Hip-pop a new blend

Entertainment allows many people to enjoy themselves which acts as a stress buster. There are many types of entertainment and it is much acquainted and highly paid profession because of its reach. Music and movies are highly followed types of entertainment and today in showbiz I came across Hip-Pop music genre which is a blend of pop and hip-hop which has created lot of interest in audiences. The hip hop music represents the mind and soul of a person. Every person has a unique identity and likewise in hip hop each artist represent their attitude through music. Every person has locked something's which he would like to do but they are unable to do it but a hip hop artist stays unplugged. This style of hip hop artists creates lot of fan following and interest towards their music. There are many successful artists in hip hop genre but they were able to achieve it by creating their showcasing their style.

The hip-pop has started to show it presence felt and we see a drastic change in hip-hop artists reaching out to this new form of music. Many artists have started to blend with this new art of music. Showbiz industry has seen the likes of highly rated hip hop artists like Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and many more to flow where able to standout only by their performance. The next generation music has started its course and it has started to override itself over hip-hop and the next generation will remember only “hip-pop”.


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