An upcoming and promising fashion brand

Showbiz industry has influenced the lifestyle of the people around the globe by its strong influence with Fashion. Fashion plays a vital role in depicting a person on the screen and off the screen. When it comes to celebrities they are widely followed by their fans. Fans always have close watch on the brands they endorse and how their favorite celebrities carry themselves around. But for a fashion brand to make a mark quality and design plays a pivotal role. With changing time and generation the design and texture has to keep up to pace and when some brands achieve that it makes a cut out of the rest. Recently I came across Greg Michaels who are pretty famous for their design and quality of leather they provide. The fashion brand has created a powerful statement with its fine materials used in its handbags and accessories.

The products are specially designed for women so that make them feel comfortable and stylish. Handbags and accessories play a vital role in creating a fashion statement. The product focuses on creating products of pure leather and keep on inventing new designs which will be loved by their customers. They are planning on expanding to women’s clothing which will make them a lifestyle brand. You can follow them on social media


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