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Is Beyoncé Really Pregnant?

Queen Bey is one of the female artistes currently enjoying massive success in her music career. With a sexy body to boot and an equally rich and talented hubby, Jay-Z, Beyoncé Knowles is one of the most focused upon celebrities and with good reason!

                       The celebrity power couple already has a cute little girl; Blue Ivy Carter who is one of the most loved and spoilt girls in the world! However, there are several indications that all has not been well in their marriage. First came the rumours, which were aptly confirmed, that Solange, Beyoncé’s younger sister had fought Jay-Z. There was video evidence that showed Solange pummelling her brother in law as her sister stood and watched without intervening. Speculation was rife as to the reason of the fight but they later on dismissed the occurrence as just a simple family disagreement.

                       It would later on emerge that it was likely that Jay-Z was unfaithful. On the day he received some blows from Solange, it is said that he insisted on going to an event which would be attended by Rihanna without Beyoncé in tow! The couple would then begin a very successful tour amidst rumours that they were just doing shows together but were no longer as a couple. At one point, fans were heartbroken with news that they would announce their separation after the tour! 

                       Well, they did complete the tour and are still together. In fact, Queen Bey's mother even asserted that the rumours that her daughter was soon to split from her husband were just nasty lies. In fact, in the last show of their "On The Run" tour, Jay-Z changed the lyrics to one of his rap songs and insinuated that his queen was expecting baby number two! Of course, this has opened speculation concerning the true position of the pregnancy rumours.

                        It is still not clear whether or not there is a baby bump growing. The singer has published a number of pictures in bikinis in social media and in almost all of them, you still cannot catch any pregnancy evidence. The couple has not come out officially to deny or confirm any pregnancy rumours and it is unlikely that they will do so any time soon.

                       Some sources have speculated that Beyoncé did not actually carry the pregnancy that led to the birth of Blue Ivy Carter. If at all the couple is indeed pregnant again, fans and critics alike will be quick to monitor any changes to the tummy.

Hopefully, the two overcame the challenges that seemed to beset their relationship early this year and are thinking of joining the ranks of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who have a sizeable brood to keep them occupied and busy all the time. Read more about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie here.

There have been rumours too that Beyoncé’s sister is also pregnant by her 51 year old fiancé. It will be interesting to see how both pregnancy rumours turn out given the fact that some conspiracy theorists actually allege that Solange is the real mother to Blue Ivy!