American Actor - Crispin Alapag

Showbiz has seen some of the greatest actors which has made Hollywood the most successful industry across the globe. There are many multi-talented people who have delivered their finest works onscreen which is made them legends. Movies and TV series is all about entertainment which makes the showbiz industry standout amongst the rest. 

Today we are going to showcase on American actor Crispin Alapag who is famous for his TV show “Big Time In Hollywood, FL”. Crispin Alapag during his childhood excelled in martial arts and basketball. He started learning Kickboxing, Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do and Judo since he was interested in martial art forms. He was very athletic and he even played basketball and was a sprinter in his college days. He always loved acting and performing on stage which lead him towards acting career. He is also known as the scariest person with the sheer looks but inside he is the nicest person you would come across. He is a multi-talented person which led him to wrestling and commonly known as “Rowdy Roddy Piper”. Follow him on twitter to get the latest updates on Crispin Alapag - 

Knowing Nile

Today we are going to showcase “Knowing Nile” by popular artist Ian Zachary Whittingham. Ian Zachary Whittingham is a skillful journalist, model, actor, producer and founder of “The Manic Media Group”.

"Knowing Nile" is a real story about Nile who was a friend of Ian Zachary Whittingham, in London and it is filled with factual and frank emotions. Ian recollects Nile’s personalities and writes in his blog that Nile was as a multi-talented person. Nile went to study films in a university at Kingston and during that time Ian Zachary Whittingham established a Media company. Nile was diagnosed with Schizophrenia which is a mental disorder. Later Nile himself got admitted in a Mental Health Unit based in East London May 2011.

He feels that knowing Nile for a year wasn’t enough. They together setup Maniac Media where they had lot of fun. Ian Zachary Whittingham and Nile were partners in creating “The Manic Media Group”. After Nile passed away Ian Zachary Whittingham has created a facebook page and blog in memories of his late friend. 

Checkout the facebook page - 

Fine lined cosmetic products

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Highly sophisticated products for Women

Fashion sense and styling are essential to enhance ones beauty. Fashion world is dominant with wide range of women's apparels, accessories and cosmetic's. There are many fashion brand across the globe who concentrate on creating unique women closet. Recently came across a Women's Store Northern reflections who take intensive care in helping customers create their own personalised wardrobe. They make sure that apparels are comfortable to wear in present lifestyle. 

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Luxury leather shoes

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Fashionable sporty shoes

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