An upcoming and promising fashion brand

Showbiz industry has influenced the lifestyle of the people around the globe by its strong influence with Fashion. Fashion plays a vital role in depicting a person on the screen and off the screen. When it comes to celebrities they are widely followed by their fans. Fans always have close watch on the brands they endorse and how their favorite celebrities carry themselves around. But for a fashion brand to make a mark quality and design plays a pivotal role. With changing time and generation the design and texture has to keep up to pace and when some brands achieve that it makes a cut out of the rest. Recently I came across Greg Michaels who are pretty famous for their design and quality of leather they provide. The fashion brand has created a powerful statement with its fine materials used in its handbags and accessories.

The products are specially designed for women so that make them feel comfortable and stylish. Handbags and accessories play a vital role in creating a fashion statement. The product focuses on creating products of pure leather and keep on inventing new designs which will be loved by their customers. They are planning on expanding to women’s clothing which will make them a lifestyle brand. You can follow them on social media

Stream your tracks online

Showbiz industry tops the charts of the highly paid profession across the globe is because of its fan base. There are millions of fans across the globe when it comes to entertainment field. There are many forms so f entertainment and widely recognized forms are movies and music albums. There are many celebrities who made their fortune in Showbiz industry but it was by show casing their talent through the right medium which allowed them to create history. Recently came across an online streaming website who e very famous for their channels and live feeds. It’s a one stop place for anything related to entertainment and you can watch it wherever you are.  

The Veterans Special - For The Troops was launched recently which was sung by artist Mila Franc which was dedicated for the soldiers. The online streaming provides all the info about music artist and their latest tracks. The tracks are very easy to select and play. You can easily create your own playlist which allows you to listen your favorite tracks on the go. Checkout the video

Sephora Venites - defines beautiful ShowBiz

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." said George Bernard Shaw. This is one of the principles that Sephora Venites - a beautiful brazilian actress who is now in London presenting about the London music scene, truly believes in and proves it in her actions. I think she is doing it as I write this article.

Sephora Venites makes UK period drama SEXY. Truly. Sephora has recently finished on the set of Hedda Gabler, playing the role of Mademoiselle Diana, in a film version of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. Directed by Matthew John.

Sephora - a hebrew name for beautiful - has posed for the likes of Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel and Elle, but is now taking the film industry by storm, with a long list of films to be released this year and an upcoming project with director Márcia Leite, and a TV show based on the London music scene. More about Sephora at her beautiful website

In one of her interviews, she speaks a bit about her new controversial role...

Many people have a preconceived idea of the character, due to her banishment from the stage. I felt Mademoiselle Diana would have been free and outspoken; she would have no fear to speak the truth standing up for what is right, and would not feel ashamed to show her real feelings. Very seductive. Taken as a wild lady of the night, breaking taboos of the era and by being ahead of her time. I just hope the Henrik Ibsen fans like her.

Carnivals - in ShowBiz style

Showbiz is completely associated with entertainment and creativity. We have witnessed great works of entertainment both on and off screen. There are many forms of entertainment and it doesn’t end that easily since it is an ocean where many forms are created as we speak. Entertainment can’t be defined in just a simple form or a word. Some of the most famous means of entertaining forms are Films, TV series and carnivals. When it comes to carnivals it is the most enjoyed form of entertainment for a family. Kids generally love these carnivals since they get to play many games. 

I recently came across a company who organize Creative Carnivals and Events in Kansas City, Kansas. They are pretty famous for their carnival games and rides. They have all the essential things of which are required in a carnival from sports to food services. They have unique inflatables which are interactive and loved by kids. There is water play areas set up by them which completes all the necessary games which kids will want of a perfect carnival. So what are you waiting for checkout for more information.  

Mylo Carbia changing the Image of Hollywood Writers

Movies and literature always go hand in hand. Those who love writing will also like movies and the vice versa is also true in most cases. On the topic in Show Biz blog today - about Horror movie writing.
Off late, I've been reading and following the works of upcoming famous horror movie writer Mylo Carbia. She sure is making a splash these days. First by announcing her move into the literary world (specifically that she’s writing the first of five horror novels featuring strong and scary female protagonists), then we hear she’s co-producing OnRide Entertainment’s teen horror flick Night of Thrills. Then last night we see her among the Fashion Glitterati with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, PitBull, Ryan Seacrest, Naomi Campbell, KISS and Justin Beiber at CBS’s Fashion Rocks concert in honor of New York Fashion Week! Talk about likes et all.
So my question is, since when did wallflower scribes get so badass cool? 

Not since Quentin Tarantino or Diablo Cody have we seen anyone break the “writer nerd” stereotype (let alone serve as Calvin Klein muse) in such a big way.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what’s in this writer’s warped but strangely alluring mind both on the screen and page late next year. Whatever it is, I have a feeling it will definitely scare the hell out of me. Looking forward, err, to get scared!

For more information visit

Impress your loved ones on their Birthday just like a celebrity

What the ticking on showbiz this week is the trend setting ways to wish Happy Birthday to your loved ones. Technology has given us an edge over current lifestyle and recently came across a site “” which helps people which their buddies and relatives on their Birthday by creating a personalized URL. You can personalize the page with comments and themes of your choice which will surprise them. One can fill in fun facts and messages on balloons which are displayed on the page which you created for your loved ones. 

There are many celebrities who have started using this style of wishing their loved ones. Some celebrities even remarked that this was something new for Birthday wishes and their loved ones likes and loved it. The greetings and cakes are literally old fashioned. With technology into account we are having lot of new stuffs on the line every year for our loved ones Birthday. So what are you waiting for don’t miss out on this element of surprise which could be fun and lovely for your beloved person. Checkout for more info on the how to create an Birthday URL for your loved ones and list of celebrities who have started using it.  

How to get proper financial support in showbiz industry

Showbiz is amongst the most lucrative businesses since it entertains millions of people around the globe. It provides a great platform for artists to showcase their talent. For any business funding plays a vital role since they are the base for everything. There are many types of funding and since there are many sectors in showbiz. I recently came across crowd funding which helps start-ups and small budget films. For anything and everything the need of the hour is funds so we can’t imagine any project without it. When it comes to showbiz it involves workmanship and without proper funds it will be a down fall.

There are many Indie Films looking for crowd funding since they are in need of financial help. But finding the right source of crowd funding is a challenging task which can be sorted with the right review website. Recently came across such a review website, they provide rating and user reviews on crowd funds. They have elaborated the qualities of crowd funds available online with distinctive reviews on ease of advertising, usability and traffic. There are many types of crowd funding with respect to each business and at one stop you can get all the information you need.

A novel for modern lovers

Showbiz industry is amongst most productive business across the globe only because of entertainment. Entertaining millions of people across the globe is not an easy task since each person has his own likes and dislikes. Despite these challenges the industry has kept their momentum on the high. There are many forms of entertainment like Films, Books, TV series, music, dance and so on. The most widely known forms of entertainment is Books and we can call it was the start for entertainment too. Since mostly books were the widely used medium in those to spread awareness and entertain people. 

 The books play a pivotal role in everyone’s life since we have grown using them all these years may be now we are in an era where everything is becoming virtual. But still there are people who like to read novels and find it more amusing and entertaining than other forms. There are many genres of books available and it depends on what we like to read. I am huge fan of romantic novels and I recently came across a novel “The Big Wide Calm”. The novel is written by Rich Marcello who is creative in his writing which is acclaimed by Modern lovers. It’s a story about a Paige a rock star who has the drive to change the world with her music. John Bustin is the other character in the novel who is a former semi-famous singer and songwriter who offers to record Paige's album for free. The story is revolves around the complexity of love though the eyes of young and old on a journey to create the perfect album which is filled with some human emotions. The destiny of Paige and John is all about creating the perfect album which will show the world a difference in music.You can follow Rich Marcello and keep yourself updated with his latest novels by following in his Twitter @marcellor

A platform dedicated for the film makers

Showbiz is amongst the most promising industries since they value skills of an individual which helps their industry grow. Film industry has always stayed on the cards of the most lucrative career since it’s a medium which bought entertainment to each and every person. There are many forms of entertainment but till date we see films have portrayed more than what other mediums have done. Filming a movie is a huge task and after all the hard work if it’s reach is not what the director expected it will bring him and the production down. The business is full of many ups and downs but there are many films which have the goodness in it but still can’t reach the people because they lack the platform from where they can reach their desired audience. 

The Culver City Film Festival is providing the right platform for the films which helps films makers showcase their work to the world. The entries are open and it’s easy to submit the works since the submissions are online. The Film festival has a wide range of genres and categories include: Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Indie, and both short and feature films. When we caught up with the Festival Director Jon Gursha he was confident that many film makers will be able to use this platform to the fullest. The Culver City Film Festival is located in Los Angeles and we expect a lot of celebrity will be there to witness this Film festival. For submitting your entries checkout 

The Caribbean New York Fashion week 2014!

Today in Showbiz, we are going to see about the most anticipated and glamorous Caribbean Fashion Show. The show is produced by Face Of Fashion (FOF) and they are covering all the key areas of fashion industry. When asked what brought FOF to organize Caribbean New York Fashion Week (CNYFW) 2014, they said “It’s a platform for Caribbean and International fashion talents to showcase their skills and project their brands to a next level”. CNYFW 2014 covers all areas in Fashion Industry: Hair Styling, Cosmetics, Photography, Retail Business, Branding opportunities and showcasing the latest fashion trends.

CNYFW 2014 is a huge opportunity for Caribbean Designers and Caribbean Models to showcase their skills and passion towards fashion. New York Fashion Week has always been the celebrated and happening event in the Fashion industry. No doubt that Caribbean New York Fashion Week (CNYFW 2014) will live up to the expectation of the audience and the fashion world. The fashion events are open for the public from September 7th to September 10th of 2014. So what are you waiting for, book your tickets online from

A different approach to become a better actor !!!

Showbiz is all about celebrities and their journey to success. There are many people who dream on becoming an actor and end up in Los Angeles but only few make it to the big screen. The industry runs on talent and hard working professional who try day in day out to give their best. The outcome which comes on screen is a result of hard working and skills of individuals who are dedicated to this industry. In showbiz we came across Neal Kumar, he is a young actor who has done several short films in UK. The actor is so passionate about acting now he has started learning the art of direction in LA. When asked why he chose Direction, he replied “It would help him becoming a better actor”. He is acting at the highest calibre with some Elite people. 

His perception seems to fascinating since it shows his passion towards films. He has started assisting in several directions and is gaining knowledge behind the cameras. He has even worked in production from lighting to hosting TV shows. If you want to catch with this actor you can follow him on his twitter @nealkumartv

Hong Kong’s Best Film Awards

The Hong Kong best film awards represents the best of the best in the regions cinema and the international cinema that introduces master story tellers and artists.

This awards ceremony was founded in 2011 and is known for recognizing all achievements in the filmmaking career. Such achievements would include acting, screenwriting, directing and cinematography. The Hong Kong best film awards is the second biggest event in Hong Kong’s film industry. The voting season runs from January to March of every year. It’s open to all registered voters in the film making field. To be eligible for the awards ceremony you have to have a film no shorter than an hour long and it has to be produced within the previous year. 

The film has to have two of these three elements to be consider.
·         Must have a director that is from Hong Kong or have Asian descent
·         At least one film company is from Hong Kong or owned by somebody with Asian descent
·         Or at least six of the production crew is from Hong Kong

In January they determine the five nominees for each award, and in the event of a tie they will nominate two to five. They are then announced in February, after which the election is held. Voting for the second round is only open to 50 adjudicators, the executive committee members of the awards ceremony, and the members of the thirteen professional film companies. For each vote from the film companies they hold a higher ranking when voting for a film produced by them.

Unlike the Awards ceremonies that are held in the United States. This awards ceremony is not open to the public for voting. The ones allowed to vote actually have a vested interest in whether or not they win. Making it kind of like an unbiased opinion of the movie or actor for that awards category. Since it’s an unbiased opinion the awards ceremony is a review of the actor’s abilities and the abilities of the directors by peer review. Making this a very important awards ceremony for the Hong Kong film industry. There are many awards featured for this ceremony such as best film, best actor, best actress, best screenplay, best new performer and about 5 other award categories. It is an honor to be nominate into one of the categories and an even greater honor to be chosen for one of the awards.

Actor Matthew Gonzales spotted on beach in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Showbiz industry is all about innovation and creativity which will make them unique. There are many people in the world but something which identifies them is there uniqueness. Audience always expect something new from the showbiz industry since there are many people who make their way in every year. In Showbiz we caught with a person who made the world look back with freaking forehead tattoo. He is none other than Actor Matthew Gonzales who had an eye tattoo in his forehead. The recent photo of the actor didn't seem to have the tattoo!!!!!

 The actor seemed to have posed for this picture on the beaches of Ocho Rios Jamaica. The tattoo photo was taken while he was shooting for his TV series trailer. So the tattoo was nothing but a makeup which seemed to be so real. The actor has many TV series lined up this year and he seems to be a promising actor. He’s got the uniqueness which will help him create an impression among all odds.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract as the Best Weight Loss Supplement

Do you want to lose your weight? Garcinia cambogia is the most reliable substance for you. It will always enable you to lose your weight in the shortest time possible. It is very safe with little to no side effects hence very suitable. It is highly recommended by great doctors like Dr. Oz. This is the best weight loss supplement for you.

This is a safe and quick weight loss that is greatly recommended. It is a natural plant also known as garcinia gummi-gutta. Being natural means it totally lacks chemical substances that may be harmful to the user. The main ingredient in garcinia cambogia is the hydroxycitric acid. This is the ingredient responsible for the body loss by burning of unwanted body fats. This natural substance is also a recipe in Asia just because it contains the hydroxycitric acid that makes it very active ingredient. The hydroxycitric acid is also useful in other ways like blocking the formation of more fats, curb hunger cravings and the best appetite suppresser. Due to these actions of garcinia cambogia it will fasten the weight loss of the user as it works very quick. It will burn the available fats as it also blocks the formation of more fats hence very safe.
Despite the quick and safe nature of garcinia cambogia it may have some effects to the user. Garcinia cambogia extract review shows that it may lead to mild gastrointestinal problems. These include the gas or nausea. This is a great effect to the users hence anyone who uses the extract must always be prudent about this side effect. There are also few cases of liver damage for prolong use of garcinia cambogia. This natural extract is also not recommended to certain group of individuals. For example breastfeeding mothers should not use the substance. This is because of its great effects to both the mother and the baby. Such mothers will lack adequate amount of energy and sufficient milk to feed their babies. On the other hand the baby will acquire the substance through breastfeeding that will lead to the baby’s weight loss and other effects of the substance. The same case also applies to pregnant mothers hence they must keep off for their safety and the infant’s health.
Other groups of people who should not use the substance include individuals suffering from Alzheimer or dementia. Individuals who also take other drugs to lower the amount of cholesterol should also avoid the use of this natural extract. This implies that garcinia cambogia extract is very safe and highly recommended for the other groups of people. This is the best and most safe weight loss substance you can always rely on.

Movies and TV series reviews on Podcast

Showbiz is a huge industry which provides lot of opportunities for fresh and professional artists. The artists play a key role in entertaining people across the globe. Media also plays a vital role in showcasing young and talented artists. TV series, comic books and movies are the basic entertaining factors which are wide followed. Recently I came across “The League of Geekz Podcast” who cover stories and review movies. Their goal is to provide viewers more information on TV series or movies which will help them to choose easily.

The showbiz world is filled with lot of entertaining news and interesting facts which always creates a lot of buzz around the world. I was fascinated by this podcast since their reviews were natural and it was like they were marketing any TV series or movies. Their reviews and cover stories on movies, comic books and TV series are informative as well as precisely understandable from an end user point of view. If you want to catch up to the latest updates from the showbiz world checkout

Young actor making their mark in Hollywood

Entertainment has become mandatory due to its necessity in today’s world. Nowadays with growing population life has become survival of the fittest. To survive in this stressful world people need stress busters and entertainment is the most widely recognized way to forget oneself and refresh their mind. No reason why the showbiz industry tops among the highly money mending businesses across the globe. Today in showbiz we caught with Adrian Voo, who is amongst the young talented starts of the future. He is from Malaysia and was keen on two things travel and education which led him to New Zealand and United States. He received his professional degree from San Francisco State University, B.S. in Operations Management and graduated with the Dean's List honor. Later he moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue a dormant lifelong dream and passion for acting. He attended the New York Film Academy at NBC Universal. Today, now he has become an reputed actor living out his dream in the heart of Hollywood.

Adrian Voo is represented by Celeste Boggan at Jump Talent Management and The Brogan Agency. He made his debut in “INFECTED” which was an horror and Sci-Fi movie. The movie depicts how seven strangers in Los Angeles escape and survive from a human changing virus. The latest news states that ITN Movies and Cardinal XD will be releasing "INFECTED" on VOD, DVD, Blu-Ray this August!

Adrian Voo has done several other movies which includes Duck Films’ SHE WANTS ME, Ashmawey Films’ BOILING POT, Warner Bros’ THE HANGOVER III and more.  His has roped in many more ventures to his title with the likes of “BLACK JACKS” and “Seventy-Nine”. BLACK JACKS is a new TV series which will be premiering this summer.

How to become a successful artist in showbiz

Showbiz industry runs high on business since it entertains millions of people across the globe. The industry nurtures young talents which helps them to keep their business on the high. There are many artists who have become great legends and have showcased the world what they can do given an opportunity. Since this industry can turn around a fortune many people are trying hard to make a mark in this industry. Talent and hard work never fails but there is a huge competition prevailing in the world so planning also plays a vital role since we can keep on trying and end up without winning. Initially there must be a platform where you can showcase your talent which will help you in moving forward inside the showbiz industry.

But finding the right platform can be challenging but thanks to internet we can find anything and everything by sitting at home. Recently I came across a music artist promotion agency which provides the right platform for young and talented artists. They showcase each artist in their website and social media with live streaming 24/7. They provide video rotation for each artist independently which creates an identity for an individual. Checkout for more info on how to make become a successful artist.

Talent Booking Agencies for the Music Industry

In the music industry, there are singers who can actually sing and there are some who just cannot. For this reason, talent booking agencies for music have to be careful in choosing the talents to represent. On the other hand, real singers also have to find the best representation that will enhance their career in the music industry.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the success of marketable singers and booking agencies. There are several explainable factors but there are also factors that may be associated with the element of luck as some people say it will happen at the right place and at the right time. If you are one of the many artists who aspire to have a promising career in the music industry, you have to look for the perfect representation for you. A reliable talent booking agency is what you need to become famous in your craft.

There are truly a lot of dependable booking agencies out there. There are booking talent agencies that only prefer to represent and promote headline acts. There are also booking agencies that are owned by a former talent agent in a particular talent booking agency. These talent agents can really help you a lot as they are usually friends with some of the most prominent managers and artists in the music industry. These people can help you produce and release your major record. They can also give you breaks in gigs and concerts.
Every talent booking agency has a particular approach in handling their talents. For instance, order taking agents will not give you too much attention unless they know that there are major record labels who want to work with you for a record. These types of talent agents always love to promote singers who they think have the ability to be headline acts. For you to be able to be handled by order taking talent agents, you must have a record deal that grabs their interest. When you are handled by this type of talent agents, you will have a lot of advantages over other artists. They will be able to help you in enhancing your image, appeal, packaging and your entire personality.
Talent - everybody's got their own!

If you really want to work with such a talent agent, you have to be prepared with your professional looking artist bio. You also have to provide nice pictures that can attract them, the managers and the major record labels. Another important thing are your demos that must sound really well so the talent agent will find it label ready. When you work with a reliable talent booking agency, you will have great opportunities to launch you career.

Talent booking agencies for the music industry provides tremendous chances for you to have a promising career. They usually know and work with the industry's top managers and major record labels. They will help you in so many ways such as in enhancing your personality and your overall appeal. With their help, you will get a lot of booking for your performance. Of course, you will make a lot of money. And the best thing is that you will be famous in the industry which will make you one of the most in demand artists in the music industry.

Hip-pop a new blend

Entertainment allows many people to enjoy themselves which acts as a stress buster. There are many types of entertainment and it is much acquainted and highly paid profession because of its reach. Music and movies are highly followed types of entertainment and today in showbiz I came across Hip-Pop music genre which is a blend of pop and hip-hop which has created lot of interest in audiences. The hip hop music represents the mind and soul of a person. Every person has a unique identity and likewise in hip hop each artist represent their attitude through music. Every person has locked something's which he would like to do but they are unable to do it but a hip hop artist stays unplugged. This style of hip hop artists creates lot of fan following and interest towards their music. There are many successful artists in hip hop genre but they were able to achieve it by creating their showcasing their style.

The hip-pop has started to show it presence felt and we see a drastic change in hip-hop artists reaching out to this new form of music. Many artists have started to blend with this new art of music. Showbiz industry has seen the likes of highly rated hip hop artists like Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and many more to flow where able to standout only by their performance. The next generation music has started its course and it has started to override itself over hip-hop and the next generation will remember only “hip-pop”.

Quality instrumental loops make it to Showbiz

There are many types and ways of entertainment and now with the evolution of technology anything and everything is possible. When it comes to movies there are some essential things which sums up a perfect act. The essenial elements comprises of story, artists and music. Music plays a pivotal role in balancing and setting the pace of a story. Music is one of the most popular and widely recognised form of entertainment across the globe.

In the music industry there has been a steady growth and it has helped many artists to make billions. There are many new artists and the level of music is pushed to new levels. Many youngsters dream to become composers, singers and musicians but only few achieve their dream. But with right guidance and quality of knowledge in music its easier to achieve greatness. During the starting phase of a career in music instrumental music helps them to work on their composition. The instrumental tracks are the base for starters. Music is an ocean and without talent no one can become legend. Few posses great skills and others are endured by hard work. Vinyl Loops are easy to work for DJs and Big Citi Loops is the one place to get all the royal instrumental music.


There are many instrumental music available online for free but Big Citi are rated the best since their instrumental tracks are genuine and professional. They work hard to provide the right platform for young musicians and singers who are passionate about what they do. When dedication and hard work teams up there is no force on earth which can stop success.

Transition in the field of Entertainment

Entertainment plays a key role in letting an audience forget them and step into a new world. In today’s world we live a mechanical life which is full of hard work and weekends we have to relax our mind and body to start fresh the next week. Entertainment industry is among the highly paid businesses across the globe since it entertains millions of audience. There are many types and ways of entertainment in today’s world but if the artists fail to deliver then audience lose interest. So when it comes to entertainment cast, story and directors play a pivotal role. There are many TV series nowadays and some fail to lack the right balance in entertaining the audience. Recently I came across which was created by Cassandra Dixson a school student along with his mother Betty Dixson.

It seems they were not amused by the funny shows in TV and they decided to start their own series. They formed a band in Austin area with young students of age 10 to 15 years who loved acting and passion to learn. Cassandra, Jordan Elsass and Zia Kinzy wrote sketches and Coutney Salinas head writer made sure the sketches were entertaining which took 8 weeks to process. Now they have released several web series which is based on youth sketch comedy. The team works on one goal which is “poking fun at the grown up”. The texas comedy is fun to watch where small kids try to impersonate grown up with funky costumes and makeups. Watching these kids perform comedy at this young level seems fascinating and challenging years to come as we see a big transition phase awaiting us.      

How to become a star in Showbiz ?

In showbiz we came across the unbiased nature and global reach of entertainment. The industry spins lot of revenue since entertainment allows viewers to forget their sorrow and start fresh. The actors are highly paid but it’s purely based on hard work and skill set. There were many challenging roles which we have come across in the showbiz industry which the actors pulled off with sheer talent and dedication. 

Nowadays anything and everything is possible for the fact that we must have the dedication and pride towards what we want to be. Some people strive to become actors since they are passionate about this industry. Recently I came across a leadership team who guide and mold you to become a star. Get yourselves involved with network marketing and digital entertainment and social media and backed by major stars of the industry too. It’s a life time opportunity to make your talent and passion count. Get yourself in with this network which will allow you to stay connected with the elite stars. Checkout for more info on ways to become a star. 

Actor Matthew Gonzales tattoos and eyeball on his forehead

Hollywood is a dream for many of us but only few make the cut and standout. There are many dreamers who are extremely talented but they remain unnoticed since creating a unique image is what will make you successful in Hollywood. There are many events carried out by celebs to standout from the rest like publishing their scandals or publicity stunts. This helps in bringing up their profile from the bottom and covers lot of media attention. Recently I came across a picture of Actor Matthew Gonzales who had an eyeball tattoo on his forehead. 

It was one of the shocking publicity stunts ever witnessed in Hollywood. The actor had done several TV series was keen on making a reputation in Hollywood. By his recent actions there was a huge buzz in the media of his tattoo. According to his IMDB page, Matthew Gonzales's notable acting credits are 'The Strain' a horror TV Series scheduled to be released this summer on FX and 'The Angel Inn Movie'. Hollywood is the best place to be there when it comes entertain the world but it ain’t an easy cake walk like it seems from the outside.   

Hollywood a place for dreamers

Hollywood is a dream place to work since it is one amongst the highly paid industries. There are many actors who contribute to Hollywood each and every year which brings in diversity. With respect to story and script actors are chosen which gives opportunities to many people across the industry. Each actor has his own identity and skills which adds life to characters in a script. In Showbiz we came across Hollywood Pro which offers professional advice and services which is very helpful for new actors. There are many aspiring actors and artists who are unable to make a cut into Hollywood but Hollywood Pro is trying to bridge this gap. 

There are many professional directors, artists and actors who you can connect with and interact to become one in the industry. The business runs purely on networking since for a new comer to Hollywood would require proper guidance. There are many other aspects in becoming an aspiring actor, director or artist i.e. experience which will help you surpass any obstacles with ease. With processional guidance you can have the privilege of understanding how the business runs and how you can equip yourself. With right amount of training and practice anything is possible. Hollywood runs on the shoulders of dreamers and there is no reason for you to stop dreaming. Checkout for more info. 

Learn English App

Nowadays people want something entertaining in whatever they do. There are many ways of entertainment and with the advancements of latest technologies we are able to see drastic changes in the industry. Social media and smart phones making a cut into the present lifestyle have opened lots of opportunities. In showbiz today we came across a mobile application which allows us to learn and stay entertained simultaneously. The app allows you to learn English easily since it has been translated in 23 languages. 

The learning experience has reached a new level with the inclusion of over 6000 images which illustrates symbolic representation of the words. The pronunciation recording and phonetic transcription of the words helps in easy understanding of the vocabularies. There are games included in this app which allows you to stay entertained while you learn. There are many categories to choose from which allows you to enhance your learning experience. The app doesn't require internet connection to run it. Now it’s easy to learn English vocabulary with your smart phones on the go. This is one amazing app which will helps in easy understanding of vocabularies which will enhance in easy communication. 

One Person's Affect on the 2012 Presidential Election

In the summer of 2012, the country was heavily involved in the presidential race of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was leading the polls in July, he was gaining more of Obama's niche with the youngsters, and Obama's campaign team was in trouble.
Romney and his team saw how President Obama won the 2008 election using a strategic plan to make sure they sealed not the popular vote, but the Electoral College. A good majority of this planning and campaigning from Obama's team came from his social media and outreach to younger voters online.
Romney was winning the polls, but he was still behind in every aspect in terms of social media. Romney needed to boost his viral presence, and he contacted several companies to do so including Publicist Michael Bentley.
Bentley ran seven unique "twitter booster companies", including 20Hub and DaliHub, and he had been involved in "faking social media" since the early days of Bentley had also been linked to the boosting of some high profile accounts that might or might not include Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
Bentley was willing to help out Romney and his staff. He was a willing Republican kid with the online and social media knowledge that Romney's crew knew could help and help instantly. Romney's Twitter jumped with 150,000 new followers in just one weekend in July.
The only problem was, Bentley wasn't a Republican, and beyond making some quick money, he wasn't interested in Romney winning the election.
Bentley was paid, and he did exactly what he was paid to do. He provided Romney with the followers. Romney didn't care who was following him, he just needed the boost to look credible online.
Bentley and his associates immediately leaked the material to all the press with the headline, "Romney Twitter account gets upsurge in fake followers, but from where"
The media quickly picked up on the leaked story and ran with it. Romney lost a ton of credibility with the younger generation, and slowly Obama took the road to a second term.
It was a clever ploy. When Romney's team asked Bentley, he simple told them that he would have put his name in the article to get more business. It was a done deal, Bentley was paid for a service, he provided the service.
Bentley is set to sit down with Time Magazine contributing writer, Joe Klein to discuss the entire plan on Monday May 5th. Bentley released the following statement:
"When the order first came in I thought it was a Romney parody account, a joke, or something. They didn't send an NDA, They didn't ask any questions, it was a pretty simple purchase. They didn't ask for targeted followers so we had some fun. We added 10 thousand accounts from Iraq based twitters, we had over 400 fake Bin Laden accounts not only added, but they re-tweeted him automatically. We had fun with it."
Besides being a successful publicist, Bentley is also an A&R for Universal Music Group, an accomplished producer, on air personality and writer.

For more information on Michael Bentley please visit

Evolution of online streaming media

The entertainment field is diverse and it makes people happy. People tend to forget themselves and get attached to entertainment. In present stressful world we can switch off our mind and relax only through proper entertainment. As ages went by the medium of entertainment started changing and nowadays we are able to do anything with the latest technology. With online streaming facilities entertainment has evolved greater heights. The most promising online streaming available is Netflix which allows you to stay updated and entertained. You could watch your favorite movies and series easily by sitting at home. 

Netflix is the best and right place for entertainment. You can get anything and everything related to media and you can have lots of fun by just selecting your favorite shows or movies. The Netflix Canada selection allows you to view media related with Canada. The entertainment changes with respect to culture and tradition so the Netflix Canada list will allow you to choose your desired media as per your preferences. The advantage of listing is you could keep track of media and you could get all the information and reviews which will help you choose easily. 

Support and recognize budding artists

The showbiz and entertainment industry can make a person famous but sometimes it can be the other way too. When it comes to budding artists they hardly make the big cut to this industry. Celebrities make millions and billions but if they were denied an opportunity during their start they would end up just like normal people. The industry seems too big but sometimes in narrows its way in entertaining young artists. I came across an interview of Zac Poor who is trying hard to make an impact in the industry. He is a singer and song writer who has done many remarkable performances. 

Through my showbiz blog I would like to promote such budding artists who are talented enough to make an impact in showbiz and entertainment business. I found the interview of Zac Poor fascinating and couldn't resist promoting him. He is highly talented and has a unique ability to showcase his works through songs and writings. Their potential must be recognized to make them future stars of the entertainment industry. If young artists are denied their opportunity then they end up in despair and their skills are wasted. A skillful person must always get an opportunity to showcase his abilities to the world. Budding artists can become stars only if they are given a platform which will give life to their dreams. Let’s support young artists like Zac Poor and recognize his skill and passion towards singing. 

Celebrities style up their place

When it comes to showbiz entertainment we are very keen to know celebrities lifestyle, fashion and styles. Their lifestyle is mostly on the spotlight but their style and attitude makes a key impression. But the key to their style factors are mostly showcased by their endorsements. Celebrities are very keen in making choices when it comes to selecting their house and the interior and exterior designs.The furniture which are used by celebrities are mostly unique since they wish to create a brand around them by showing off their passion towards styling. There are many types of indoor and outdoor furniture and their designs are customized by celebrities mostly. 

Everyone have their freedom of expressing things and it can be with the attitude, behaviors and even their lifestyle. There are many changes as we head to towards the future in our lifestyle and approach towards life. We see lot of change when we just look back ten years ago but we were able to adapt to the change. Our lifestyle is dependent on the present trends and we adapt to it easily. In the past we came across many household items which use to occupy much space and cramp out living spaces but as time went by we are able to see a change in the furniture around us. Nowadays the furniture are very compact, thin and stylish. There are some trendy household items like Bean Bag Chairs which have replaced the old chairs. These beans bag chairs are very comfortable and easy to use since it can easily be moved across the house and preferred by many teenagers.

There are two types of furniture in-door and out-door. The out-door furniture changes with respect to utilization's but some people prefer Garden sheds which allows them to stuff all the gardening equipment's under one roof and it is very easy to use. Since the Garden Sheds are ready made furniture which can be erected in your garden easily and you could make effective use of it. Cleaning gardens can be a back braking work but with the effective tools it can be done with much hardships. But keeping all your garden tools under one roof helps you to identifying any tools while you need them. When you keep all the items under one roof is always helpful with respect to getting anything since sometimes we are absent minded and we lose many things by placing it somewhere in the house. 

There are lots of types under furniture and with respect to utilization you could use it. There are many types of desks and the design changes with respect to place. The desks found in the offices are of different in style and design when compared to the desks which we use in living rooms. There are many styles and designs which are help you to choose your desired one. When it comes to furniture you could even customize your own furniture which may even represent your ideas. Checkout for more information of desks.

Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac Coupon and Review

The Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac software helps you record, save and retrieve audio files you got from the internet. You can use this online application program if you want to record your favorite songs, music or even your favorite interactive radio programs with just a click of the mouse. This software is very helpful for people who still wish to listen to their favorite tunes or online radio shows even when they go offline. Avail of 60% discount from Biggest Coupon Code and take advantage of the features and benefits Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac can offer.

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You can read a honest Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac Review on our neutral blog.

By using Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac you can guarantee that every time you wish to hear your favorite online music and sound files, it’ll be pleasurable and easy for you to do them because you can play them even if you go offline. No matter what time of the day or days in a week you choose to hear your kind of music or your radio shows, Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac can help you record them, save them, store them and retrieve them in just a click of a button or your mouse. Now by using this software, you can hear all your favorite tunes and audio files you recorded straight from the net without any hassles.

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Use this software to preserve the quality of sound of every audio material or radio program you want to hear on the web. Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac is a commendable software for all people who are into listening to quality music and sounds for a relaxing and pleasurable free time.

Make your own success

Showbiz is all about entertainment and celebrities are the key players of this industry. Fans are keen about celebrity’s lifestyle and their fashion statements. Celebrity lifestyle is always under the radar since fans are interested in knowing their stars personal life. Some celebrities are known for their gambling lifestyle as well since losing and raising money is pretty easy.

Nowadays we come across millions of people online in social media and internet. Their way to entertainment is mostly online games, chatting and movies. There are many types of online games but we see a large volume of people are showing keen interest in poker and roulette. When it comes to poker and roulette, they are completely different in nature but they have something in common i.e. luck. The chances are always too narrow and we strive hard to make it count. There is a roulette system which can increase your percentage of wins. The software helps you make your own fortune and many people have tried their hands using this software and they won their games with ease. Winning roulette system can be pretty handful for those who want to make a fortune in roulette.

Natural supplements for losing weight

Fitness is important to stay healthy and energetic. Nowadays there are many factors which lead to lack of fitness. There are many supplements and exercise equipments which are widely sold for decreasing weight and attain perfect shape. There are many ways to reduce weight but it is important that we choose the right technique. Garcinia Cambogia is preferred over other supplements since it is a natural fruit which are seen mostly in Africa, Asia and India. When it comes to weight reduction natural products are always preferred over other artificial products. Nowadays Garcinia Cambogia is made available in capsules which makes it easily consumable. Garcinia Cambogia is absolutely safe to consume with other supplements. 

Dieting seems to be the biggest issue with other supplements. Mostly people find it difficult to diet and eventually end up losing interest towards losing weight. But with Garcinia Cambogia there is no need for you to follow any specific diets. Garcinia resets your relationship with food and you will not feel like eating unless you are really hungry. Dieting with Garcinia Cambogia is easy since it is a natural appetite suppressant that makes you feel full faster and reduces your hunger. This naturally reduces your calorie intake and creates the right conditions that are necessary for healthy weight loss. 

Celebrities View Art Film by Marko Stout in Miami

In showbiz we caught with many art lovers and celebrities who were gathered at the Weinstein Art Gallery in Miami Beach on 12/06/13 during the annual Art Basel Festival to view a video art exhibition entitled “Thinner Then Ice” by the famed New York artist Marko Stout. Art Basel provides a platform for galleries, giving them access to an international audience of collectors, museum directors and curators. The shows attract people with an appreciation of modern and contemporary art who experience Art Basel as a cultural event.

The celebrities who attended the Art Basel show included:  Paris Hilton, Russell Simmons, Sean Combs, Elle Macpherson, Martha Stewart, Marty Taplin, Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, Kevin Spacey, Tracey Emin, Tommy Hilfiger, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gerard Butler, Adrian Grenier, Cindy Crawford, Pharrell Williams, Steven Tyler and daughter Liv, Marc Anthony and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Marko Stout is famed multimedia artist based out of New York City. His works can be viewed at numerous international exhibitions, galleries of fine art, private collections. “Thinner Then Ice” is a diminutive art film by the most regarded multimedia artist Marko Stout. This video project was designed by Marko Stout to create an ambiguous dream-like, other-worldly atmosphere full of symbolic Jungian archetypes. The film features Andrina Nowak, a disheartened Greenwich Village waitress and art student.

Weinstein Art Gallery is a spacious, elegant fine art gallery founded in 1992 and located in the heart of Miami’s South Beach.  The gallery is famous for showcasing a spectacular array of talented modern and contemporary artists from around the world. 

Matthew C Martino could leave film industry

He is considered one of the indie film industries up and comers but according to reports AllStar Producer Matthew C Martino could leave the film industry entirely as he is now seeking to have a more low profile career.

The 21year old Essex based film producer enjoyed a career that began as a background supporting artist and leading on to acting , In 2011 he began working as a runner and production assistant in music videos and short films and thus further adapting to feature films. He made his producing debut in 2012 and has never looked back since. With past productions including Lets Fly Documentary, Ortega and His Enemies and Soldiers of Fire.

He is thought to be planning out of the industry in 2014 not because duties are overwhelming as previously reported however Martino is now opting for a low key lifestyle after he has recently been caught at the centre of various controversies.

Martino's rep refused to comment on the matter.

Contribute to The ShadyBunch - A Trendsetting Web series!

Entertainment helps a person rejoice from any stress and stay energetic. Following up from the previous entry on The ShadyBunch, ShowBiz is proud to showcase the series. On this entry, we are promoting the campaign for ShadyBunch - they are currently looking out for crowdfunding from everyone across the globe. How cool is that! You not only get to watch the fascination web series revolving around women and their world of friendship but also get to contribute to this amazing Web series from the core of entertainment place Los Angeles!  Go ahead and contribute to the ShadyBunch - it is done via the Indiegogo projects.

Here at ShowBiz blog, we believe the best way of entertainment is watching any comical TV series which will help us feel free. Just reiterating, a web series will connect millions of people with entertainment and for the contribution one will make, the producers and the lead actors are offering "cups of shade" for their generosity. This is super cool. We look forward to the pilot episodes and of course, the entire series. Join us in wishing the ShadyBunch team the best!!

The ShadyBunch - A web series in the making

Entertainment helps a person rejoice from any stress and stay energetic. With the likes of Internet entertainment is very simple and easily achieved. According to me the best way of entertainment is watching any comical TV series which will help us feel free. Every day I try to find some news which is fascinating and trendsetting in ShowBiz. When it comes to entertainment I love watching TV series as they help set the mood for the evening. And as everyone is aware, Internet is the big thing now where most people spend time at. The entertainment industry has taken notice of this and has gone to the next level with the introduction of “Web series”. The web series allows viewers to watch their favorite series whenever they want - in the comfort of their own place!

Since Internet is a global market, there are many new web series to be launched and for this week, we caught up with “The ShadyBunch” which is in the making as I write!. The series is about the three shades of female friendships.
The ShadyBunch leads!

The three shades in this series are: throwing shade, catching shade and plain shadiness. The series is about three shades of three beautiful female friends Zoey Morgan (played by Callie Hopkins), Sabrina Richardson Roberts (played by Andrea Meschel, and Kelsey Higgins (played by Michelle Deukauf). The ShadyBunch series seems to have a lot of fun and crazy moments between the ladies and is directed by Richard Lyons, who has coached Award Winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls)!

Watch out this space on ShowBiz for more info on The ShadyBunch!

Dream Dance Electronica

"Dream Dance Electronica" is California based composer Sandeep Khurana's 2013 breakaway dance music release. So often, Electronic music composers flood the music scene by redoing what's been done, and serving up mixes that after listening, seem just like the next producer's mix. The mixes only become recognizable for their track selections, and often the talent that will make or break a mix comes more from the artist who created the track rather than the producer's musical selection and mixing.

Sandeep Khurana is a different kind of Electronic music producer; he is a composer and has put together an amazing album which should not be overlooked. The market is filled with dance floor albums to get you moving, but anyone looking for this in "Dream Dance Electronica", is going to find a whole lot more.

The feel of "Dream Dance Electronica", is very specific, and for most, getting the full effect of the album will take an acquired taste. It is definitely an album that creates a mood. Not many dance mixes will pull you in like this album. Listening to "Dream Dance Electronica",from a distance diminishes the feel of the music, but those who have the ear for it will find an amazing work of art in the music. Joyous undertones with original sounds interplaying create a mood of steady changes throughout the larger, epic sweeps of the entire production. The title track brings the entire 6-track set to a superb end, after each individual song has built energetic and intense soundscapes along the way. As the disc draws to a close, it sends the listener into an aural overdrive, peaking several times, laying on the pressure faster than the listener is expecting and then taking it away just as you are craving more, and coming back during the lingering energy, created from the previous build.

Sandeep Khurana is a music composer, TV producer, and film maker from California. He has composed and produced more than 100 music albums in the genres of New Age music, Neo Classical, Western Classical, Dance and World Music.  Khurana's signature sounds are New Age, Ethereal, Meditative, and Mystical. The resonant and lilting sounds he paints, the musical landscapes he creates, owe their existence, to his endless years of experience in healing and spirituality, combined with his distinctive skill in music.
Sandeep Khurana has also produced short films and documentaries including the recently released "Yoga Lifestyle New Age" which is a video series on various alternative healing techniques e.g. Reiki, Pranayama, Chakras, Mantras, and Meditation. The video series has been aired on Comcast and AT&T channels in the US and also featured in festivals.

His music which continues to be ranked high on iTunes Top 100 New Age Music Charts in UK, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, Sweden and other countries, is released under theSK Infinity World Media label, a company that he launched in 2007 for film and music production. Khurana's music is aired on several radio channels and has received accolades and appreciation from listeners all over the world. Khurana's music has also been part of TV productions on STAR TV, Channel V, KMVT15 (California), and other TV Channels and productions worldwide.  His music is also available for downloads from

"Dream Dance Electronica", puts together an amazing set. This dynamic electronic journey is not for those who lack patience or are looking for the standout star track that will do it for them. The production and arrangements of the songs are flawless, while the mood of the album is persistent throughout the track changes. Khurana also has the merit of producing electronic music that is rootsy and organic sounding, thus avoiding the 'computerized feel' so often found in modern electronica. His sound is ultimately an eclectic mix of Vangelis meetsJean Michel Jarre meets Paul Okenfield.

If music is meant to move forward, break barriers and truly take the sound to newer heights who better than a composer who has released over one-hundred albums to lead the way? On"Dream Dance Electronica", Sandeep Khurana is on form, delivering a dubbed up, simmering, cerebral compositions which encompasses multiple tempos and atmospheres while never missing a beat. The tracks are fresh, the sounds challenging, the vibe deep and the rhythms tripped out to max. Don't miss this!

New Age Music for Relaxation and Meditation

Healing Sounds for Meditation and Relaxing Ambient Music composed by artist Sandeep Khurana are available online

Due to the stressful way of living faced by most people during these days, each of them simply wishes for moments of relaxation from time to time. Ancient people believed that music hold the power of healing the body and soul of a person. Indeed, this is what Sandeep Khurana has proven with his new age music, which can be used for meditation and relaxation.

Sandeep Khurana is a music composer, TV producer, and singer from California. He has directed and produced documentaries and short films, and also released over 100 music albums with the genres of New-Age music, western classical music, neoclassical music, world music, and even dance music. His works that primarily surround yoga, mantras, world music, chakras and Reiki are accessible online, while his music has been aired on several radio channels all over the globe and is available for downloads at

Relaxing music is what he currently promotes in his new age music. Meditative and relaxing music is the just the right combination of sounds sufficiently mighty in order to carry listeners away from their physical and mental problems. The influence of this new age music by Sandeep Khurana on the human body as well as its guidance to overcome the different ailments is indeed evident from so many testimonials his listeners have shared and more than a million listeners and subscribers he has around the globe.
Music has even been utilized as a form of therapy tool by medical professional for many years. Relaxing music is reported to distract patients from the pain they are suffering from and assist them to calm down during the troubled times. These and several other benefits are what Sandeep Khurana has in mind when he composes his music for relaxation and meditation. With the possible health benefits offered by relaxing music, more and more people consider engaging in such activity.

Relaxing and meditative music is an efficient tool that can be used to calm a person’s mind, body, and spirit. A strained professional may instantly take advantage from listening to relaxing music after facing a stressful workday in the office. This form of music greatly affects the listeners’ minds, potentially more than science may ever know. Once you listen to music deeply, your mind becomes activated, which in return lets it release endorphins into the blood stream. While endorphin is the hormone for boosting your status, you will start to feel truly calm, centered and relaxed.

A person’s physical body may also be affected by this form of music. Listening to relaxing music may help you put your heart rate back to its normal state, making your physical body relax as it is. So, if you wish to listen to such type of music, considering the compositions and records of Sandeep Khurana should be a good option. He is selling music for relaxation, fitness music, yoga music, and world music in his website, so everyone interested to feel relaxed by just listening to music should consider checking it out. Everyone interested about having a copy of the relaxation music composed and produced by Sandeep can download it from