I'm not angry, just frustrated

The showbiz industry has thrived its stand in business by the talent it has able to produce. With the evolution of technology we are adhering to several ways to showcase ones talents. The so called platform to showcase ones talent is now available with the likes of Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and many other applications. Its easy to shoot a video with the smart phone these days but when it comes to editing is where we need tools which can be handy.
Recently came across a Youtube channel which is starring Matthew Gonzales. He has several video on youtube and his video are hilarious. He is a gifted actor who pulls of a funny video with ease. Recently he launched his comedy short film “I'm not angry, just frustrated" and guess what it was web series which was edited to short film using Viva Video app. I am so anxious to watch them since its really funny to watch him perform. The shocking part of this was the whole filming was done in 2 cell phones. Now thats how talent meets technology which is the trending factor which influences and gives confidence for artists to crack the showbiz industry. The showbiz industry is evolving with these kind of platforms providing artists a way to showcase their talent to the world. 


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