ShowBiz spotlight: Eyez performs at GRM Awards nomination event

This weekend at ShowBiz we've got some great news from one of the artists we regularly write about and follow every accomplishment of - Eye'z!


Singer Eye'z had recently performed at GRM Awards nomination event this June the 23rd and it was well appreciated by the fellow performers Shannon Hughes and Jay Luck and the audience alike.

Eye'z was then awarded an appreciation certificate from the host and the audience couldn't just stop clapping - watch the summary video of the event below.

Eye'z has a fan exclusive out on bandcamp - you can catch all the action on called its the one where music and merchandise of eye'z creations can be purchased for great price!

It is to be noted that there were other nominees Kate Magdalena, Orlando Johnson, Arthur Jae and also that the CEO of All hustle no luck records Shelena Smith were present at the GRM awards ceremony.

ShowBiz Spotlight: N.U.M.B. by Jason Biyo

There are quite a few EPs out there that captivate us the first time we listen to them. Today we are featuring one such EP on ShowBiz Blog. The album N.U.M.B. from Jason Biyo follows the release of his first single and has hit the charts like a star!

N.U.M.B. is a 7-track album and it introduces Jason as an upcoming star artist to the world. We couldn’t stop ourselves grooving to the R&B/soul based tracks, especially the tracks Numb, Fall for You and One. Every song in the album has unique music produced by Jason Biyo himself. The album opens with No Ghosts (Down) which takes us through some serious messages of having a serious relationship and not leading to become a numb person. The most captivating song for us was, of course, if you listen to the EP, you will agree with us - Fall For You where Jason picks up inspiration from his African roots and sings about falling for a woman he shouldn’t have in the first place.

The album finally leads us to Hands where we are literally made to dance by putting our hands in the sky as the song goes!
N.U.M.B. the captivating EP is available on all major platforms online such as Google Play Music, Apply music and of course Spotify.
You can find all the links here and listen to it on the platform you like -
Jason Biyo, the artist, can be followed on Instagram to catch up on some good music for the ears

ShowBiz Spotlight: The Evolution by King C.P

This week at ShowBiz, we continue to explore the musical world and feature artists who have made a mark for themselves after long hours of hard work and toil.
With that opening set, we are today featuring King C.P who has debut LP “The Evolution” a rightly titled LP as music has evolved into so much this generation and has a lot of offer than just sound to the ears.

The Evolution features 11 unique tracks that are a result of 3 years of hard work from this hip-hop/rap artist who has dedicated all these years on shaping his music career. We were fascinated to hear his By Myself which is an interlude in the album and it has some fine lyrics.
By far the most interesting track of the album, to us, is Thanos which if you listen would agree with him when he says that nothing works over night and it takes hours, days, months and years to make great things! Such is the quality of songs in the album.
You can listen to The Evolution on Apple Music and all other major platforms. We are already following King C. P. on Instagram and ask you follow him as well as we have a great artist here who is putting in a lot of effort to create meaningful music!

ShowBiz Spotlight: Hawallywood by Capo Corleone

This week at ShowBiz we put our spotlight on an interesting artist who has produced an EP with a super fancy name “Hawallywood”. For those of who guessed it that it is inspired from Hollywood, yes you are right, but what is with the first part of this? We found it out for you!

Capo Corleone is an international recording artist and radio personality based out of Los Angeles. He is also CEO of a recording studio. Such a multi-talented and skilled artist that he is, he had recently collaborated with B. Guille on this EP which is touted to be a masterpiece. The EP is following on the pair’s latest successful singles, “Paid” and “Don’t Play,” which have both gained recognition from the duo’s international fan base.

Talking about the name for this EP, it has been inspired from the pair’s time being apart of “Hawals” which was an international group of musicians and entrepreneurs, and Capo Corleone since moved to Hollywood. Hence the inspirational EP title!

The EP has got some nice tunes, “Paid” and “3AM” being our favorites of the album! You can listen to the EP Hawallywood on Spotify right away and also follow the star Capo Corleone on Instagram to catch up on his life and his upcoming works.

ShowBiz Spotlight: How Do I Begin by Chuckola

This weekend at ShowBiz we are featuring yet another interesting artist who has come out to share his empathy over what is happening in the world and the lives that are impacted by it. Yes, we at ShowBiz want to join with the singer in expressing his feelings on the loss of life livelihood due to the coronavirus, that included one of the singer's own family members.

Artist Chuckola rightly titled and starts the song with "How Do I Begin..." and has created a beautiful soul touching music video that captures moments of life across the world ranging from a morning in the beach to a day in the city to someone wearing a mouth-nose mask to protect her from the virus.

This weekend we spent several minutes of silence for all those impacted by this pandemic in one way or the other - be it seeing a loved one getting the disease, or impact on their job by losing it or having a pay cut or just seeing their bustling neighbourhood come to a standstill because of lockdown.

You can see the music video right below and follow Chuckola on Facebook and Instagram for more his upcoming releases.