My Music block TV Awards - Team up for charity

The buzz is alive about the My Music block TV Awards. We at ShowBiz blog have been covering the run up to this amazing awards event that recognizes upcoming talent in ShowBiz.

Recently, we picked up that MMBTV have teamed up with breadsticks records for charity and all the performance revenues will be donated to breadsticks to benefit IFAW and we instantly wanted to write about this amazing gesture to let the world know! 

Quite a few performances have been donated so far out of their 6 years of not only awards shows but pre shows artists showcases and events. The only ask from them is that people who'd like to follow MMBTV could subscribe to breadsticks youtube channel to see which performance will be uploaded next.

Here's one, from yesterday, by Kate Magdalena which inspired a donation 

They look to continue working with Breadsticks and making the world a better place through song music and art magdalenas last performances which inspired a donation to ifaw!