ShowBiz Spotlight: The Evolution by King C.P

This week at ShowBiz, we continue to explore the musical world and feature artists who have made a mark for themselves after long hours of hard work and toil.
With that opening set, we are today featuring King C.P who has debut LP “The Evolution” a rightly titled LP as music has evolved into so much this generation and has a lot of offer than just sound to the ears.

The Evolution features 11 unique tracks that are a result of 3 years of hard work from this hip-hop/rap artist who has dedicated all these years on shaping his music career. We were fascinated to hear his By Myself which is an interlude in the album and it has some fine lyrics.
By far the most interesting track of the album, to us, is Thanos which if you listen would agree with him when he says that nothing works over night and it takes hours, days, months and years to make great things! Such is the quality of songs in the album.
You can listen to The Evolution on Apple Music and all other major platforms. We are already following King C. P. on Instagram and ask you follow him as well as we have a great artist here who is putting in a lot of effort to create meaningful music!


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