ShowBiz feature: Eye'z new single "Go for it"

We continue to feature one of our favorite showbiz personality - Music artist and actress Eye'z who has now released her latest and best creation in her career - ‘Go for it’. Eye'z as we have featured in plenty of our articles - is a GRM music award winner and is very well know in the award scenes!

This new release by Eye’z, ‘Go for it’ is her landmark work in her Pop music career, offering the perfection of working with the genre with new experimentation.

Let's take one step back and understand what is all about this experimentation that we are talking about here. 

Pop music has come a long way since the last decades and by and large the music has been same. Recently, thanks to technology influencing music outcome, there has been a lot of experimentation and new avenues in music have come up. Here's where new artists like our favorite Eye'z have jumped in to explore and create new music by mixing other genres with pop! The effect as hear is astonishing!

This is exactly what Eye’z has in store in her latest and best track ‘Go for it’. Traditional pop has been outdone and there's a lot of new ring in the song. When you listen to it, you will feel that there is a smoothening feeling that offers comfort to mind and soul. You can listen to 'Go for it' on Spotify

Eye’z, in her own style has also included a hymn like quality in her songs that imbues a sense of depth in the lyrics and expressions. No wonder that the listeners have loved the track and in Spotify it is listened to endlessly over there.

All of Eye'z information is now available in her page here


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