Mylo Carbia changing the Image of Hollywood Writers

Movies and literature always go hand in hand. Those who love writing will also like movies and the vice versa is also true in most cases. On the topic in Show Biz blog today - about Horror movie writing.
Off late, I've been reading and following the works of upcoming famous horror movie writer Mylo Carbia. She sure is making a splash these days. First by announcing her move into the literary world (specifically that she’s writing the first of five horror novels featuring strong and scary female protagonists), then we hear she’s co-producing OnRide Entertainment’s teen horror flick Night of Thrills. Then last night we see her among the Fashion Glitterati with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, PitBull, Ryan Seacrest, Naomi Campbell, KISS and Justin Beiber at CBS’s Fashion Rocks concert in honor of New York Fashion Week! Talk about likes et all.
So my question is, since when did wallflower scribes get so badass cool? 

Not since Quentin Tarantino or Diablo Cody have we seen anyone break the “writer nerd” stereotype (let alone serve as Calvin Klein muse) in such a big way.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what’s in this writer’s warped but strangely alluring mind both on the screen and page late next year. Whatever it is, I have a feeling it will definitely scare the hell out of me. Looking forward, err, to get scared!

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