Abracadabra- The Magic of Magic

The Purpose of Magic is to amuse and create a feeling of wonder. Be it getting a rabbit from a hat to walking in the air, it completely baffles the audience and creates an urge to know the secret, and whenever you ask the magician about the truth behind the trick, “its all done with smoke and mirrors”, would be their only reply. It takes months or years of preparations and a lot of dedication and passion towards their job. Still, the magician performs a balancing act. He turns something from nothing, something into nothing, something to something else, and something to move somewhere all based on illusions.

When it comes to stage shows, there are a plethora of options and the magic show comes under the best category. The successes of every magic shows are based on two concepts, Audience's perception and the performer's ability. These two gets connected in both expected and unexpected ways, whatever the case may be, it brings fun and joy for the audience in any case.

So if you see a listing or advertisement for a magic show and if it looks intriguing and if the ticket price seems fair then what are you waiting for, get out there and guarantee yourself a great time.

An entertainment of a different format

There are many art forms that have been accepted largely as an entertainment quotient in the minds of the people. To mention a few dancing, magic tricks, theater and musicals. The most difficult yet enjoyable of the many forms of entertainment is the "mime". Mime actually refers to the art of portraying a thought with the help of body motions. This format of entertainment is often referred to as a form of art and it involves enormous efforts by a number of people. The people acting in a mime show are called as mime artist.

Most of the mime artists showcase their talents in the form of a dance or a musical or sometimes with just their expressions. The mime shows could even be oriented towards a theme or a cause. For example I happened to witness a mime show that was close to a street play. The mime artists actually performed on the streets of California. They were performing to promote the cause of military personnel deployed in Iraq. Their whole show lasted just for about five to six minutes but the experience was a memorable one as the artists could get the message across to the audience in that short span of time. And most of all they portrayed the whole cause without uttering a word. Now that is what I call an entertainment with talent.

Cheer-leading – a sport or entertainment ?

While many think cheer-leading makes sports more enjoyable that adds a lot of glamor and excitement to the game. On the contrary there are a few others who hate the very idea of cheer-leading between games or sports. Cheer-leading could be treated as a form of sport or as a form of entertainment. The viewers of a game or sport would love to have great entertainment on field and off field. The off field sporting entertainment is only referred to as cheer-leading. There are rarely any questions about the athleticism of cheerleaders or their performance. Cheerleaders are not distractions to the players but are actually attractions to the viewers. But some people may not agree with my argument. Even I had a huge debate with one of my closest friends regarding this. But he made a valid point saying “Cheer-leading itself a different sport, why include it in other sports. While we continue to debate whether cheer-leading is a sport or not, whether sports needs it or not, we cannot deny the fact that cheer-leading is an art in itself and that cheerleaders work just as hard as "real athletes" do. Cheer-leading takes just as much dedication and skill as any other sport, sometimes it takes more. So long as people understand that there's no harm to the game. It's just part of the game.

Socializing on the web with Facebook - part2

Did you know that Facebook has the option of commenting on photos or quizzes on the Home Page which makes it very user friendly. Even Friend suggestions are sent and shown on the Home Page. Other requests sent by your friend will also be shown. Any friend requests are also shown on the Home Page. Moreover the quizzes that the people have taken and their results are also displayed. This prompts the user also to take up that quiz. Facebook has another feature of Applications. These are mostly games and can be added to the profile. Facebook supports 64 languages. The number of people who are online are also shown. Even gifts can be sent to your friends by paying $1. The web-site acts as a platform between you and your friends.

The above mentioned features are just a few of Facebook's features. It's said that too much of something is not good for the mind and body and this applies to networking too. Since it is getting more and more interesting day by day, youngsters get addicted to this site and even waste a lot of time and money which should be avoided.

Socializing on the web with Facebook - part1

Facebook - a social networking site is a perfect example of a Web 2.0 site. The basic ingredient that makes up a Web 2.0 site is that it has User Generated Content (UGC) which means that it does not have any original content of its own but everything is generated by different users.

Facebook maintains profiles of various people and enables the people to become friends of others by the option of adding them as friends. Moreover it is so transparent in the sense that a friend of yours can view your photos that you have uploaded, can comment on them, check out your friends, write on your wall, check what others have written on your wall, etc. It is this feature which makes it very interesting. As the person logs in, by default, all updates about his/her friends are shown on the home page. On skimming through, one gets an idea on what is going on in his/her friend's life by looking at the changed status message or the uploaded pictures. These are just some of the basic features of Facebook. Advanced features will be discussed on my next post.

Keep yourself entertained with Internet

For people who love taking pictures, looking at them or uploading them - you have Flickr. LinkdIn - a job portal, Twitter, hi5, Orkut are all examples of social networking sites. E-bay is a site meant for e-shopping and Amazon for buying books. Many web-sites are available for downloading movies - eg:- bitTorrent. Then there are forums where people can post queries and get solutions and blogging websites like the e-blogger in which people can write anything and everything that is happening in their life.

The above mentioned websites are just a small chunk of web applications present on the Internet. There are many more which make the people spend time on the Internet almost 24X7. At this point of time, life is unimaginable without the Internet!