Entertaining Messages, Inspiring Movies

Some movies are made purely and entirely for entertaining people. Entertaining in the sense, to provide laughter, having them glued onto the screen till "THE END" is displayed with immense tension, drama and action. But, there are some movies which amidst all the entertainment, bring out a message from them. Be it a social message or a personal message, they sure know how to reach out to the audiences' hearts. I name these messages as "Entertaining Messages". Some of the movies that brought messages to mankind are - Schindler's List, Rocky, Benhur, The Ten Commandments, The shawshank Redemption etc. The list would go on and on if I continue now. In fact, the American Film Institute has announced its own list of the "top 100 most inspiring movies of all time which does include the movies I have listed too. So, just in case if you have not watched these inspiring movies, then its high time you catch up these and get inspired for life, the show biz way.


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