ShowBiz feature: Actor Kam Dabrowski plays a challenging role in Texas Heart

It is not a regular thing that you see in Hollywood or ShowBiz. Young talent making marks in the ShowBiz world by taking up challenging projects and roles and making sure it is received well and appreciated by critics AND the masses at the same time.

One such project that I recently came across when I was looking for something to feature on ShowBiz blog this week is "Texas Heart" - a movie that goes above and beyond the regular mind-heart battle of a lawyer. For a short synopsis - it is about a lawyer who has to take a decision either to free himself from a problematic situation that he is in (mind) or to take a bold step and save another young man (heart).

Actor Kam at who plays the role of a mentally challenged young man in the movie talks about this powerful drama on his Facebook fan page on a day-to-day basis and is really looking forward to the premier of the movie (as like all of us at ShowBiz) in LA on June 3 this year!


We at ShowBiz are connected with Kam on his Facebook page and ask all our fans (and future fans of actor Kam) to join his facebook page and get to converse with him up close! See the trailer of Texas heart at and let's await the date! :)


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