The ShadyBunch - A web series in the making

Entertainment helps a person rejoice from any stress and stay energetic. With the likes of Internet entertainment is very simple and easily achieved. According to me the best way of entertainment is watching any comical TV series which will help us feel free. Every day I try to find some news which is fascinating and trendsetting in ShowBiz. When it comes to entertainment I love watching TV series as they help set the mood for the evening. And as everyone is aware, Internet is the big thing now where most people spend time at. The entertainment industry has taken notice of this and has gone to the next level with the introduction of “Web series”. The web series allows viewers to watch their favorite series whenever they want - in the comfort of their own place!

Since Internet is a global market, there are many new web series to be launched and for this week, we caught up with “The ShadyBunch” which is in the making as I write!. The series is about the three shades of female friendships.
The ShadyBunch leads!

The three shades in this series are: throwing shade, catching shade and plain shadiness. The series is about three shades of three beautiful female friends Zoey Morgan (played by Callie Hopkins), Sabrina Richardson Roberts (played by Andrea Meschel, and Kelsey Higgins (played by Michelle Deukauf). The ShadyBunch series seems to have a lot of fun and crazy moments between the ladies and is directed by Richard Lyons, who has coached Award Winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls)!

Watch out this space on ShowBiz for more info on The ShadyBunch!


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