Cheer-leading – a sport or entertainment ?

While many think cheer-leading makes sports more enjoyable that adds a lot of glamor and excitement to the game. On the contrary there are a few others who hate the very idea of cheer-leading between games or sports. Cheer-leading could be treated as a form of sport or as a form of entertainment. The viewers of a game or sport would love to have great entertainment on field and off field. The off field sporting entertainment is only referred to as cheer-leading. There are rarely any questions about the athleticism of cheerleaders or their performance. Cheerleaders are not distractions to the players but are actually attractions to the viewers. But some people may not agree with my argument. Even I had a huge debate with one of my closest friends regarding this. But he made a valid point saying “Cheer-leading itself a different sport, why include it in other sports. While we continue to debate whether cheer-leading is a sport or not, whether sports needs it or not, we cannot deny the fact that cheer-leading is an art in itself and that cheerleaders work just as hard as "real athletes" do. Cheer-leading takes just as much dedication and skill as any other sport, sometimes it takes more. So long as people understand that there's no harm to the game. It's just part of the game.


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