Become a Star in Show Biz !

What does it take to become a star in the Show Biz ? Does it entirely depend upon luck as with most of the actors out there or does it really depend upon hard work and determination?. This question does get diplomatic answers when it is asked to the stars themselves. They define a way of life which most of us wouldn't have even seen in our dreams. At some point in their lives, they are bound to become a star and money comes knocking in to those stars as they sail through the entirely entertaining world. They are welcomed in red carpets, pose for photographs for over an hour, sign autographs for fans, a mere touch with their hands lights up the faces of kids and what not!. Even at a very young age of 19, stars are created overnight. But none the less, everybody starts as an actor and it takes weeks and months of toil to find steady work and only a few achieve recognition as stars. Well- known and experienced actors find supporting roles after sometime. Performers who have previously done plays and drams find it quite easy to do the role in mainstream cinema because they have done acting and dialog delivering previously and they only have to entertain people in cinema. So, do you have it in you to become a star?.


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