A different approach to become a better actor !!!

Showbiz is all about celebrities and their journey to success. There are many people who dream on becoming an actor and end up in Los Angeles but only few make it to the big screen. The industry runs on talent and hard working professional who try day in day out to give their best. The outcome which comes on screen is a result of hard working and skills of individuals who are dedicated to this industry. In showbiz we came across Neal Kumar, he is a young actor who has done several short films in UK. The actor is so passionate about acting now he has started learning the art of direction in LA. When asked why he chose Direction, he replied “It would help him becoming a better actor”. He is acting at the highest calibre with some Elite people. 

His perception seems to fascinating since it shows his passion towards films. He has started assisting in several directions and is gaining knowledge behind the cameras. He has even worked in production from lighting to hosting TV shows. If you want to catch with this actor you can follow him on his twitter @nealkumartv


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