ShowBiz spotlight: Weeknight by Bleary

This week at ShowBiz, we wanted to listen to someone new and someone who makes music easy on our ears, someone who's sharing his life via music. So we encountered Bleary - an Oregon-based artist who has created some interesting tracks to portray his breakup and how he dealt with it and finally how important friends are in your life in such situations.

Let's talk about the tracks. Bleary started his first breakup song "Sever" in the emo-rap genre and with that introduced his breakup song and then went on to say there will be a total of three tracks. 

He then sang "Peace" a month later to share his thoughts via music, that he made peace with himself and that he is no more immune to being lonely.


The 3rd and final part of this series is what we wanted to spotlight today. “Weeknight” as it’s titled, is a few months following the breakup. In the track Bleary emo-raps about his struggles, his focus on existence and the importance of friendship in life, all the while trying to stay afloat to pay bills!

Amongst the three tracks, we found "Weeknight" to have a lot of emo/funk sound in it and we like to believe that he has put in his heart and soul into the track.

You can watch "Weeknight" right below and Bleary Music channel on YouTube for the other tracks.

A lot of talent in Bleary and we see that he wants to spread positivity through music and we at ShowBiz truly appreciate that!

His official website is and his insta handle is blearyworld.


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