Stay in LIKE or Fall in LOVE!

The notion of “Love” in the digital culture of impatience might have found its 

silver lining in Noel Orput’s “First Comes Like”  
After they both swipe right, Jeff (Joe Fria) and Kate (Robin Delano) try to prove that it’s possible to build a personal relationship through the most impersonal of ways--technology.
From flirty texting to their first Skype date, they find themselves drawn to each other but are reluctant to step out behind their digital curtain and meet in person. Because in today's dating scene, first comes like…and then comes…?

Is Technology a step ahead of Love? Have we become the romantic castaways in constant competition with gadgets in a world of zeros and ones.
Noel Orput's romantic Dramedy rewrites a pro and con list of a "Love" that is mediated through data and while it addresses the moral question of the potential of love, intimacy, experience in a world governed by technology, it doesn’t judge.
The writer/director states; “I wanted to make a film that showed how all of the phases of a relationship can now happen online or on devices: flirting, the first date, trusting enough to be vulnerable, sharing your gifts with each other, falling in love, the first fight, making up, etc. I feel like today you can experience a relationship without actually meeting someone in person. And whether that’s a good or bad thing is not for me to decide”


Songs like “Enough” written by Dalal and sang by the Film’s protagonist Robin Delano or Debbie Gibson’s “Take me there” and Moi Navarro’s “Turn Around” will take you on their own “dreamful” musical journey.

‘Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair’ actress Dralla Aierken

The actress Dralla Aierken, as you probably know by now, started acting in China and began going to auditions in Beijing when she was 19. She threw herself into performing because it was one of those things in life that one cannot NOT do without being unhappy. Even though she had always been interested in the arts since she was very young, especially dancing and painting, acting became her passion and she found that she felt herself most alive and exhilarated when she was on stage or portraying a character.

She went all the way with her passion and earned an MFA at the A.R.T. (the American Repertory Theater) at Harvard and participated in many professional theater productions in Boston and New York. Theater was satisfying for Dralla but she decided to pursue a career in film and TV and moved to Los Angeles and received even more extensive training under the famous screen-acting teacher, Lesly Kahn. Since then, Dralla has been in numerous film projects including, My Mother Thinks I Suck, I Do, Kythera, and most recently, Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair, directed by Eileen Hsu.

Eileen Hsu is an L.A. based film director with many years in the industry. She’s done commercials, music videos and short films, which have been seen on KCET, (a non-commercial educational, independent television station located in Los Angeles, California), and selected to be in countless film festivals in the United States and abroad. Her latest film, Ballot, will debut this summer in New York City at the Asian American International Film Festival, which is the first and longest running festival in the U.S. to showcase for the best in independent Asian and Asian American cinema.

Dralla Airken is one of the stars in Eileen’s Hsu’s film Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair, which focuses on an antique armchair at a garage sale which reveals the life’s journey of its former owner, Mrs. Gu, and her struggles to go from Shanghai to Taiwan and then finally to America. Dralla plays Jean, a strong Asian American woman who enjoys great professional success but is lost at heart. She is vulnerable and strong at the same time, and that is the character’s challenge. Dralla, of course, is such a fine actress that any acting character challenge is only an invitation for her to jump in and play the part better than anyone else. We can’t wait to see Mrs. Gu and Her Armchair!

Neurotic Gangster by Ben Gleib

Showbiz is all about entertainment and nurturing some talented artists. Entertainment has become a necessity with the rigorous working environments. Showbiz rules the world of entertainment and without hard work and talent its difficult to make an impression. There are many inspirational artists who have paved their way towards becoming celebrities. Recently I came across a famous comedian “Ben Gleib”; it was astonishing to know that he had struggled with a speech impediment during his childhood. Since he used to own the stand-up comedy stages with ease. 

Ben Gleib wanted to be a comedian from the age of 5 years but he couldn’t talk. But he was a fighter and paved his way through lot of stammering. Now he is a well reputed comedian who recently debuted in the Showtimes with “Neurotic Gangster”. He has even hosted the GSN’s Idiot Test game show and has appeared in several other shows like Chelsea Lately, Comedy Central’s @Midnight and NBC’s Wedding Crashers. Recently there was an interview of Ben Gleib with “Punched Up”. Its a podcast series where he depicts his real life story from his childhood irony to reaching his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. You could checkout his podcast series in and below is a article by Punched Up on "Ben Gleib".