Transition in the field of Entertainment

Entertainment plays a key role in letting an audience forget them and step into a new world. In today’s world we live a mechanical life which is full of hard work and weekends we have to relax our mind and body to start fresh the next week. Entertainment industry is among the highly paid businesses across the globe since it entertains millions of audience. There are many types and ways of entertainment in today’s world but if the artists fail to deliver then audience lose interest. So when it comes to entertainment cast, story and directors play a pivotal role. There are many TV series nowadays and some fail to lack the right balance in entertaining the audience. Recently I came across which was created by Cassandra Dixson a school student along with his mother Betty Dixson.

It seems they were not amused by the funny shows in TV and they decided to start their own series. They formed a band in Austin area with young students of age 10 to 15 years who loved acting and passion to learn. Cassandra, Jordan Elsass and Zia Kinzy wrote sketches and Coutney Salinas head writer made sure the sketches were entertaining which took 8 weeks to process. Now they have released several web series which is based on youth sketch comedy. The team works on one goal which is “poking fun at the grown up”. The texas comedy is fun to watch where small kids try to impersonate grown up with funky costumes and makeups. Watching these kids perform comedy at this young level seems fascinating and challenging years to come as we see a big transition phase awaiting us.      


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