and during this time, people do need a lot of encouragement and Karen is determined to give it from her music. We at ShowBiz applaud the artist’s efforts to come up with such music!

“We Are The United States” is available now on YouTube and all major platforms. You can see the song below and feel hopeful that this too shall pass.

Karen is on bandcamp where you can follow her for all her music releases.

ShowBiz spotlight: ON GOD by Wayz

This weekend on ShowBiz, we focus on artists who have written lyrics straight from their heart and rap on them.

Wayz is one such artist whom we admired whilst listening to his offbeat rap tracks this week and wanted to write about him. His independent album released last year MACHINE, as he describes it, is more than just an album. He portrays the machines that we have become by participating in the work grind and getting things done. Quite true we say.

One of the tracks of MACHINE the album, is “ON GOD” which is a part of an unreleased documentary through meaningful places in Tampa, Florida, his hometown. We at ShowBiz applaud Wayz for this unique album and for this great track. Check out the music video below and let us know what you think!

Catch up with Wayz' music on Soundcloud, on instagram and his very own website

Of Fitness and Celebrities

ShowBiz is not just about celebs, the bling and the glamour. It is sometimes a serious business, and when it is a serious business, it takes serious maintenance of the human body as being in the ShowBiz limelight all the time takes a toll.

This is where personal trainers are required more than ever. With ShowBiz going more global everyday, celebrities and artists need to cater to the global audience more than ever. Think about if you were all of this together? This is a dream! And this is what exactly we are featuring today here on ShowBiz blog. A fitness celebrity who has come a long way since being a former pro baller and a published athlete. He is quite active on Instagram - Itsdreamworld and one can get in touch instantly for all business in celeb fitness!

ShowBiz spotlight: Strength n Dreams by Hazeline Taffe

Today our focus is on Reggae a much under-celebrated genre of music. Reggae, for starters, is a music genre that has its origins in Jamaica, as it is very popular and common there. Reggae instantly reminds music fans of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, the legends they are.

Currently, there are quite a few artists who make a good mark using reggae music. During our search for artists that make or have made inspiring reggae music recently, we chanced upon Hazeline Taffe who had recently released the album Strength n Dreams, a 2-track reggae album with songs in exactly those words “Strength” and “Dreams”.

Hazeline Taffe

As the song titles literally mean, they inspire the listener to live a courageous and confident life to pursue and fulfill his/her dreams. The line which made us at ShowBiz get goosebumps is “....believe in yourself, it makes a difference” in the song Dreams. We recommend all our readers to listen to this inspiring album to gather strength and determination and lead a wonderful life!

You can listen to the album Strength n Dreams on Spotify and all other major platforms as well. For more information about Hazeline Taffe and what surrounds here life, visit her website

ShowBiz spotlight: Jungle by Kemper Grant

We at ShowBiz continue our journey into the world of music and find rare gems to showcase on our blog. In that sense, today we talk about Kemper Grant, a talented artist who has started his career in style with the album “Jungle”

Kemper Grant is an Oklahoma based artist and his album Jungle is an 8-track that shows off his talents in very interesting ways. It is a very diverse album that it is multi-genre ranging from high energy track All Day All Night. a smooth track Blind, pleasant music in Electra and some interesting beats on our favorite track of the album Uber Ride to Cry. We would like to think that this album portrays his perspective of life in his city or otherwise the urban jungle and hence he aptly named the album Jungle.

Jungle is on spotify already and all major platforms as well. To follow Kemper Grant on what he is planning for his next album, check out his website and Instagram to catch up on his life.

ShowBiz wishes the best to this amazing talent for his upcoming albums!

ShowBiz spotlight: Money Talk by Misfit

This week at ShowBiz, we are featuring an interesting artist who has come a long way since 2009 and has reached the hearts of rap fans out there.

Misfit, a Chicago-based rapper who started his career back in 2009, rapped in a music group for quite a few years. After then, he spent a lot of time in the corporate grind in USA. He has since found that he is quite the misfit and is now back in mainstream rap!

He launched his latest single "Money Talk" which is our feature for the week here on ShowBiz!

Money Talk, as the name suggests, is all about getting money and what comes and goes along with it, in a very enthusiastic tone. He is on a goal to inspire his music listeners with his upcoming EP "The Unchosen Ones" that is on track to release in July 2020. Money Talk is already available on major music platforms. To instantly listen to it, tune in to Money Talk on Spotify and to follow Misfit, his life and catch up on next releases, log on to Misfit on Instagram.

Music dua Studeo for GRM Award

"Yesterday...I saw you walking down the street...Knew it was our destiny...The two of us will be..."

This are the lines we at ShowBiz are humming thru the day today as it kind of kindles our younger days of love and compassion in this world to all the great things we experience.

These are the opening lines of the popular track by Musia dua Studeo which rhymes into the lines of "When all is said and done.. You're the one...". 

Can't say clearer than that in anyway possible - such a warm feeling to say such words to one we love the most. This is the sole reason why Music dua Studeo may be nominated for a GRM award again this year! So we at ShowBiz are rooting for them to win it again!

For singing along with us - here's the track for you to see and enjoy.

ShowBiz Spotlight: La Golden by La Sinclair

We at ShowBiz hope everyone is doing well at these unprecedented times of the century and something the world hasn't faced in decades!

This week on ShowBiz spotlight we were looking to feature a unique artist who has sang some uplifting numbers off late and our search ended with La Sinclair. La Sinclair is California based, a singer who creates deep and meaningful music with much energy put into them.

We went ahead and read more about La Sinclair. The artist has a fascination for creating quite original music and the most interesting part to us is that she sings in both Spanish and English!
Some of her hit songs have a Spanish version also - like the latest one La Golden - she has released a Spanish one for it now and we just can't stop listening to it. As we prepare this spotlight about her - we are listening to both Spanish and English versions in loops. You can also listen to the track La Golden on Spotify yourself and understand what we say.

This track rhymes through the message of legalizing marijuana worldwide. As deep as the message is - she sings about it as the cure of many ailments that existing in the world today. Tune into La Sinclair on Facebook to catch up with her updates and new music!

Bollywood news at

This week at ShowBiz, we wanted to travel to the unchartered territory at Show Biz Blog - but one the most visited territories of the Show Biz world after Hollywood - Bollywood!

As the name itself suggests the bling and the sing of tunes in hindi, Bollywood is the destination for all Indians for entertainment so much so that it is sometimes very famous that Hollywood here in the United States for all kinds of entertainment and not just mainstream movies. From shiny movies with the lead actors dancing their way out of problems and love triangles to very serious story lines of action and thrill, Bollywood is packed with entertainment and has been entertaining Indian audiences for decades and recently has been catching global attention with fan bases of popular Indian actors globally with even Oscars being won by an Indian movie.

So, we at Show Biz, as we always spread the word about the latest and most interesting news in Show Biz world of Hollywood and the media industry here, we were looking for a place where latest bollywood news is shared and so we landed at

With its attractive tagline of "Your ticket to glamour" Miss filmy makes sure it keeps you entertained and updated with everything that's happening in the Indian show biz world with movie ratings and latest music videos as well. What was interesting for us is that they've curated playlists as well to keep the audience listening to music while they read away the trending news in the world of Indian entertainment media. So go check them out and get to know what's happening in Bollywood!. It's time to shake a leg to that Indian song...


He is also the head of BGF which is the Black Gorilla Family he is also The known Head of The Commission JAM DOWN CRIME family MOB. Big slab of commission suc is also known as SUC BOSS he is album is a classic called The king of the Black Gorilla Family me. 

Mark A.jones part1 the class album is set to release this summer the one thing about rapper that the label heads and radio Dj's calls him and artists and a very good one at that his latest album coming comes at a time Big Slab of Commission SUC is set to drop a remade version of yo Gotti new album coming soon ft none other then Big Slab of Commission SUC. 

so we have two projects coming instead of one so it's going to be a interesting summer he can and will drop the new album nationwide so be on the lookout for both of the as itzzacee is also making a new Album so is RKM Legend the album ft 50cent so it is a 🔥 one and blue Cantrell and many more people keep asking about the beef I have with Rick Ross it's like this pay me my 💰 money then we have no beef but until then it's up there I just bought a new jaguar coup and expecting something else new at this very moment so it's all good but money is money. the question people ask me about solange or we still talking or we still close we cool but the last person I was talking to was Hennessey Carolina she is very beautiful real talk but keep up with JAM DOWN RECORDS INC/ GAME Tight ent it's going down.

Singer Eye'z will repost your TikToks!

In the past few weeks, we've showcased several spotlights about Singer Eye'z and her famous songs and episodes. If you haven't read them you can find them all here - Spotlights of Singer Eye'z.

This week we have more interesting things to share about Eye'z and her amazing work in the music world. First of all, the song in the rainbow is becoming more and more popular, so if you haven't listened to it - we recommend you to listen to it right away! More so, this week we've tuned into Eye'z instagram and her newest social account on TikTok that is taking the world by storm! There are plenty of people looking to have their TikToks get featured by popular artists and singer Eye'z has announced to do just that - she will be reposting your TikToks to her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! - what an opportunity for all the budding Tik Tok artists out there!

So why wait - let's get the show going! Go ahead and follow Singer Eye'z on instagram, Eye'z on TikTok and share your TikToks, you never know, it might be even featured with her hit single Still a rainbow!

Spotlight: Blind! by Jonathon Goldie

For those who are not regularly following ShowBiz the past few weeks, we've been featuring some amazing artists who are making waves in their music and are having netizens rave about some good music from these artists.

So today we are talking about even better music from Jonathon Goldie in his new album Blind! The album comes with some soothing tracks, some interesting tracks and some hip tracks from this amazing artist based in Vancouver. Prior to the entire album, two tracks were released first "Tundra" and "Fata Morgana". We understand why these tracks were released first - they are different tracks in their own rightful tunes.

Jonathon Goldie performs indie folk-rock music throughout his place of Vancouver British Columbia and is a thorough professional musician. His experience and skills surely show in Blind! the album. Listen to Blind! yourself on apple music and you will understand what we're talking about.

We also explore where albums are available to listen and Blind! is also available on Bandcamp as well as all other major platforms. For social media fans, they can follow Jonathon Goldie on Facebook for keeping up with the amazing artist and also catch up on his next projects and upcoming releases.

Jimmy Merchant calls into Eye'z GRM Presents Podcast

If you're a regular follower of Show Biz blog, you would have seen our spotlight on Eye'z soulful track "Lovely" last month. If you haven't, check it out now!

Singer Eye'z

Since then we at ShowBiz have been ardent followers of Eye'z and recently she hosted GRM Presents Podcast Ep 27 live on Facebook and as she went on in podcast playing her favorite track Lovely, there was someone trying to get the phone number to call in to the show and it was none other than Rock N Roll Hall a Famer Jimmy Merchant and it was an amazing moment for Eye'z herself and we loved it when we saw this!

Jimmy Merchant
It's then figured out that Jimmy Merchant happened to be watching the podcast live on Facebook and wanted to talk to Eye'z. What a day for Eye'z!
Check out the emotions and fun flow on the video below:

For the complete podcast, it is on FCC Free Radio - GPP Episode Almost over this world. ShowBiz continues to follow this Eye'z and we will our take on her achievements!

Spotlight: Vitruvian MAN

Featuring on today's ShowBiz spotlight is one of a kind artist "Vitruvian MAN". Now for those who don't know what Vitruvian MAN actually means - it is the legendary artwork by Leonardo da Vinci that demonstrates proportions of art and Leonardo's attempts to relate man to nature. So Vitruvian MAN is a word that is associated with art already and so it made us easy to choose the new age artist Vitruvian MAN for all the great work he is doing to music and the help he offers to others in terms of writing music, singing or offering background vocal. This pretty much defines who Vitruvian MAN is - he is a producer, lyricist, and medium for great music!

So we spent a good amount of our time watching Vitruvian MAN's latest videos Caviar and Bad Boi Bad Gurl and we were quietly surprised by the unique beats.

Vitruvian MAN is currently working on a new project to support executive producer Brandon Haze Johnson's vision of bringing vocalists and rappers together create some unique free-style music. While we were learning about this - we also were pleasantly surprised that Vitruvian MAN's first album Circus of a Lifetime playlist is now available! We at ShowBiz encourage you all to sit back and listen to some interesting tracks. Here are the videos to enjoy as well!


Bad Boi Bad Gurl

Vitruvian MAN is on google play and apple music as well. 

Seek a partner your way

When the whole world is going in a direction of distancing and finding new ideas to adopt to, we at ShowBiz decided to contribute to it by talking about new initiatives and websites out there to help us.

One of the ways people can find and talk to parts is via online dating websites and we are pleased and excited to write about Brick House Dating which is launching pretty soon and is coming from a reputable company. It will be a matchmaking platform dedicated to helping all those singles out there to seek their choice of partner in their way by taking their own time to use the platform, discuss everything before taking the bold next steps.

With a people friendly vision of connecting every single soul with a soul mate in a friendly and safe environment, this site will be dedicated to best match making! And we've not even arrived at the best part. We are quite excited to say that they are offering 12 months of free and unrestricted access to the entire platform at, for signups that happen now! The site launches June 8th this year and we recommend you sign up right away and enjoy the free access!

Spotlight: Halasana Girl by Darshae Kiér

After a string of great spotlights, we wanted to do one more spotlight to give a perfect finish to the week. We were looking for a great alternative genre music in pop-reggaeton and after some searching for the best one to feature - we decided on Halasana Girl by Darshae Kiér. Though this track was released on September 27 - it is still as fresh as yesterday.

Summer is coming up shortly and Halasana Girl is the best track to listen to when you're on the way to the beach or even that road trip across the hills. You're my Halasana Girl... is also something you can sing during the daily bathroom singer sessions at home. It is indeed a fresh mix that gives the summer-to-fall vibes. Listen to this sweet singing track Halasana Girl on SoundCloud or on Spotify.

You can listen Halasana girl right here on ShowBiz as well!
Darshae Kiér quite popular on Social media as he has accounts in all the platforms out there, we had a good time learning about this talented artist. Make sure to check out his profiles - Darshae Kiér on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Spotlight: Cherish by Kathy Ingraham

Its early in the day and we were looking for some fresh music to get the day started at ShowBiz, and boy we were truly surprised and exalted when we heard Cherish by Kathy Ingraham. So here we are writing our thoughts down about this track and the artist who gave us a great start to the day!

Kathy is a Singer-songwriter, an experienced vocalist and she has sung on numerous radio and TV commercials for McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi, and even more.

We learned that Kathy hit her stride as a bonafide indie recording artist in 2014 and has since released several solo projects and singles, working with an impressive roster of artists and composers. She has recently added another soundtrack to her credits with her 60s retro pop rock song “Little Things” being featured in the new Johnny Depp movie, “The Professor.” This to us is cherry on the cake!

Now about Cherish - for a rare thing to happen at ShowBiz - we have been listening to this single all morning. The highlights of the track are from “Reelin In The Years” guitarist Elliott Randall and jazz icon Pete Levin along with Joel Rosenblatt from Spyro Gyra on drums. They have created a unique magic in the song that gives you positive vibes and slowly gets your senses to flow in the energy elements and truly Cherish the time you are living now!

Kathy has her own website where she pens down her thoughts - she's found a follower already in ShowBiz blog! Tune in and listen to Cherish on SoundCloud, or Spotify we're sure you will listen it more than twice!

Spotlight: Insomnia by Oh Well

This week at ShowBiz we are back after taking sometime to watch out for artists who are making a difference out there. Today we are featuring "Oh Well", yes you read that right!

"Oh Well" is a solo Indie Pop EDM project based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Oh Well is famous for their songs on questioning the basics of people with hits such as Forging a False Reality. The Line of everlasting moments perpuating in space and no one's watching who's gonna find out hit us really hard and make us think!

In this article, we wanted to talk about Insomnia, Oh Well's latest EP which is all about - you know - Insomnia - the fights that occur on the mind, the running away from truth, anxiety and everything people experience with the subtleties of the struggle to have a good night's sleep. Particularly the tracks Insomnia and Blindfolds Off shook us up when we heard them!

With gripping music, the videos are much more gripper that they truly resonate the tracks' feelings. Don't believe us? Watch them yourself and for sure you will agree with every line of the tracks!
Now we go sing In the middle of the night can't sleep... Insomnia....
Follow Oh Well on Instagram, hear them on Spotify and all platforms.  

Spotlight: Rowdy Freestyle by Rowdzilla

This week on ShowBiz, we are highlighting Rowdzilla. And for those of you who don't know Rowdzilla, please spend more time in the music world as Rowdzilla is an upcoming favourite artist of the music community who's first single was released when he was only 13 reaching almost 4000 views!

Music, as we know becomes life for people who are artists at heart and there is nothing else they can think about day in and day out. Rowdzilla has been no different as since the age of 13, there is no looking back and as he says his music is a more accurate reflection of his true self. This year, Rowdzilla the boy turns 16.

So, we at Showbiz spent time listening to Rowdy Freestyle and boy we must say it has been our favourite this week - it does start with a jazz note but quickly goes on to show his rapping skills and the place where we felt really good is :now there is a second when there is a first, its all on the mind. You gotta listen to the track and feel good - just like us! Here's the single on Spotify for those who want to put it on their playlists right away.

We've got the video right here so you can start listening and seeing him right here on ShowBiz blog!

Did we also say that Rowdzilla is also on Instagram and Apple music - let's spread some love to the great artist who's already ready to take on the world!

Spotlight: Singer Eye'z latest Single "Lovely"

This week on ShowBiz, we are talking about Singer Eye'z and her latest single "lovely" released on valentine's day which is an amazing track about all things love and about she emphasizes the love in the care that is shown on the woman. This is an exclusive track for fans released on bandcamp so you can head over there and listen to it and even but it right now at If you didn't know about Eye'z, her latest single that was a sensation was " ...Still a rainbow"

Another mention that we wanted to highlight on this article is that Singer Eye'z also attended the GRM Awards announcement dinner a couple of days ago in San Pablo Ca. All eyes on Eyez is what we heard from this bling event where Eyez was pretty much welcomed with fanfare as she was the winner of social media start award in 2019! Eye'z website is and that's where you can catch all the action and artistry that Eye'z is upto these days. 

We hear that Eye'z is working on even more new music and we from ShowBiz will be hooked to lovely in the meantime as we keep hearing it in loop! Catch up Eye'z on instagram to get all the latest behind the scenes and the glitz and glamour from the award ceremonies!

Spotlight: Fired Up by Gemtarra

Our final spotlight this week at ShowBiz is the new EP Fired Up.
So what got us at ShowBiz fired up about "Fired Up" the EP? It is the fact that it is by twin sisters Gina Cieri and Tina Cieri. The genius twins came up with a blend of Italian words for twins and guitar (Gemilli and Chitarra) - how cool huh - and formed "Gemtarra" as the name of the band.

Based in Philadelphia (yaay Philly!), the twins formed this band in 2018, were originally called Prima Donna and we came to know they were quite popular in college stations including making it to top 10 lists!

The new EP Fired Up has some nice to hear tracks Fire Me Up and Jealous Heart - very uniquely made words and lyrics targeting all those valentines out there, these were recorded in Conshohocken, yeah one of our favourite cities in the US!, there are some top names for the music in the band of Gina and Tina, including Grammy award winning producer Phil Nicolo. Gemtarra has their own super awesome website where they post about themselves and what they intend to come up with next. Listen to the EP we are hooked up with right now - Fired Up on Spotify

Alternative music and rock are blended into a new level by this band. The instruments used on their prima track Fire Me Up is very classic yet fits so well into today's expectations of young listeners. Time is their abode for the tracks cross all barriers of time and the band should take a bow!

You can listen to the first two singles off of the EP "Fire Me Up" and "Jealous Heart" on all streaming sites. Check out Gemtarra's website for news, their social media handles for personal and album information and more updates.

Spotlight: Last Night Was Hell by LVSTNIGHT

  1. In this edition of ShowBiz spotlight article, we are talking about "Last Night was Hell". Yes, you read that right, this is the EP of LVSTNIGHT, a EP that caught our attention when we were going around looking for very exquisite valentine's day EP or rather an anti-valentine's day one for those who want to be loud in not celebrating this day.

We present you Last Night Was Hell by LVSTNIGHT from the Montana based rapper who reveals his dark side in some of the tracks of the album (or rather all?! - listen for yourself). Album is on Spotify here.

Heavy music, a lot of club hanging and a lot of emotion in the lyrics as well as music itself, the tracks portray a lot of moods themselves, and are perfect for a night out for gentlemen looking for some whiff of fresh air away from valentines. 
LVSTNIGHT is on Instagram and Twitter, you can find on this name and follow for more to come.

Spotlight: Under My Skin by Katrina Stuart

This week at ShowBiz we've been reviewing some great music, albums and EPs. If you haven't caught up with our posts, check out homepage or navigate to our posts labeled Spotlight!

In this article, we introduce you the latest project by Katrina Stuart of the album titled "Under My Skin". Katrina is a Musicash recording artist and this is her very own and first ever album that she released worldwide, on 14-November last year.

Talking about the album and our favourite track Under My Skin - it is about all her life experiences she has been through and they feel so meaningful to us at ShowBiz blog. In her own words about the title of the album, Katrina explains "I feel like all the songs are created from all these different emotions that are in my heart and ‘under my skin" Very true we say!!! Take a look at the cover art as well - we will tell you what it means right after the image.

One part of the image portrays happy go lucky every day life of a girl but the other part portrays the dark side which we all face and go through on some days. Such deepness in the artwork!
Talk about producers of the album - some top names here like - Trevor Muzzy, Cboe, Niklas Carson, Yei Gonzalez, Sebastian Lestapier, and Andrelli.

You can catch the track on all internet platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Alongside this, there are also two of her nice to hear singles "Gone" and "Dinner."

A little bit about Katrina herself that we learnt and wanted to share here - she is a performer from Toronto and now lives in LA! Ever since age 4(yes age 4!!) she has been creating her own music and has been performing at multiple events and venues. The one info that excited us to the peak was that she is more everything that we can get from a performer - a model, a dancer and an actor! You can even see her in magazine advertisements and short films we've been told. From ShowBiz blog - we wish Katrina all the best to rock on her career in music!

Spotlight: The Wild One from YellaCatt

On today’s ShowBiz spotlight, we talk about EP “The Wild One”. This has been on our playlist for over a week now due to its spot on music and power lyrics.
YellaCatt’s Daniella White was heavily pursuing music from forms of nature, feminine, mystic and mythology. We sat down and heard the tracks from EP The Wild One(listen now!) featuring tracks Dragoness, Super Power Pussy, Wild Horse and Lightning Strikes and we wanted to write about them all as they were fantastic in their own way.

We will now focus on Dragoness, which was our pick of the lot. The music video is scintillating in its truest form, the slow start to the song and the exhilarating music adds to the moves in the video. 

Daniella has attributed her lifelong love affair with music on this EP by expressing music as an artist. She has had her own successful crown “The Plumed Serpent”. Watch the video below by YellaCatt and you know what we’re exactly talking about!

Of course, she has her own website, is on Instagram and Facebook. We are sharing the links to these platforms on this article. So all you trendy music fans out there looking for a mystic piece of music, The Wild One is our pick for you! 

Roland Sato's novel - Eating the Forbidden Fruit

New author Roland Sato Page started writing as therapy for his depression thus "Eating the Forbidden Fruit" is a novel based on his past as a St. Louis cop convicted of federal crimes because of his childhood affiliation.A tale of karma, confession, and redemption that grab the reader from start to finish. The release is March 30, 2020. For the 411 on his journey and all his social media links