Music is a treat to all

It is hard to find any real advantages about having music in schools except to make students happy. However, a research had found that, classical music has been shown to improve mental processes. Whereas heavy metal music has been shown to degrade mental processes in an experiment conducted on mice. In that experiment two sets of mice were exposed to music, and then they were tested in mazes. One group was exposed to heavy metal, one group to classical. The group that was exposed to classical music did better, and the group exposed to heavy metal was being the worst performance.

In accordance to the study we could arrive at the conclusion that classical music can help students to remember better. Though classical music has these advantages, it has some disadvantages as well. Whatever the case it may be, it can't stop anyone from getting distracted, be it interesting or irritating. If you like the music, it distracts you from doing your work. Likewise if you don't like the music, you get distracted as well because you don't want to hear it.

From the study about the mice, the comparison of the distraction rate between the classical music and the heavy metal, I would say that distraction is more for the latter. Therefore for those who want to listen to music without getting distracted from the job they do, I would recommend them to listen to classical music.


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