Movies are captivating

A picture speaks a thousand words but a cinema speaks many more. Though life involves various stuff to celebrate with, my notion towards movies play a vital role in my life. Hollywood, the word that makes the difference in many people's lives proves no difference in mine. From the godfather to troy or the transformers to stardust the genre does not play a part for me. The sequel that gives the excitement or the cast that increases attraction is sure to captivate a majority of Americans. A potter maniac might find terminator a bit varying, but there are always people to love every genre. The moment of joy when the hero triumphs or the sudden change in a scene altogether as in "The usual suspects" keeps the audience captivated. The moment most of us enter a cinema hall, the whole world becomes dark and a new world of fantasy or that of the scene begins to prevail and till the movie ends or even after it ends. Until movies exist, people like me thrive in it like young cattle on green pastures. Whatever be the end the feeling of undergoing something new or the fact of having something blew out of the head increases the say and thrive to achieve the maximum satisfaction and pleasure.


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