Your song for a celebrity's birthday

This week in ShowBiz Blog, we are featuring a one of a kind experience that has blown our minds with something that we’ve quite frankly, haven’t imagined is possible. 

Let’s get to it straight: It is an opportunity where you can vote for your favorite celebrity whose birthday is coming up next month (January 2021) so that they get their very own birthday song. Composing and creating a song is by no means an easy feat, imagine doing a birthday song and that too, for a celebrity! This fantastic voting opportunity is made available for the public by Bring My Song to Life. It works quite simply - a website page called Celebrity Birthday has been created where anyone can vote for their favorite celebrity and the celebrity with the most votes wins and gets a new birthday song composed by the professional team and delivered to the celebrity!

These celebrities don’t need an introduction here as they’re so famous for what they do in the ShowBiz world. The celebs and their birthdays are:

Bradley Cooper - January 5, 

Oprah Winfrey - January 29, 

Jim Carrey - January 17, 

Alicia Keys - January 25, 

Justin Timberlake - January 31, 

Ellen DeGeneres - January 26.

We never know - but a lucky voter’s name could also be featured on the song so it's definitely worth casting your vote for your favorite celeb!

“Bring My Song to Life” team

The website that curated this service “Bring My Song to Life” provides a platform which lets people create a song using the services of an experienced team of musicians and gift that song to their near or dear on special occasions such as a birthday, wedding, a festival or just a happy event in the family. The unique song will then trigger beautiful memories in the future every time it is heard!

Check out some of their sample tracks right here on ShowBiz blog:

Sample 3 - Little Miss Confidence
Sample 1 - Happiness
Sample 2 - Rest In My Shadow
Sample 3 - Little Miss Confidence
Sample 4 - The First Time I Met You
Sample 5 - Little Miss Beautiful
Sample 6 - Breathe On My Fire
Sample 7 - Feelin_ So Fine
Sample 8 - Show My Love
Sample 9 - Party Time


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