ShowBiz Spotlight: How Do I Begin by Chuckola

This weekend at ShowBiz we are featuring yet another interesting artist who has come out to share his empathy over what is happening in the world and the lives that are impacted by it. Yes, we at ShowBiz want to join with the singer in expressing his feelings on the loss of life livelihood due to the coronavirus, that included one of the singer's own family members.

Artist Chuckola rightly titled and starts the song with "How Do I Begin..." and has created a beautiful soul touching music video that captures moments of life across the world ranging from a morning in the beach to a day in the city to someone wearing a mouth-nose mask to protect her from the virus.

This weekend we spent several minutes of silence for all those impacted by this pandemic in one way or the other - be it seeing a loved one getting the disease, or impact on their job by losing it or having a pay cut or just seeing their bustling neighbourhood come to a standstill because of lockdown.

You can see the music video right below and follow Chuckola on Facebook and Instagram for more his upcoming releases.


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